Enjoy movie tour (in Japanese) and visit the hall next time in Osaka!

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●Business and academia collaboration is one of MOBIO services.

10550085_740253882699085_7336088165727600630_o   Industry University Alliance Zone Office (see more)

In collaboration with universities and research institutions, MOBIO supports local small and medium size companies with our innovative manufacturing activities.

● Intellectual Property assistance is another important function at MOBIO.

10511610_740253522699121_8747742415806403382_o IP office

The dedicated specialists are ready to assist legal and technical issues.

●Place for Cross-Industry Meeting is prepared.

10313079_740240679367072_2847753999083520730_n Casual session is available at MOBIO Cafe and MOBIO Cafe Meeting

Direct discussion in an informal manner is important to establish better relationship.

Drop by MOBIO and find informative services (see more).


In addition to MOBIO Japanese home page, English page has added an exclusive search window

for the exhibitors. It is convenient! Simple and easy.

Just type “machining” in the window for an example and enter. Then you will find the browsed page listing the related exhibitors as shown in the right.

Visit MOBIO site and find business opportunities! View from here

More convenient function at MOBIO site!

1) Multi-language: Added Chinese and Korean top pages (on top of present Japanese and English pages)

2) Quick search: Added an exclusive search window for the exhibitors

Visit MOBIO site and find business opportunities! Check it out. View from here

“May I help you ?”  The MOBIO family is stand ready !

Just released convenient page for searchers at MOBIO web page. Click “Perment Exhibition Hall” icon

at Japanese top page, you will meet the MOBIO family instantly.


“Wait! I will be there.”  The MOBIO prince explains contents:

  2 courses for category selection: “7 industry groups” or “11 commodity groups”

  3 courses for the hall tour: “Dedicated search”, “Serious study” or “Way to exhibit”

Visit here to Japanese site.  SEE YOU AT MOBIO!


MOBIO has resumed 2013 operation today. All of MOBIO staff sincerely hope to welcome more visitors.

Drop by MOBIO Permanent Exhibition Hall and meet our new staff

 at a reception desk (*^_^*)  !

She has welcomed guests, first time,  at the recent MOBIO-Cafe Meeting.

Sponsored by booth No. 2-100  MATUSITA CO., LTD.

“Seeing is believing”. For enterprenours, MOBIO permanent exhibition hall is the  place to go!

It’s the Japan’s leagest scale .Find out Japanese technology by reviewing actual samples at MOBIO, Osaka. 

Send your visit request from here  https://m-osaka.com/jp/contact/contact.php  in Japanese

or send your request by mail to info@m-osaka.com

Find your needs at MOBIO !