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Large molded rubber products

Rubber lining

Rubber molds for Cold Isostatic Pressing


Koji Kamoda

Description of business

Futaba Rubber Works Co., Ltd. can manufacture various kinds of industrial rubber products in small quantities through its integrated system from rubber compound blend to molded rubber products. From the forefront of craftsmanship, they can provide meticulous handling of even single products in response to customer requests for chemical-resistant and abrasion-resistant rubber linings, conveyor pulleys, extrusion rubber products such as grooved rubber, flexible joint hoses, gasket couplings, etc.

Products and Technologies

Professionals who provide integrated manufacturing of rubber, from kneading to molding and finishing.

The power of solutions to create high-quality products in quantities as small as one item!

Development and manufacturing of high-value-added rubber products by using the core technologies

●Various types of products in small lots An integrated system from rubber compound blend to molded products

●Large-capacity rubber molds, large expansion hoppers, etc. Large products can be manufactured with their 3.5M radius x 8M large vulcanizer.

Improvement of the ability to handle a wide variety of string production

The power of solutions that make it possible to develop the most suitable high-quality aprons

Apron bands

Futaba's apron bands for spinning are products that were created based on requests from the spinning industry. In response to needs for improvement of quality and productivity for spinning processes, they developed these products by utilizing their unique compound kneading technology, precision molding technology, and surface processing technology.

(1) Provision of aprons most suited to customers’ needs, even in small lots
(2) Improvement of resistance to cracking and abrasion

Rubber molds for Cold Isostatic Pressing

Production of various shapes and sizes!

Rubber molds

Cold isostatic pressing applies ultrahigh pressure from all directions and makes it possible to manufacture dense and meticulous products.

Futaba manufactures such rubber molds for processing. In addition, they can offer inexpensive mold costs because of the small-quantity production that is the most appropriate to industry's development.
(1) Production size: Up to an outside diameter of 1,500mm, up to a length of 5,000mm
(2) Uses: Molding fine ceramic materials, molding graphite crucibles

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7-7-22, Ayazono, Takaishi City, Osaka, 592-0014, Japan
Koji Kamoda
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