MOBIO exhibitors have been on media many times.

The new exhibitor, TAIYO SEIKI CO.,LTD., was reported by the newspaper “May 26th issue Package Times” in Japan.

They display the best selling desk top binding machine JD-240 at MOBIO booth with COM brand.


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By a paper tape or a plastic tape it binds packages of soft food items to hard paper bills.

Taiyo carries the floor-standing automatic taping machines to be  incorporated into automated lines in factories and other facilities as well.

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Three MOBIO exhibitors will set up the joint booth at MEDIX, Medical Device Development & Manufacturing Expo.

Dates:  June 25 (Wed) – 27 (Fri), 2014 , 10:00 – 18:00 daily (10:00 – 17:00 on June 27)

Venue : Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

The June  Team MOBIO is consisted by three companies:

The orthodontic wire made of Ti-Nb based beta titanium alloy: MARUEMU WORKS CO., LTD. (read more)

The medical needles fabricated by swaging: MORITA SEISHINSHO CO. (read more)

 The prosthetic implants and  the artificial hip joins: NARA SEIKO INC. (read more)


This special exhibition will attract a great number of medical device manufacturers who manufacture syringes,

thermometers, artificial organs, catheters, MRI systems, patient monitors, etc. and conduct concrete business meetings.

Ask the invitation card at MOBIO reception desk in advance.

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May display at the “My Dome Annex Booth” is precision parts for semiconductor manufacturing devices and medical analysis devices. Study their products and search for your needs.

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osaka seisakusho my dome

April is the starting month of the new fiscal year 2014 for MOBIO.

At the annex booth in the Osaka city, the MOBIO exhibitor, Maruemu displayed their new product for the medical field

to draw people’s attention. It is the orthodontic wire.


And MOBIO technology hall is surrounded by the full-blown ”Sakura” (Cherry Blossom).

Visit MOBIO and enjoy Japanese Spring and full line of product display.


Products of MOBIO exhibitors are highly appreciated and awarded by authorized organizations.]

fuji crank   lobtex REDDOT受賞

1) Cutout model of automobile crank shaft                      2) Cordless electric riveter

1) Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100

FUJI ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY has been selected by The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan as one of the Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100 for its high frequency induction heating devices.



Lobtex’s Cordless Riveter R1B1 is the winner of REDDOT AWARD 2014! The model was awarded by iF product design in 2013. The model was awarded by iF product design in 2013.

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At MOBIO booth annex in January, Kanno Orimono displays order to make fabrics.

They produce original models of tenugui (washcloths), furoshiki (wrapping cloths) and other Japanese traditional fabrics. In-house expert designers ensure the high level of original goods.

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The new exhibitor, KANSAI  POLYMER CO., LTD.  specializes in fluorine resin coating.

Considering the best match of product usage and coating material,  they select suitable fluorine resin material and coating conditions, fitting to the demanded thickness. Their several furnaces are capable to bake items from small size up to 3 M square items at shorter delivery schedule by using non-blast type coating.

DSCF3628  DSCF3632

Fluorine resin coating, non-stick coating, PPS resin, PEEK resin, ceramics and hybrid coating of ceramics and fluorine resin. Applicable on rubber and silicone rubber materials as well.

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KONISHI METAL MOLD ENGINEERING, LTD reveals secret of pressing processes reduced to 1/6!

P1050327    P1050325


A mystery born through manufacture of more than ten thousand metal molds…

Original cam-based structure operated multi-directionally
3 faces of complex curved shape can be processed in 1 operation. 6 operations are reduced to 1.

Check their technology of dramatic saving of man-hours and labor at MY DOME OSAKA entrance hall

or at MOBIO Permanent Exhibition Hall in Osaka.

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MOBIO is ready to support any of your business-academic collaboration needs. Universities and a college have come together in the facilities at MOBIO in hopes to bringing local businesses to the forefront of technological innovation.

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Known as the first in the world, Abel Co., Ltd. is the new exhibitor.

They manufacture a super-thin oxidized membrane on the surface of stainless steel. Their piano black  coloring is  applied to super-thin components and precision-processed camera parts for preventing reflections of light.

Their SUS coils are possible to be handled by transfer pressing or cupping without any peeling off, and no additional plating or coating is required. It assists studying cost reduction, lead-time reduction and VE planning.

DSCF2635 ハット5s

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