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On-demand printing

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Noboru Iwashita

Description of business

With many achievements in more than six decades of service, Noboru Printing continuously responds to the changing needs of their customers and developments with new equipment and technology. As a member of the printing and information industry, Noboru Printing is keenly aware of the importance of personal information and their social responsibility. Working to contribute to the healthy development of an information-based society, they acquired their PrivacyMark certification at an early date.

Products and Technologies

Providing Prompt Information Services with Printing Technology

Providing customers with excellent services… Focused on their printing technology core Noboru Printing develops their information processing capacity while increasing their planning and designing expertise. Prompt information services for all their customer needs.

Noboru Printing’s color services provide elegantly designed color publications in only a few days.
They have a large selection of design samples that they can use to mix and match with materials their customers provide.

Using digital technology systems has made the production process much more efficient.
This allows them to produce the chosen number of copies with a short lead time and at a low price.

Because their production system is completely digital, Noboru Printing can easily make supplemental and correction printing runs.
They can also work with digital media like web pages and CD-ROMs.
Distributing information is now faster and more effective. This method allows them to be speedier and more effective.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
1-14-14 Yokonuma-cho, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, 577-0808, Japan
Noboru Iwashita
Founded / Established
1948 / 1978
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10,000,000 yen