Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.
”Meet the President” No.54 is Mr. Sasaki of SASAKI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. (More info.)

- Chemical polishing solution, Oxide film remover, Stripping solution

20160331佐々木化学040    竹印ロゴ Corporate Logo

Basic Business Principle – Problem Solving

Since its foundation, it is the Sasaki’s everlasting business principle to search for potential demand in a market and to relieve manufacturing difficulties from operators.


Therefore an “S-Clean” product line, neutral rust remover, was developed to avoid product damage without using a toxic substance, such as hydrochloric acid or nitric acid.

Sasaki said, “We have improved its efficiency several times to be used for electronic components for LCD TVs when it was mainstream of TV business. Now it is widely used for solar cell components. At each manufacturing site, customers appreciate its neutrality because it is much easier to manipulate.”

SJ-Gel Won “2016 New Selection in Kansai” by MITI, Japan

Since Sasaki was assigned as a CEO, he paid his attention to develop new products, new services and expansion of branded products. One of new products is an oxide film remover “S-PURE SJ-Gel”, designed to respond to voices from welding workshops who wanted to solve problems in water quality and environment.
“Is they any oxide film remover that does not contain nitric acid and phosphorus to solve effluent problem?” was requested by welding operators to Sasaki. Sasaki decided to start a product development. In order to apply its remover to more locations and to reduce effluent problem, Sasaki’s engineering team struggled to develop a gel type remover.


The team came to a rough idea to create a new remover by using chloride-based chemicals without using poisonous substances, however it took three years for the team to find out the best compounding mix. When a SJ-Gel was released in 2012, it was well accepted by welders owing to its convenience of brushing and feasible reduction of drainage problem.

Sasaki said “I have requested a public research institute to analyze metal surface condition after removing an oxide film caused by welding. And it was proved SJ-Gel created a protective film on metal surface that has durability more than equal to treatment result by popular nitric hydrofluoric acid. Such an official proof assisted SJ-Gel to promote its outstanding technology and resulted in “2016 New Selection in Kansai” by MITI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan).


Because it is not poisonous substance, it can be distributed through online selling system. To penetrate such distribution, Sasaki developed three types to have established new business market. Especially 300g type is widely appreciated by small welding factories and has been selected by more than 60 on-line business companies as a hot seller.

An alchemist style manufacturing

Sasaki describes his company as “an alchemist style chemicals manufacturer”, that means Sasaki has invented series of epoch-making products by compounding pharmaceutical and different material effectively. Instead of setting up major production system, as an SME, Sasaki has established high-mix low-volume production system, that effectively maneuvers to fit a market need.
“Dry-Keep” is a patented and popular product, created through such a chemical compounding technology in 1989, by kneading hygroscopic agent in a plastic resign. It is possible to form “moisture absorbing” bags and containers to package valuable medicines and foods because “Dry-Keep” application does not require any drying silica gel. It reduces material consumption and extends product life-span and awarded by Kyoto Eco-Style Product in 2015.


Taking command of a corps in a battle, Sasaki is tackling another object. Sasaki said, “Since a corporate foundation Sasaki has worked in a pharmaceutical market, now we would like to enter a new market. Expanding our business domain in a science category, I wish to put in place a new business framework that can meet the needs of the times, such as to provide services to improve manufacturing productivity, to develop eco and human friendly technology and etc.”

Interviewed on March 17, 2016

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Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.
”Meet the President” No.53 is Mr. Shirooka of TAIYO PARTS CO., LTD. (Read on details)


- Metal parts, housing equipment and apparatus

One stop shop to offer design, manufacturing, processing and assembling

053_201  053_301

Major machinery companies and housing equipment companies consider Taiyo as the indispensable partner, who provides aluminum die cast parts, rubber parts and plastic parts. At aluminum parts business, it is capable to design mold, cast, press, machine, trim, assembly for various sizes. Especially its “UNIT DIE SYSTEM” (called eco-die cast system) is patented and saves mold cost and operation cost drastically. Shirooka clearly said his business strategy, “We are the late comer in manufacturing market. Therefore from the corporate establishment I challenged to cultivate exclusiveness as a factory, considering conditions to set the company to be selected by customers. It ends up with present five business principles and those uniqueness and differentiation from others enable customer to leave business to us. They believe that Taiyo can do it!”

1) Process any materials by any manufacturing technology

2) Production expertise from unit production, unit combination to assembly

3) Unit die system to save manufacturing cost and to run extremely small lot

4) Off shore facility to supply to global market

5) Engineering department to propose unit from the scratch

A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.


▲UNIT DIE SYSTEM – Saves mold cost by half, allows extremely small lot run from 50 pcs

Taiyo’s unit die system (Eco-die-casting) is widely known in the industries as the very unique technology, that is considered to be ideal for small lot production run such as medical equipment components and its demand is increasing. Companies notice its advantage that the exclusive mold is made from the scratch at much less cost than machined mold cost.

“Twenty years ago when I proposed to kick off this development, I received negative response from all members. I knew it was quite natural because we had no such a request, had to invest huge amount of money and to assign dedicated members. However, if my proposal was turned down, we could have never accomplished today’s business,” Shirooka said. He had been firmly convinced that there should be needs for “extremely small lot run” between prototyping and small lot run. He persuaded continuously that if Taiyo could offer such an assistance to companies, they would request Taiyo for prototyping and small lot production run, and started the project. He came up with the idea to apply mass production technology to small lot run by creating the mold base unit that is commonly used and to insert the custom-made small mold, that saves customer’s mold cost tremendously and installed equipment  step by step.

Shirooka said, “Starting the project, we had noticed that making mold would be made by everybody but die casting process was obstacle, requiring advanced engineering. That’s why nobody had every tried. And I thought we would do it! 15 years ago we had assigned the unit die system section to run exclusively small lot only with dedicated engineers.” Noticeably this organization change was quite successful to have developed further technology for customer’s benefit, to reduce mold material consumption by 50%, mold processing hour by 50% and mold replacement time by 80%. Interestingly, Taiyo’s positive attitude to tackle difficulties has been well known to customers and worked as a good promotional activity to other engineering.

Keep on evolving and entering ODM business

053_501 053_502

▲Dedicated ten engineers are designing mechatronics to match to customer’s requirement

There is another strategy at Taiyo. “It must be seldom case to maintain ten engineers at the company of our size. So we are capable to design units, manufacturing equipment, jigs by our selves to respond to customer’s  demand and are ready to take order from upper process. It helps us to keep away from price only competition.,” Shirooka said.

Today, Taiyo is receiving more than 100 OEM project from product designing to manufacturing. Shirooka’s next goal is to enter ODM business. He understands it takes some time to establish more reliance with customers. In that case their corporate strength will assist to establish harder relationship with ODM customers.

Lastly Shirooka said, “Our goal is to make Taiyo to be selected and appointed by the society. Accomplishing this target we have challenged continuously and resulted in corporate growth. I sincerely hope as a team Taiyo, we will improve the extremely small lot production run system and develop new technologies in order to be chosen by customers.”

Interviewed on January 19, 2016

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.

”Meet the President” No.51 is Mr. Kanemura of *** KOMEI MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. (Read on to find out details) ***


- Water shutoff valves, Couplings, Stopcocks

●The leader of plumbing fixtures industry by an integrated casting system

051_003  051_004

*Cast parts                                                                                           *Multi-functional water shutoff valves

With full review of customer’s demand, Komei has developed exclusive technology and new idea and resulted in new products


KOMEI’s products with high functionality and safety have been appreciated widely and used by 570 local government and 150 private corporations in Japan.  Multi-functional Water Shutoff Valves are considered to be the only one products that control flow volume and is  not possible with conventional check valves.

CEO Kanemura clearly identified KOMEI’s two strength, an integrated casting system and an uniqueness, that enabled KOMEI 70 years operation with “K” logo. He said “KOMEI’s corporate policy is to develop the customer oriented products. Our established integrated manufacturing system, every-work from designing, casting, assembling to inspection, allows KOMEI to respond to difficult requests to various needs changing by time and to meet the safety standard based on new regulations. It is KOMEI’s corporate strength to keep casting technology that is rare among SMEs and to prepare inspection and evaluation system that is equivalent to LEs.”


He continued, “Another important corporate policy is the never ending technology development. One of it is the industry’s first - Temporary Piping Material Rentals, called ‘Reuse System’ started in 2000. It attracts industry’s attention as the breakthrough product to establish a Greener Environment and expands customer base rapidly.”

●Developed the new product relating to corporate social action program


*Developed products, manufacturing devices to materialize Re-use system

Typically, once a project with temporary piping is complete on a work site, the piping material is disposed of, and new material is used for the next project, without considering the effect on the environment. KOMEI developed its Re-use rental program to decrease the burden of piping on the environment while encouraging recycling. When KOMEI received ISO14001 certificate, Kanemura came across the idea that KOMEI was an expert in piping, it ensured that its rental products could be used safely to supply water and eliminating the issues of disposal. And its clients could save material and labor as well as finding their construction process could be faster, decreasing costs and contributing to the environment.


Kanemura said, “Whenever I  watched disposed materials, I wondered  if I could do anything to reduce. So I developed re-usable polyethylene pipes and washing-sterilizing system by ourselves from the beginning with a lot of try-and-errors. Now this recycling service is grown as another core business. New business cultivation efforts of this reuse program consolidated KOMEI’s positive attitude to challenge the project nobody has ever succeeded.” KOMEI finally created the flow system as the business, to lay, remove, wash, inspect and re-use. Eco-friendly market trend and needs promoted this re-use system and has been approved by local government and construction corporations in Japan. Now it is one of  KOMEI’s core businesses.

●Start of the new challenge to become a 100 year old corporation  from the new factory equipped with latest devices


*Operators positively tackle new target at a new factory

2015 KOMEI relocated its head office in Izumi city with a space of 16,577 m2 and installed the state of the art of manufacturing facilities, inspection devices and a large scale testing lab. Kanemura continued, “KOMEI has accomplished what was seemed to be impossible for SMEs, such as a robotic process introduction to casting system and a advanced quality evaluation system. Opening of the new factory will assist our ability to solve issues to come. We are possible to distinguish from large corporations by conduct new operation earlier and at more speed. From our new factory KOMEI will roll out surprisingly new product and technology on and on. With such a wish in mind KOMEI has restarted at the new location.”


*Introduced robotics to casting system that had been impossible in the industry

Its casting technology and facilities are highly appreciated by all industry market and casting components have been requested to process on OEM business.  Re-use system is counted as the emergency water supply operation and resulting in disaster relief agreements between local governments and KOMEI.

In the end, Kanemura said, “In 2016 KOMEI becomes the 70th year old corporation. With our core business policy in mind I would like to proceed continuous development of new technology and manufacturing to assist the new 100th year old corporation.”

Interviewed on September 7, 2015
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Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.
No.50 is Mr. Murakami of *** SHARP CHEMICAL IND. CO., LTD. (Read on to find out details) ***


- Sealants and Adhesives for construction and industrial market

● Sustainable production as long as customers need the products


▲Most of developed products are still used.


▲Continuous product release results in marketing leading product mix.

As a general manufacturer of adhesives and sealing products, SHARP Chemical Industry develops new products to meet the needs of industry and the home. It provides wider range of products from major application to niche application.

Murakami proudly said, “As long as demand is there, SHARP is capable to manufacture any requested products regardless volume according to our engineering skills and expertise. Some of those products might be delisted from competitor’s product line due to low profitability. Therefore we are now known ‘Ask SHARP, they will meet any request’.” Its advantage to respond to market needs fully assisted SHARP to build a relationship with customers. And it worked well to survive even at depression days, keeping it away from price market.

●Key to progress was inimitable production system and convenient IT system


▲On-line sales system for commercial and personal usage

▲Multi-product, low-volume manufacturing

Murakami has made several changes in company operation when he was working as an engineering manager. One of them is to have installed IT system as one of the leading corporation in the industry.

“When I jointed the company, SHARP managed clerical works  by the small business computer or by manual operation. It was requested to SHARP to develop new products more rapidly by the use of corporate wide IT system effectively from order taking to manufacturing, out of accumulated product data.,” Murakami reviewed company history.

At the same time he has developed online system for product promotion and B to C marketing as one of SME pioneers. Through its networking SHARP has received new inquiry from railway companies and toy manufacturers on top of construction market and industrial market.


▲Sealant for sleepers

Murakami said, “Surprisingly we have received a call from a railway company who had noticed our sealant developed for concrete repairing. Through joint work with them we have finally succeeded in delivering sealant for repairing wood sleepers. This case suggested us to proceed the new way to cultivate business by idea game adding to management by product application and demand base development.” Information through online system and WEB site assisted SHARP to develop exclusive products.

At its factory engineers have rationalized production line and established flexible manufacturing system that products are manufactured in necessary amount when they become necessary, Just-in-Time operation.

●A Greener Container developed to solve construction problem and overseas marketing

SHARP is planning to expand business market in Asia, Europe and US. The strategy product at SHARP’s global marketing is the sealant container with exclusive function, SK Pouch.


▲SK pouch, Japan’s Good Design Award in 2013

Murakami said, “Conventional containers for sealants and adhesives must be thrown away after use, and so they occupy a great deal of space after disposal, are a major environmental problem. Instead, our SK Pouch decreases the volume of waste by 90 percent and the material usage by  80 percent. By overseas corporations this SK Pouch is considered to be widely used in food and medical market.” Sharp is actively promoting ‘container marketing’ to materialize new business with interesting offshore companies.


It is rushing to cultivate human resources with global view. Based on his business experience in Europe, Murakami continuously says to his staff, “I will not blame of your failure. Keep on playing business by your personal preference.” He firmly believes that a typical Japanese business manner, ‘Think together, Act together”, takes too long and cannot catch up speedy business negotiation and decision with Non-Japanese companies. Business success outside Japan requires quick decision on the negotiation spot to each staff of SHARP behaving as the CEO and will open the door to the next operational stage.

Its two manufacturing operation, responding to customer’s demand and developing new market, and possible future changes draw a sealant industry and business attention in Japan and from outside Japan.

Interviewed on July 22, 2015
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Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.

No.49 is Mr. Iwatuki of *** JOUNAN CO., LTD. (Read on to find out details) ***

- Plastic form construction materials, gaskets for gas meters and home appliances

● Open up value-added market

040 各種緩衝材

Material cutting for construction market

Jounan is in charge of processing plastic forms (Polystyrene and Urethane)  to various shapes for construction market, gas meter gaskets and commodities. In its core market, construction business, it has the exclusive products as the back-up materials to avoid break or separation of wall joint and “J Sealer” for tight sealing of sashes and doors.

“We used to monopolize water-proof wall joint market in Western Japan, however, after the bubble economy bursts we have come to face market competitors and price competition.” Iwatuki said, “Throughout two years’ business and corporate review since my CEO assignment, I decided the new corporate target for future.”  It was his start to convert corporate structure by developing value added product market.

● Leaving marketing activity to young staffs and resulting in new business development

DSC_8640 003

Leaning against the construction market heavily means corporate operation would be affected directly by price competition and  industrial depression. “My goal is to change our business model by expanding to versatile business market, that is value added sector in the form market,” Iwatuki said.

To accomplish that goal he hired younger marketing staff and allowed them to run independent activities. He mentioned, “Each plastic form has special characteristics and can be arranged for the best fit of the purpose. It must be our value to select appropriate materials and to process correctly based on form technology. And I am happy for my staff to be able to propose their ideas whenever they are asked by customers if there is any solution for this problem.”

Thanks to effort by the younger marketing staffs market mix has totally changed to 30% of construction materials, 25% of gas meter gasket and 50% of new market segment. Its new market for Jounan includes packaging market, medical market, stationary market,  cosmetics market and etc. And its new account opening at new market is still increasing.

Iswatuki pays his special attention to protective holding form for packaging industry. Interesting enough he receives variety of orders to hold expensive cameras, micro phones, religious objects and etc.

● “Short Lot Production Run” and “Short Delivery Planing” are driving factor for new Jounan


The cutting plotter operated by CAD system produces complex prototype models

Through marketing team self-regulatory meeting after five, Iwatuki was requested and has decided to install the cutting plotter machine for lively presentation by use of full size samples. Its operation assists customers to decide on the spot at the meeting with Jounan’s younger staff.

Additionally he has set up immediate delivery system. “When the marketing staff takes a call from a customer, the factory staff effectively manufacture products under well organized operation control by the office staff. Team Jounan works as an one functional team to decrease any inconveniences at customers’ site,” Iwatuki said. That is why it can respond to customer’s order in the morning and to deliver products in the afternoon.

In order to establish the new corporate culture, he continuously emphasizes importance of business basics. Finally Iwatuki said, “Our corporate has acquired customer’s confidence through right processing and on time delivery services. I sincerely expect my staff to consider everything seriously and to do what’s expected as expected.”

Interviewed on May 20, 2015
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Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.No.48 is Mr. Fukae of *** FUTABA-TOSO CO., LTD. (Read on to find out details) ***

-Bake coating of metals, Putty filling (decorative and functional)

● Two-pillar technology for corporate growth


Futaba-Toso is capable to provide suitable bake coating to metal frames for industrial machinery related to automobiles and home appliances out of their bake coating systems (metal coating, heat resistant coating and melamine resin coating). And a thorough multistage pre-paint processing (washing ® puttying ® finishing) is a technology that other companies are not able to offer.

Fukae said, “By combining our exclusive puttying and bake coating technology, the frame can be installed even in a clean room for LCD factory, which means additional + value has been created!”

●Exclusive technology, noticed through communication with other companies

1803.company_article.album_1_photo.p240  1801.company_article.album_1_photo.p640

2008 depression was the major problem for FUTABA as well. So Fukae was struggled to find his way to go and participated various seminars.

“Even though I participated in seminars sitting at the first raw, I could not get the points. One day when the tutor asked us if we had any question, I replied that I could not understand at all.” That was the turning point for Fukae. He was called by the tutor personally to review the seminar and then started to join cross-industry meeting positively.

Fukae said, “Through cross-industry meetings I came to notice that my matter of course is NOT the one for other industry or others. I have been informed by others that our puttying and coating technology was much more interesting than what we thought. And I have firmly convinced that we have an core technology competing with others.”

From seminar members Fukae is receiving request that needs more care at coating process, such as special-purpose vehicle, railroad vehicle, stainless steel color coating, coffee roasters body,monument and etc. Providing better coatings even for those difficult request, Fukae has established another exclusive coating technology.

●”Technology Development is Human Resources Development“

048_03  048_04

Maintaining technology of advanced putty filling and bake coating requires human resource development. Fukae developed the exclusive “Awareness Card” that is to be filled by employees every day for Fukae’s review  and to communicate based on that. Fukae said,”Our form includes gratitude and obedient on top of normal criteria. Those criteria is what I wish all of my staff to keep it in mind. Talking to me daily I expect my staff would recognize business basics by themselves. Such a self-awareness really assists staff to tackle difficult jobs voluntarily to improve his personal skills.”

Thanks to such a human resources development program, Fukae is receiving calls from staffs to challenge technologically harder coating project. And once the staff succeeded in advanced coating, he came to have confidence in skills and technologies, that brings another project to FUTABA TOSO. It becomes really virtuous cycle for the company.

Fukae proudly said, “Good human resources development results in further technological progress, that assists to provide FUTABA’s solution to resolve customer ‘s problem.” His goal to changeover corporate culture from “Order-taking company to Proposal base company” and Fukae is leading the project to develop the new product collaborating with some company.

Interviewed on May 20, 2015
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Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.No.47 is Mr. Kunimoto of  *** TOHO CO., LTD. (Read on to find out details) ***

042 P1050872

- Modified extrusion molded products (Plastic, Thermoplastic resin, Elastomer)

● Restructure business model, aiming to get out of subcontracting business

▲Building materials implied extrusion molding technology effectively

Since its foundation, TOHO has been dedicated in extrusion molding, manufacturing variety of plastic parts such as water supply hoses, electric wire protection tubes, plastic window sashes, consumer electronics parts and etc. and has been used to operate by mass production system. “When Japan faced yen appreciation and offshoring, we have noticed that business conditions have been totally changed.” Kunimoto continued, “We had totally misunderstood to be a good supplier to large corporations, however we were just one of subcontractors with no price leadership. I noticed that we would not survive in the same business manner. So around the year of 2006 I have stated possible Challenge and Innovation at TOHO.”

● Secret of success is to never give up until success

Kunimoto set up the initial goal to decrease price only mass business but to develop the only one market by introducing high value added products that could be produced only by TOHO. Kunimoto explained, “By developing attractive products that are the first in the market and applying to register patent TOHO would transform the high tech. company. And as the toll to accomplish its goal, I have decided to tackle ISO9001 certification.”

He continuously said to his members, “Let’s sweat at our brains to develop value added products and become the manufacturer who takes price leadership.” They have visited customers often to grasp product demand correctly and proposed solution to customers’ issues repeatedly by uses of corporate technology. At the same time Kunimoto motivated employees by saying, “you will accomplish it as long as you have enthusiasm and tenacity.”

● Patented technology

Utilizing their manufacturing expertise they have developed new process by integrating two technologies for growing LED market. By blending light diffusion agent with base materials to extrude and knurling inner side of LED cover, they have improved light diffusion drastically.

Kunimoto proudly mentioned, “We have concentrated in demand oriented marketing through communicating knurled and drastically improved light dispersion. This technology has been registered as a patent and been arranged as one of sales items. That was the starting point of our intellectual property program.”


“Such experience really improved motivation of engineering staffs and resulted in attractive products”, Kunimoto said. For example, adhesive elastomer product allowed workers to install fixtures without double sided tapes at construction site. The latest commodity item is “AdhesiveClip” to be used as a document binder.

● Expansive fire insulation


The most impressive product development for Kunimoto is “Hibuse”, expansive fire insulation.

In Japan the fireproof window, certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Authorization, it is required to fill with highly efficient insulation into sash. In the market large chemical companies supplied with sheet-type product that is inconvenient and short. Through their five year research and study the new fire insulation graphite product called “Hibuse”.

Kunimoto said, “Material used for expansive graphite is same as the one for snake fireworks. When ignited, it expand immediately and is good for fire insulation. It was hard for us to identify suitable material without infringing patent registered by large chemical companies. After hundred material blend, finally our mixture material could pass the fire test to endure more than 20 minuted at 700 C. I clearly remember that emotion even today. When it comes to long products, extrusion molding is an ideal engineering. So I would like to strongly promote to develop user friendly product including carbon graphite material.”

Interviewed on February 17, 2015
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Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.

No.46 is Mr. Kamata of *** GORIKI KOGYO CO., LTD. (Read on to find out details) ***

goriki  046_01

- Bobby pins, hair clips, hair pins

● Goriki’s hair pin – The must item for hair stylists in Japan


▲More than 90% of color bobby pin market share in Japan


▲Consumer models to distribute only through department stores in Japan, not through price oriented channel

Although Goriki is a SME in Japan, their 555 branded products are surprisingly used by most of professional hair stylists in Japan. And their market share of color bobby pins with closed tips is more than 90 percent in Japan. CEO Kamata said, “555 pins are highly appreciated at 30 to 50 percent price premium because durability of our pins are more than ten times comparing to others.” He believes providing high quality products is the core of Goriki’s success.

Another important factor at Goriki is export business. Developing suitable pins by hair type for the each nationality, Goriki is shipping 200 tons of hair pins each year. Presently more than 65 percent of their production is for export market and it means 555 pins are well-accepted globally.

Kamata continued to explain how he has operated hair pin business successfully.

● Dealing with difficult issues creates another opportunity to grow


▲Kamata developed the fully automated machine. Presently machines are in full capacity

When Goriki started hair pin production, there was no color hair pin manufacturer in Japan. Therefore Kamata needed to study and develop manufacturing system from the scratch overcoming difficulties.

- Elasticity

Bent wires tend to curve outward when they are quenched, instead of clipping. Kamata modified in-house wire drawing process to draw inner side of a wire softly and  outer side hardly. And such a wire tends to bend inward when it is quenched, providing more grip for a 555 hair pin.

- Color coating

US stylists prefer to use colorful pins. Simple coating was not good enough for actual operation because thick coated part peeled off easily when it was used. And Kamata developed an exclusive coating method to color firstly by pigments or dyes and to quench after glazing. Color coating by this ONLY ONE process is resistant to hair treatment chemicals internationally.

- Automatic machine

When Japanese hair pin market grew, Goriki was requested to increase pin supply volume by improving production efficiency. Kamata responded to such a request to have developed the automatic hair pin manufacturing machine, the first in Japan. When wire roll is placed in place, it goes all the way automatically from pressing, cutting, coating to quenching. It assisted to expand market share of 555 pins drastically.

● Intellectual Property and Off-shore Market

DSC_0261  P1010957

▲Ready to export to overseas market


▲New package fitting to the market needs
After the world war II Goriki started hair pin manufacturing as a pioneer company in Japan. Because they were requested to develop engineering technologies from the scratch, Kamata applied to register patent to protect their findings from others. And those patent registration worked as a safe guard effectively when other companies tried to enter hair pin business.

Goriki entered export business for US market from the corporate foundation. And their technology development has been initiated by the offshore market demand. Kamata said, “When it comes to beauty treatment, US demand is much more strict than that of Japan. Paying an intensive attention to sanitation and developing ball tipped pin structure to prevent scalp from cutting are some of our exclusivity. Our sincere effort to match to customers’ voices naturally assisted us to produce some new engineering.”

More than 40 years ago Goriki, headed by Kamata, established their business  pillars, export and intellectual property. And still Kamata is looking for another change. He firmly said, “I am considering how to add more values to hair pins and would develop milky color coating with the use of new glaze. It is my dream for hair styling market to develop such a valuable 555 pin products  that upgrade the dignity of their stores naturally.”

Interviewed on February 12, 2015
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Because FUJI maintains advanced manufacturing skills obtained through ISO management operations, 5S activities (*) and small group activities, they are capable to provide variety of order made nuts at high quality in a short delivery schedule. CEO Kimura is continuously challenging to transform corporate strength to widen exclusive technologies to other processes by assisting development of worker’s awareness and notice to the issues. “Like sports players, workers need to improve from reserves to star players.”

(*) Japanese 5S methodology: Sorting, Setting-in-Order, Shining, Standardizing and Sustaining the Discipline.)

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.

No.45 is Mr. Kimura of  *** FUJI SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD. (Read more) ***

027  046

– Extremely large nuts, Lock nuts, Ultra coupling nuts

● The hex nut exclusive manufacturer


Color coated nuts designed by young workers

Fuji’s technology has been awarded by several official organizations, such as Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Osaka Local Government and Municipality.

In the Japanese trade it is frequently said to ask FUJI for large nuts because of their manufacturing capability of those nuts. FUJI is one of a few manufacturers who provide large nuts up to 150 mm at different shapes, with high quality and at a short delivery schedule.

Actually their large nuts are widely used in the bridges, the high ways, marine ships, power plants and sky scrapers. One example structure close to Osaka is the usage at the Akashi bridge that uses several thousands of FUJI nuts (diameter 70 mm, height 45 mm) to connect hanging wires. Practically Fuji is supporting social infra structure.

Their technical superiority as of today is not good enough for CEO Kimura. He continues to strengthen business fundamentals, saying “When business was brisk mass production was required, however it is now required small-lot multi-production to meet variety of demand. The company is asked to respond to the need of small quantity for business continuation, even it’s one piece. At Fuji manufacturing is mainly operated by skillful workers who learned to machine and manipulate from predecessors. That’s why Fuji has been capable to respond to those needs.”

●Development of the new functional nut meets the needs from the nitche market


- Ultra coupling nuts, Fuji manufactures longer nuts up to 500 mm.


- Time saving “Quick nut” for fastening long nuts. The lower nut opens and closes for installation at any position quickly.

In line with improvement of large nut manufacturing, FUJI targeted to develop new nuts – the first in the industry.

One example is development of ultra coupling nuts that can be manufactured only by FUJI, the highly machining skilled corporation. They are tall nuts to be installed in metal joints of a seismic isolator at sky scrapers or in heavy machine assembly.

“I have asked our machining staff to produce the tallest (or longest) nut they can manufacture. And I was really surprised to receive the reply that they were capable to machine nut up to 500 mm tall with high accuracy. In order to guarantee reliability of structure and products, major companies are demanding those ultra coupling nuts,” Kimura said with a smile.

Other than ultra coupling nuts, FUJI has a series of exclusive nuts and has made many of them as patented technologies.

Collaborating with Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture, FUJI has developed “Fuji Lock Nut” by use of the pitch deviation. With additional development in technology at FUJI, they have produced “Fuji Double Lock Nut” and “Fuji Triple Lock Nut” that provide strong fastening force by preventing looseness with the use of the eccentricity . Moreover, to reduce operation time “Fuji Speed Lock Nut” and “Fuji Bearing Lock Nut” were developed.

Their latest technology is “Fuji Quick Nut” whose lower nut opens and closes to be installed at the desired position of the long bolt, and is under patent pending. It is an exclusive nut and drastically saves installation time to longer thread bolts. With those unique nuts FUJI is capable to respond to any demand even from the nitche market. And another late comer is “Color Nut” with color coating surface that reveals their new technology.

●Transformed working environment to comfortable condition through 5S activities


- Machine bit sizes are noticeable at a glance. Easy to identify the user’s section.


- Tools are kept tidy and in order. No time loss for searching items.

One of their “Change and Innovation” issues was to improve working condition, that had been know as typical 3K(*) surroundings. It was mandatory to pass on their accumulated skills to young generation who feels comfortably and work willingly in the factory. Therefore they had started to apply ISO 9001 and  had been certificated in 2002 through hard work.

(*) Japanese 3K means 3D in English - Dirty, Dangerous and Demeaning

ISO certification was a turning point of KAIZEN at FUJI. When they had understood fundamentals of technological improvement and stepped into “5S activities”, employees have started to propose possible changes voluntarily. And those original solution by the factory workers has been carried out on and on. Awareness and notices of employees linked each other and rolled out as one program. It is widely believed that passive activities demanded by the management does not last long, however positive “bottom-up” activities go on. Kimura said proudly, “When rules are followed strictly, they will become our customs”.

He continued “Our ultimate goal is to improve working conditions and ISO or 5S activities are only tools to accomplish it. Better surroundings will improve operational efficiency and productivity. At the end of the day FUJI, as the corporate, makes a profit. And its profit will be shared among FUJI workers and management. I sincerely hope to establish such an Win-Win relationship and let our employees to be proud of working at FUJI”.


- Master Craftmen at the FUJI factory

Interviewed on February 3, 2015
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Both in sporting and working condition, “Eye-Safety” is a basic requirement for the people. That’s why SWANS and YAMAMOTO branded eyewears feature “Fog Free” technology developed through continuous field marketing as the professional eyesight corporation with 100 years experience. The  CEO Yamamoto is developing further technology to provide more features for 2020 Tokyo Olympiad and other business opportunities.

— Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.

No.42 is Mr. Yamamoto of  ***YAMAMOTO KOGAKU CO., LTD.(Read more) ***

– Sports sunglasses, Sports goggles, Industrial safety glasses


●SWANS – Highly appreciated brand by athletes


▲A wide variety of Sports sunglasses and Sports goggles for swimming and snow skiing

SWANS branded sports sunglasses and sports goggles for swimming and snow skiing are widely known to the athletes. SWANS swimming goggles, dominating in Japan with 60 percent of the market share, are key products for Yamamoto’s business transaction.

Reviewing their innovation and challenge, Yamamoto said, “Wishing to provide more convenient glasses the corporate founder started to manufacture glasses apart from dust‐proof glass polishing business. It was the step forward to industrial goggle production. The second CEO developed swimming goggles for diver fishing with SWANS brand name. The third CEO entered snow ski goggle manufacturing and made several innovation in the company. At those days when Japanese goggles had been valued as the poor quality products, he had developed better goggles in function with anti-fogging features comparing to imported goggles. Then he had successfully positioned SWANS goggles as precious items.”

For some period ski goggle business had been the important business pillar at Yamamoto. When skiing population decreased, the company took another turns. “In time for 1992 Barcelona Olympiad, Japan Association of Athletics Federations requested us to develop sunglasses for marathon runners. Although there was no market for sports sunglasses at that time in Japan, Yamamoto foresaw possible growth of the market and paid marketing attention to the new category,” Yamamoto said.

It took ten years when wearing sunglasses became popular and standard among athletes. Today in Japan SWANS sport sunglasses are prevailing for the players in golf, baseball, fishing, cycling, jogging and etc.

●Expanded business through “Safety View” creation


▲Effectiveness to use “Fan Operated Respiratory Protective Equipment” for dust workers has been certified

In 2011, at their centennial anniversary, Yamamoto took over the CEO and told us what he said to employees, “It is our proud to celebrate the 100th anniversary however it’s not our goal. Considering the next 100 years, let’s identity what we need to change and what we need to maintain. And let’s establish concrete corporate policy to innovate continuously to respond to market needs of ‘Safety View’”.

The first product introduced as the new CEO was the new swimming goggle with four times longer anti-fog life than previous models and has been widely accepted.  Yamamoto commented their engineering strength, “Throughout technical research to secure Eye-Safety, the market leading product is to be developed.”

Their basic business principle is to protect Eye-Safety. And so Yamamoto is putting emphasis on new product development in the field of industrial safety goggles and fan operated respiratory protective equipment, that accounts for 40 percent of Yamamoto’s sales amount. One of them is the fan operated respiratory protective equipment for welding workers, that emits filtered air to the workers’ surface preventing from fume and dust and has been proved to be effective.

“On top of eyesight improvement I will expand business category further to create better vision from all aspects by materializing peripheral devices. We know Asia is emerging market and will inform them of our Safety Culture,”  Yamamoto continued, “The sporting sunglasses feature wrap-around-frame that follows the shape of the face. And SWANS sunglasses are originally designed for Asian framework and that’s why SWANS products are highly appreciated in Asia. We will accelerate export business knowing rapid market growth in Asia.”

●Foster SWANS brand based on Customer First policy


▲SWANS sporting sunglasses are widely used by leading professional athletes such as Ryo Ishikawa, a golfer

Bottom-up approach to management from the market field is the core strategy for Yamamoto to foster the brand. He believes it is more effective to participate in sporting events to contact users directly and to learn their opinions directly than spending huge amount of money to medias. Yamamoto said clearly, “It is SWANS’ style to foster the brand by communicating with end users and to create new brand concept together.”  Contracting with the famous athlete is not only intending to improve brand awareness. Yamamoto continued, “The professional golfer, Ishikawa, suggests various points from a user’s point of view, such as improving grip and adjusting weight balance. He is one of the persons who know how and what sports sunglasses should be. And ever lasting improvement to reflect those specialists’ request helps assist to position SWANS branded product the reliable item.”

Additionally 2020 Tokyo Olympiad is the major event for Yamamoto as well for activating market demand and developing something new. Yamamoto said, “It’s a great opportunity for us to expand our market share and enhance brand awareness. So we are devoting ourselves to introduce another core product at Yamamoto. It’s totally secret and  will be in the market by 2020. Just wait for more years, and you will notice another innovation!”

Interviewed on November 27, 2014
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