MOBIO is assisting “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” by providing various services to SMEs.
As one of  marketing assistance, in June 2014, MOBIO set up the joint booth at “ Medical Device Development & Manufacturing Expo (MEDIX)” in Tokyo and the three  exhibitors in the MOBIO technology hall participated in the joint booth. Since MEDIX  attracted a great number of medical device manufacturers of syringes, thermometers, artificial organs, catheters, MRI systems, patient monitors, etc., there were lots of findings for  three exhibitors on product needs, possible product application and other information collected directly from medical specialists.

The Team MOBIO                                                                    Presentation to the visitors

rv P1050823   写真 2 rv

After the trade show MOBIO interviewed them about trade show. Their purpose was different and result was different. However all participants noticed a lot of findings. MOBIO sincerely hopes that interview articles may be of some help to your company management and operation.


Voices of Participants in the “Medical Device Development & Manufacturing Expo (MEDIX)”

1) MARUEMU WORKS CO., LTD. (read more about the corporate)

Practically learned feasibility of GUMMETAL in the medical market. Read a report.

2) MORITA SEISHINSHO CO. (read more about the corporate)

Swaging technology is the key to penetrate into the medical market.  Read a report.

3) NARA SEIKO INC. (read more about the corporate)

Participating in the trade show creates valuable opportunities to step forward. Read a report.


Visit MOBIO to search for other medical opportunities!

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Exhibitors directory


048 *Three members participated in MEDIX (Fujii, Nakai, Terasaka)

Read in detail about MORITA SEISHINSHO CO.

●Promoted  3 technical capabilities to medical industry

Morita is known as one of the leading companies to process needles and fine stainless steel pipes. They are specialized in swaging process that reduces operation flow comparing to machining and employs multi-product low-volume manufacturing at shorter production lead time. At Morita they have operated swaging for more than 90 years and achieved their technology application to ultra fine pipes (up to 0.15 mm diameter). In the medical market those fine needles and pipes are installed in a joint between a dripper and a tube or used as a protection pipe of temperature sensor.

P1000560 *Compare their micropore to a ball point pen

Morita has been involved in medical business long time as a subcontractor and has not dealt with medical equipment manufacturers directly. “Some day we would participate in medical trade to promote our technology”, Terasaka continued his remarks with pleasure, “We were so glad to have entered to medical fair thanks to MOBIO’s assistance and have learned a lot.” “I firmly believe Morita’s target market is medical market. At this moment its business consists 30 percent of Morita’s sales and I wish to expand it up to 50 percent by adding more direct deal with manufacturers.”


*Their catch phrase in Japanese “Quality is proved by Technical Capabilities” was selected through opportunity announcement system to employees.

Since entering to medical market was corporate policy, preparation for MEDIX was arranged as a corporate project to create display samples and to write a catch phrase. Nakai was the chief of display and explained “We focused three technologies to promote in a medical trade. No.1 was our core technology – swaging. No.2 was electrical discharge machining to make a micropore at ultra fine pipe without any burr, using our new equipment. No.3 was laser beam sealing at a thin pipe end, that is used at medical needle production to prevent any damages to human body.”

●Received 5 business request at the first medical fair

With 50 years marketing experience, Terasaka proactively introduced Morita’s technology and resulted in setting up next business meeting with  two medical equipment manufacturers and three sensor using companies. After the fair he has brought requested samples to them and is waiting for their evaluation. Terasaka said, “It meant a lot to us as a result of the first medical fair,”  and he is positive to participate in the next trade.

MEDIX展示  P1050820

*Booth display at MEDIX

Nakai also mentioned, ” We have received a lot of messages from medical persons. One dentist requested us to develop the needle with more cleaning holes.” Morita has collected market needs to further develop new products.

Because of having actual request from customers, Terasaka felt confident to enter medical market. “The best result for us was to have exchanged business cards with 400 companies”, Terasaka said. They have contacted with medical industry persons and industry users of temperature sensor pipes at an automobile industry and users of ion discharge needles at an electronics industry. It may assist their involvement in medical business.

●Take further action to handle hard-to-cut materials and to build a clean room

Through MEDIX, they have received a request of prototype production and found a necessity of new product. Terasaka said, “We do not have specific product development group as a SME, however we are quite confident to develop new products step by step along with daily manufacturing job. On top of present core material, stainless steel, they plan to accumulate processing technology of Titanium and other hard-to-process materials. Moreover they are planning to invest actively to build a clean room in a few years to change basic business conditions to enter medical market.

At Morita, young staffs have learned a lot through MEDIX. Fujii confessed, “I have noticed importance of aggressive marketing approach shown by Terasaka and learned a lot from him. Also I will study much more about our products and our in house technology in order to explain others.”

Morita was established to manufacture sewing needles in 1914 and succeeded in restructuring corporate business scheme. Now their challenge to enter medical market will be a key to another business success in future.


Interviewed on August 6, 2014

Participants from Maruemu Works hold GUMMETAL orthodontic wire (Konishi, Yamamoto and Ishimoto)

014  モデルさんIMG_4959 *Application example

● Displaying GUMMETAL with three target

Maruemu is the leader in the Japanese stainless steel fastener market and in engineering technology. Processing hard-to-cut materials they have developed new fasteners made of Magnesium Alloy, Titanium Alloy, Metallic Glass and Engineering Plastics on and on.

Read in detail about Maruemu Works Co., Ltd.

One of the business created by their innovative attitude is a medical product. At MEDIX, a GUMMETAL orthodontic wire has been displayed, that has no hazardous elements to human body, high elasticity and high flexibility and is made of Ti-Nb based beta titanium alloy. Because its shape is adjustable at each treatment stage when needed, it does not require wire replacement or frequent reshaping, and results in drastic reduction of treatment period. GUMMETAL’s elasticity holds weak force continuously at row of teeth, a patient is free from felling hard pains. Becasue its material does not contain any nickel alloy, its does not cause a metal allergy at all. That is why GUMMETAL attracts dentist’s attention as a totally new orthodontic wire.

Ishimoto, the leader of delegation, said, ” There were three goals for our participation. No.1 was to introduce our company itself. No.2 was to take some hint for new application of GUMMETAL by promoting its features. And No.3 was to start medical product development by informing Maruemu’s advanced technology to process magnesium alloy and etc. So we displayed our products to materialize them.”

IMG_4884  *Attractive product display

●New offer from pharmaceutical companies and university institutions

Yamamoto in charge of new medical marketing explained his findings, “Our new product ‘GUMMETAL’ brand wire was known in the dental market. And specialists showed interest in the wire saying ‘Oh, this is the real product’ in the booth.” He continued, “I have received questions from visitors, ‘Are you manufacturing fasteners? Why have you entered into the medical market?’ When I explained that our wire drawing technology made GUMMETAL wire processing possible, they understood easily.” One of pharmaceutical companies was interested in this only one technology. So Yamamoto is studying seriously with them to develop new product.

IMG_4989  *Visitors from medical industry

Konishi felt business possibility of GUMMETAL wire in the dental market as well. He said, “Several visitors reviewed GUMMETAL at MEDIX web site in advance and came to our booth. Whenever I received request from them ‘Please show us the product and explain features.’ I reconfirmed market attention to GUMMETAL wire as the new device.”

During MEDIX fair, universities and institutions paid notice to GUMMETAL and requested to collaborate in product development. Ishimoto said, “Because we have received business offer from universities and institutions, this trade show was very useful and practical to us. I appreciate opportunity to secure our space in MEDIX assisted by MOBIO.”

● New product development to penetrate in the medical business

Team Maruemu could have exchanged business cards with over 100 companies of the medical, manufacturing, administrative and institutional market. Following to MEDIX fair, they have started business discussion with 10 companies. “It was very effective fair for us to have an appointment with 10 percent of visitors,” Ishimoto said. And he continued, “We had been reluctant to participate in the medical fair because of expensive space cost and had been doubtful to its outcome.  However, this time MOBIO assisted us and offered the space at a reasonable cost. For SME it was very helpful program. We have noticed the target customers visited the industry fair and we will be ready for the next exhibition.”

Receiving positive market response, Maruemu considers to join other medical fairs. In order to attract more visitors and open other market, they are planning to develop another business category than GUMMETAL. At their new laboratory to develop medical related products (called M+H technology center) specialists are aggressively studying another leading products following to GUMMETAL.

医療機器(歯列矯正ワイヤ)-s*Excellent orthodontic abilities and biologically friendly


Interviewed on August 6, 2014

■ Entered the medical market from dental implantation business

Nara Seiko has experience in manufacturing precision optical components more than 45 years. Their micron level processing technology and new facility opening has been used to respond to optical customers’ various demand.

Read in detail about Nara Seiko Inc.

Based on such a high skill operation, Nara has accelerated to develop more medical products. In 1996 Nara has been entitled as the “Class I medical devices marketing authorization holder” (Class I: General medical devices per Japan’s Classification of Medical Devices). It was their kickoff to start manufacturing dental implant products. CEO Nakagawa says “Dental implantation is applied to individuals. Our operation fits to such a need to produce small lot of high precision products. Actually it is our policy not to say NO to any request by customers.”

P1000444 Dental implants by Nara Seiko

■ The first participation to MEDIX – Reconfirmed possible growth of medical market

For SME it is essential to take a positive attitude to secure continuous business by cultivating new demand. As expanded business network through WEB site and trade shows, Nara has acquired business opportunities by encountering to new people. In order to meet companies of different class of trade or different industries, it was their proactive business manner to participate in many trade fairs and promoted their technologies.

MEDIX新製品展示  The new surgical instrument (for a ligament and a tendon)

At MEDIX this time, Nara exhibited dental implants, new surgical instrument (for a ligament and a tendon) and other medical equipment. “At each booth I have noticed there were lots of business discussion and they were very impressive. And Nara has met many medical and administrative people to have obtained information a lot,” CEO Nakagawa said.

P1050857  Nakagawa and his staff at MEDIX

■ Key to new development is a speedy decision and immediate action

Nakagawa believes to trace business encounter effectively. Considering longer period from the initial meeting at the trade show to make a final contract, “I dot not simply exchange business cards and wait their calls,  but I firmly believe it is imperative to take an active approach by myself to trade visitors,” Nakagawa said. Through his speedy decision and action at MEDIX, he has found new medical customers and is under business negotiation. Moreover he is discussing possible collaboration with new suppliers.

Based on such a useful result, Nara has decided to participate in the next trade fair to be held next year.

A steady step forward at each project and continuous development of new business is brought to Nara. Nara’s driving force might be created by flexibility to tackle something new without any preset rules and immediate decision as the corporation.


Interviewed on August 7, 2014


●MVP (Most Valuable Participant) in 2013

” By attending the MOBIO Cafe Meeting, I was entitled to obtain points to my MOBIO membership card each time.  At the end of 2013 it became 36 points. I am so glad to be selected as the MVP,” Ueda said with a smile.

DSCN6121-500  MVP-500

As a team member of KANSAI LABORATORY CO., LTD. , who provides consistent evaluation of material quality and analysis of volatile organic compounds, Ueda is responsible to develop a new account.

Originally he was invited to join the MOBIO Cafe Meeting by MOBIO staff. Ueda said, “Well, I thought it might assist to develop a new customer. If the companies relating to color plastics participated in the meeting, I could explain our evaluation technology, light resistance testing at shorter period. Today it is not the only purpose of participation to acquire new customer.”

He may not meet his potential customers every time, however he participate in the meeting continuously. Because Ueda said, “One of my business target is to develop non-fabric market. By frequent participation, I thought I might find new demand for KANSAI LABORATORY beyond our expectation. Through discussion in the Cafe Meeting I have noticed test and analysis were common business activity at any industry and at any manufacturing process.”

●20 seconds self-introduction is a key to success

According to Ueda, he met many companies in the Cafe Meeting to be listed as potential plastic customers. Moreover he has met many other companies in a various industry market, who will be totally new to him. Ueda said, “For example I came to know light resistance test is applicable even for metallic items throughout discussion with the Cafe Meeting participants. Like this I am learning something new each time. So I try to talk to both presenters and listeners with exchanging business cards.”

DSCF4193  DSCN6055s

Self-introduction                                                                       Light resistance test equipment

In the beginning of MOBIO Cafe Meeting, each participants are scheduled to introduce themselves. Ueda said, “Self introduction is the key point for me. I try to make it as simple and impressive as possible, saying ‘I am Ueda from KANSAI LABORATORY, providing light resistance testing services. Just in a few days we can prove deterioration of materials after one year.’ It outlines myself and is a kickoff to talk each other at a Cafe session.”

By participating the Cafe Meeting, he has been called by participants “You are from light resistance testing company, aren’t you?”. ”In the last one year I was asked by more than ten companies. And actually I could have started business with some of them. My network has grown and brought good result,” Ueda said.

●He that stays in the valley, shall never get over the hill

Ueda believes MOBIO Cafe Meeting is NOT the place only to see, hear and return. With positive communication participants will find real beauty of the Meeting. He said, “There is a seeds to re-identify our corporate. We should not hesitate to attend because of unfamiliar business presenters. Rather it is more interesting than simply hearing to familiar issues. Cross industry meeting is concept of MOBIO Cafe Meeting and it is really fun. We should not say in the valley,but shall get over the hill.”



Presentation in the MOBIO meeting

Lastly he commented, “In the first the person may need extra effort to talk to. In such a case, feel free to talk to me. Let’s turn the balls together!”. and mentioned his wish in this year, “I could have met so many people. And I will make my effort to cultivate business opportunities with expanding network. Surely I am planning to participate in the MOBIO Cafe Meeting this year as well,  positively!”

Interviewed on February 6, 2014

MOBIO is assisting “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” by providing various services to SMEs. One of the market development assistance is the special seminar “Let’s participate in the Trade Shows!”, which has been conducted for the past two years.

In May 2013, MOBIO offered the permanent hall exhibitors to physically participate in the trade show in addition to class room session. And the ten companies have participated in the MOBIO joint booth at “Small & Medium Enterprise Fair 2013 in Kansai” with different intentions. The window person varies from a young staff to a senior manager.

After the trade show MOBIO interviewed all companies about class room session and trade show. Their purpose was different and result was different. However all participants noticed a lot of findings.

MOBIO sincerely hopes that interview articles may be of some help to your company management and operation.

  3  4


*In 2011 and 2012

Hosted a seminar “Let’s participate in the Trade Shows!”, six times for two years.

2  1

*In 2013

Hosted a class room session for ten participating companies

  • Identified strength of the company and the products
  • Summarized feature point for the show
  • Created a concept phrase
  • Created a leaflet draft and a poster draft
  • Designed the display booth layout

5  6


Voices of Participants in the “Small & Medium Enterprise Fair 2013 in Kansai” 


The window person: Mr. Mori

Comment Summary: Managed to convey product strength effectively

2)    SHUEI CO., LTD.

The window person: Mr. Ueda

Comment Summary: Targeted to be an inevitable company at future recycling society


The window person: Mr. Nogami

Comment Summary: Became another business door opener


The window person: Mr. Tanaka

Comment Summary: Noticed the true strength of the company through seminar


The window person: Mr. Takai

Comment Summary: Reassured the corporate strength by participating in the trade show first time


The window person: Mr. NIshijima

Comment Summary: Improved skills to convey message and display, and expanded communication network


The window person: Mr. Fukuchi

Comment Summary: Obtained hint to cultivate next business opportunity


The window person: Mr. Koshiba

Comment Summary: Promoted new IT software for machining orientation


The window person: Mr. Takahashi

Comment Summary: Obtained the new customer by proposing solution after the show


The window person: Mr. Shi

Comment Summary: Promoted wider range of products in addition to worm gears

TOYONAKA KEISOU CO. LTD. is a company specializing in development and manufacture of wire-saving devices and systems.

At SME Fair in Kaisai 2013  they specially featured the patented new product “Smart Power 24″, integrated wire-saving multiplex transmission (Universal Line) with power supply function. With this unique scheme, two wires can, in addition to power supply, carry diverse information about contact control output at 256 locations. Its technology is widely used by major Japan’s railway companies.

P1040575              DSCN4516-400

Display at SME Fair in Kaisai 2013                                 The Brilliant Disco Ball was the Symbol of MOBIO booth

10 companies participated in the MOBIO booth. The show visitors were attracted by the shining mirror ball on top of the pinnacle of MOBIO “Castle” booth. Its ball was designed by one of the participants, TOYONAKA KEISOU CO. LTD. In order to inform their technology- wire-saving multiplex transmission, effectively, they have materialized the special design.

“I am proud of our technology, however at the same time I felt it very difficult to explain to the public in a way that they easily understand. Participation to this trade show guided me to the new way of product presentation.” says Mori.

The young freshman was assigned all setups for the show and seriously studied at the MOBIO preparation seminar. Actually he was always the first to submit his homework.

“At the MOBIO seminar I was asked explanations of our products by participating members and the tutor. So I started to consider difficulties to understand by the others. It was very valuable for me to study effective product display throughout discussion with other members” says Mori.

●Based on core technology the long lasting products are to be developed


“Glittered on the pinnacle like this”, demonstration by Mori

“I have designed to install the disco ball on top of the pinnacle of the MOBIO castle as a demonstration of  data transmission from a distance. This was created only because I could attend the MOBIO seminar. ” says Mori. At TOYONAKA’s booth they placed the control device with four color switches. By depressing the designated color switch, the identical light will turn on light at the disco ball. Since the ball rotates, it looks glittering.

“It was quite a good lesson for me to learn the new way to display. And I believe it’s good for MOBIO booth as well because of  outstanding look.”

●Assisting the Tokyo Sky Tree from back yard


New product ”Smart Power 24”, combination of four switches

As a marketing staff Mori is paying attention to information flow. For this trade show, he mailed invitation to customers in advance and sent thank-you mail after the show. With an attractive display Mori and his group collected almost 100 business cards from visitors and they have already started business negotiation with companies.

“I am proud of our technology. For example, these days the highest stand-alone TV tower, Tokyo Sky Tree is widely known. During its construction TOYONAKA’s  technology was used in the elevator to assist communication, ” says Mori. Their technology will be used often although we do not know its application.

Interviewed on June 25, 2013.



Display at SME Fair in Kaisai 2013

●The World First - 90% Recyclable Paper Container

The one of the most eye catching phrases at SME show was created by SHUEI CO., LTD. At their booth they have featured the paper container designed for sustainable society, called “Hokkaru”, exclusively developed by SHUEI as “the world first removable layer container” for take-out foods.

It consists of an inner film layer and an outer paper container. After eating an inner layer is easily removed for classified disposal. Because its layer protect an outer container from oil perfectly, an outer paper does not require cleaning process and polyethylene terephthalate does not cause any dioxins at all at the time of incineration.

ホッかる    ホッかる

Product line-ups of “Hokkaru”          Easy to sort garbage (simply remove the film after eating)

90 percent and more of its materials are to be used as a recycled paper. Its film layer is made of   “SHUEI is known as a Hokkaru manufacturer. At SME show we have designed our booth to let Hokkaru know as many visitors as possible.” says Ueda.

●Learned to convey massage in a easy-to-understand way through MOBIO seminar

Ueda says “We had attended speciality show relating to environment, however it was the first time for us to participate in the general trade show like SME Fair. So it was very informative for me”. To the MOBIO seminar preparing to the trade show, he has participated in all classes and considered contents of the display panel seriously.

“MOBIO seminar provided me with totally new approach and removed all of previous views. Because “Hokkaru” is the strongly attached product for Shuei, I used to phrase as many as possible in a panel. However it was much easier to understand for the show visitors by phrasing simply. I really learned how important it is to convey easy-to-understand  message. And I appreciate MOBIO a lot who provided me with such an opportunity” says Ueda.  During the trade show he himself participated all days and promoted Hokkaru by using the eye-catching panel.

“There are two meanings in the trade show participation. The one is to inform produtc and the company to search for new business match making and improve marketing skills. Another is to inform the company management is healthy. Specially the participation to an administrative organization booth such as MOBIO might strengthen credibility fo the company. Credibility is the most important product by the company” says Ueda.

●Wishing to be the turning point to change mind-set

The “Hokkaru” container exclusive for university coops
“Comparing to general containers, it costs more. However once it was proved to have saved disposal cost by half. So it might not be an expensive container.” says Ueda. It might be an economical container! Time to think differently.
His views have been accepted by university coops, food  restaurants and event organizers nationwide. And it is his policy to place a recycle bin whenever Hokkaru is used. Ueda goes further to ship collected containers to recyclers by themselves.
He wishes to educate people through the product and to be assisted by them throughout manufacturing. Its message has been created by the experienced business person.

Interviewed on July 3, 2013

The color coded name plate type key chains that are widely used at hotels, locker rooms where keys are used in Japan. They are Markey branded key chains produced by DAIICHI KOGYO CO., LTD.

Display at SME Fair in Kaisai 2013
●Looking for businesses matching with different industry fields


Homework in the office after work

Nogami was asked to participate the SME show by MOBIO when he visited the hall to replace display products.

He says “I was called by MOBIO to join the show. Due to my business schedule I could attend preparation seminar only once, however I could receive a supplementary lesson and a home assignment by MOBIO and I appreciate MOBIO a lot”.

Trying to catch up other participants, Nogami studied by himself. After measuring actual booth he has simulated product and booth layout. As a result at the SME show their booth display was appreciated by the visitors  with the compliments.

P1040584-300  Presentation to the visitors at the SME booth

Nagmi says, “Every year we participate in several shows relating to DIY and it was our first to have the booth at SME Fair. And most of MOBIO exhibitors are processing or parts manufacturing companies. So we thought it might be a good chance to meet people in the different business market. They might consider to use our products and might become our partner to consult manufacturing. It might be an opportunity to expand business network. Daiichi should not stick to  previous consciousness.”

As expected, through the show he could collect a lot of business cards and received inquiries of sample and catalogue. And some of them are now on the business table.

●Product development to open the new market
大一鋼業_スッポンフック  The powerful Suppon Hook, displayed  by adhering to a concrete block

Because Daiichi has a broad product range, they need to consider ways to promote adequately by product category.

“For example at MOBIO permanent hall booth we may add display of usage to product display. It may create business opportunity of kit marketing with other companies and of functional parts. We may expand product range on top of  of present categories. And we need to improve product development skills.”

Furthermore, other than core business sectors (DIYs and Home Improvement Centers) they are trying to open stationary stores and commodity stores for ladies. ”We will start up with marketing 123 seriously”, Nogami emphasized.


Interviewed on Jul. 3, 2013

Noticed the corporate strength when creating a catch phrase

Actual display at the Small & Medium Enterprise Fair 2013 in Kansai

“Since our business is to manufacture hydraulic cylinder parts to various type of metal part, we provide products with any industrial market. This must be our fruit cultivated for past 60 years.” says Mr. Tanaka, CEO of the company.

In the past he had participated the show for the purpose of employee’s training, and it was the first time for him  to have a booth in order to capture new customers. But,  his intention to have joined the seminar was different.

“Because our strength was not properly identified, we needed to pin point it. So I have decided to join the seminar to learn how we could  illustrate our company.”

Actually at the time of catch -phrase seminar he faced difficulty. The tutor’s message was quite informative for him. If the phrase works by replacing the corporate name, it won’t be their strength. Therefore he came to notice their strength, PROCESS PROPOSAL, that was considered to be the corporate characteristics. “Reviewing 60 years corporate history, our company has been founded on care, consideration and officiousness to others. And at process proposing those factors are  essential condition. I have come to notice that process proposal is our strength.

Another feature for Kinki is corporate networking, that is one of the reason why Kinki  proposes suitable and careful operation. “Our networking has been established for 60 years and is our fortune. It is one of the reason why I have selected process proposal as our strength.”

Kinki does not only provide customers with quotation but also proposes suitable manufacturing process. When customers appreciate its proposal, they become a good customers. Tanaka became aware of Kinki’s value from the customer’s  point of view.

Improved Visual Presentation Skills


Catch phrase creation was not all of his findings through a seminar. He himself surprisingly learned skills of photo shooting.

“Counting on input at a seminar I have taken our products my self and amazed its different result. I did it! Without hesitation I could focus pictures. And I was very happy to receive a positive comment from a tutor.”

He has learned another practical display skills to place products on acrylics stand on the cloth covered stand. And he has expanded communication with other seminar participants or trade show participants.

“We have started actual business among participants. Through joint study for a few months and collaboration at joint booth, we have created a kind of team work and reliance”

Wishing to creating a more attractive display!


This seminar was very informative to Tanaka.

“Past years I was struggling to reply to questions of  corporate strength and corporate characteristics. Now I think I have found the reply. Of course I have noticed importance of  improvement and  attractive product display as an another challenge.”
He also views corporate future.

“I firmly believe that KINKI must manufacture some finished goods. It will be possible for us to create some new technology and products by integrating standing technology. Since SME is good at responding niche market or personal market, we would like to formulate as many needs as possible. And association for that creation has been obtained through this seminar and MOBIO Cafe Meeting.”

Tanaka is trying to step forward by introducing branding strategy:

” It is the time to seriously consider branding of our corporation. My participation to this seminar might be the kick-off of  KINKI’s branding strategy. If there were advanced series of this seminar, definitely I would like to join again”

Interviewed on July 8, 2013