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Product line

Tungsten carbide materials

Tungsten carbide precision mold parts

Various spray nozzles


Keiro Fujiwara

Description of business

Kyoriotsu Gokin manufactures cemented carbide materials via integrated technology from sintering through processing. It solves molding issues by optimal selection of materials and high-precision parts manufacture with regard to the use conditions and processing properties. In addition, it designs and manufactures spray nozzles for air blowing, cooling, cleaning, painting, etc.

Products and Technologies

Tungsten carbide materials

Rich kinds of materials and steady quality assurance

Customers are provided with an optimal choice of tungsten carbide materials suiting their needs, including kinds of materials taking into consideration processing or workpiece materials such as not only wear resistance but also corrosion and crack resistance.

Cost of mold components is reduced due to processing of materials up to conditions close to finished products.

Tungsten carbide precision mold parts

Processing technology to realize high precision and high quality

Kyoriotsu manufactures precise mold parts using its proprietary tungsten carbide materials.

To provide micron-order accuracy, in addition to processing technology, it has established a consistent quality management system using leading-edge precision instruments such as 3D measuring systems and video microscopes.

Kyoriotsu processes not only tungsten carbide materials but also high-hardness hardened steel, zirconia, etc.

Various spray nozzles

Improvement of spray nozzle performance

Spray nozzle performance is dictated by a number of factors including pressure, flow rate, spray pattern, particle size, fluid velocity, flow rate distribution, and colliding force distribution.

It uses analysis and evaluation techniques to offer integrated solutions covering analysis, design, development, and manufacture.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
12-16 Imazu-yamanaka-cho, Nishinomiya city, Hyogo, 663-8211, Japan
Keiro Fujiwara
Founded / Established
1938 / 1939
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180,000,000 yen

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