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Yoshiteru Mimura

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KANSAI LABORATORY CO., LTD. is a team of experts who provide consistent evaluation of product performance and consumer acceptance. They have a full range of light resistance testers and other specialized equipment to meet your requests in any field, based on the advanced technologies and wealth of data, under the motto of "Promptness, High-Quality, Confidentiality'.

Products and Technologies

The Last Stronghold for Weatherability (light resistance) Testing!

Perfect tool fora short time product development of automobils automobiles, plastic or consumer electronics

(L)Japan’s best Super UV Tester (+ 2 other testing unit) available
(R)Super Xenon Weather Meter (+ 3 other testing units) available

●Weatherability (light resistance) testing at your fingertips, anytime.
Testing equipment with test settings for any car maker is always available.
Quick confirmation of light degradation.
Identification of degradation factors helps to reduce development time loss, and to deal with claims.

●One year's deterioration can be verified in two to three days
One year's outdoor exposure can be reproduced in [1] two to three days ([2] 20 to 45 days).
Super-accelerated testing equipment for discoloration and degradation of plastics, films and metallic paints

Weatherability (light resistance) testing Weatherability (light resistance) testing at your fingertips, anytime, for any materials

The automotive industry requires continuous short-term development of new materials and new manufacturing processes.

They are always ready to provide the Super Xenon Weather Meter and other testing equipment with settings matched to weatherability (light resistance) test conditions specified by any car maker.

In addition to individual setup fees, group discount rates based on operation under unified conditions are especially attractive. Their testing equipment supports a wide range of tests needed for short-term development and stipulated by JIS standards.

For automotive industry | Two light type | For automotive industry

Weatherability (light resistance) tests  promptly, anytime

These testers are perfect for products developed in a short time, and for dealing with claims that require urgent solution.

The Super UV Testers are super-accelerated testing machines that can estimate embrittlement and degradation after one year (365 days) in just two to three days as compared with conventional accelerated testing that takes 20 to 45 days (two units available).

In addition, these testers are perfect for products developed in a short time, and for dealing with claims that require urgent solution.

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1-5-8, Obori, Matsubara City, Osaka, 580-0006, Japan
Yoshiteru Mimura
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10,000,000 yen