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Product line

Precision metal presswork

Functional custom hinges

Prototype production, metal die design and production


Harumichi Tanaka

Description of business

Shikata Industry designs, develops, and manufactures a variety of precision metal presswork for liquid crystal modules essential to personal computers, smartphones, car navigation systems, game consoles, and other products of major Japanese makers in the electronics industry.
It also proposes highly functional custom hinges based on precision metalworking technologies.

Products and Technologies

Reliable technological strength cultivated during 85 years since foundation of the company

Responding to any presswork needs, from design to production

●Integrated manufacturing system

It has established a consistent production system from die/mold design to development, prototyping, mass production, inspection, and quality assurance.

Participation from the prototyping stage allows Shikata to solve problems, and to make suggestions toward preventing quality troubles in mass production and reducing costs. It also promptly responds to specification changes and other requests including quick delivery requirements.

●Variety of stamping machines

Shikata uses a variety of presses from 20 t to 300 t depending on the purpose and process, and supports high-mix low-volume production.
Various materials can be stamped from thin plates of 0.05 mm to thicker plates.

It is also engaged in adding value to presswork such as insert molding and taping or assembly in a clean room (class 10000) by making possible combining metal presswork with resins.

Custom torque hinges

Novel components for laptop computers, video cameras, and other devices

●Troque hinges

Hinges intended for electronic devices are composed mainly of pressed and machined metal parts. For example, in laptop computers, hinges connect keyboard to LCD, and opening/closing torque can be adjusted to customer requirements.

Its hinges, while being small and lightweight, combine high torque with excellent durability (more than 100 thousand cycles in open/close test).

●State-of-the-art hinges

Constant design improvements are necessary to offer, in addition to simple (single-axis) hinges, two-axis hinges that support opening/closing and rotation, 360-degree hinges and other produces suited to the needs of customers and users.

Quality assurance system

Exceeding customers’ expectations and to win their trust

Shikata thinks that quality assurance is the substance of the company.

Having obtained ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certifications, it conducts comprehensive quality control under strict corporate standards based on the certifications above.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
3-6-22, Tennoji-cho kita, Abeno-ku, Osaka, 545-0001, Japan
Harumichi Tanaka
Founded / Established
1933 / 1954
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16,000,000 yen
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