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Product line

Lithium ion battery modules (packs)

Customized lithium battery power source

EV development assistance


Hiroshi Matsuo

Description of business

Micro Vehicle Lab has been producing battery packs or modules made of lithium ion batteries since April 2005. They also provide development assistance with electric cars and large robots incorporating high-performance batteries, achieving a mobility of the future that is environmentally friendly.

Products and Technologies

Lithium Ion Battery Modules

Designing and Prototyping Customized Power Sources

“Micro Vehicles” refer to small vehicles that operate on electricity, including electric scooters and wheelchairs, single-rider ultra-small electric vehicles, robots and more. Micro Vehicle Lab designs, prototypes and produces small lots of lithium ion batteries suitable for such electric vehicles or EVs , supporting a future in mobility that is friendly to the environment and the elderly.

The Kuri-Core Vehicle, an autonomously travelling robot entered in the Tsukuba Challenge

The EV Formula, a prototype tested at a meeting of the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan. It was an entry in the seventh Student Formula SAE Competition of Japan

EV Development Assistance

Micro Vehicle Lab provides development assistance for EVs, large robots and public service automobiles that use large lithium ion batteries.
A lithium ion battery is compact and lightweight, having one-third or less of the weight and volume of a lead-acid battery.
Although ten times the price, given their compact size and lightweight advantages and a usable life more than three times as long, Micro Vehicle Lab provides support for trial production of lithium batteries with high added value.

The photograph at right shows the EV Formula, a trial entry in the Formula SAE Championship of Japan held in September 2009. With a 72-V, 60-Ah lithium ion battery on board, the EV Formula put out up to 180 amperes of power.

Safety and Lifetime Testing

As lithium ion batteries become more common, their safety and usable life become more critical. Micro Vehicle Lab performs safety and expected lifetime tests on large lithium ion batteries, and also provides support for new product development. They welcome inquiries for these and other services.

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3-3-2-1502, Tosabori, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, 550-0001, Japan
Hiroshi Matsuo
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