Saturday Oct. 27 was the seminar day at the permanent exhibition hall.

Members learned KISS principle, PREP principle and Japanese ”Ko.Ko.De.Mo.A.Kan” principle.

The presenter explained ways to focus 5W1H in detail. With a guidance of the lecturer all members

presented their copies without any shy.


Refered to the panel created by the last year’s seminar member.

The name card of Mr.Shy


Next seminar is scheduled on Nov. 6,  No.3 seminar.

Main focus this time is ” How to create attractive flyer’s and panels for the fair “.

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On Nov. 6, MOBIO will host No.3 seminar, series  “Let’s participate in a trade fair ! ”

Main focus this time is” How to create attractive flyers and panels for the fair “.

1. Editation and presentation
2. Key point of the picture and photo shooting
3. Layout
4. Group work

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The presenter is Mr. Namimoto, the president of ” langDesign co.,ltd “.

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors and incubators have started

Innovation and Challenge“ through the special  interview.

No.7  is Mr. Kida of  KIDA VALVE BALL CO., LTD.  (See company details here)

- Balls for ball valves, Pump components

” Market field data is the key to success ! “


 With their advanced technology and experience, they maintain a market share for stainless steel valve balls of approximately 60 percent in Japan.

Find his message and valuable hints (^^) to you in Japanese

from here  ☆★☆ MOBIO Meet the President  ☆★☆ No. 7

Heeeavy … TAISEI MONAC CO., LTD. has just added the new item !!

Taisei Monac operates a professional factory specializing in the machining,  vacuum casting and decoration of industrial design.

CHECK and LIFT their new product at MOBIO Permanent Exhibition Hall, booth # 1-023!!

By the way …  The hammer is very light to lift even by the one hand of  ladies !!
And just be carefull not to point to a person!(*^^*)!

For their full product line-up, please refer to  TAISEI MONAC CO., LTD.


● H.I TECHNOS ( linked to Japanese page)

Waste water treatment system by using inorganic flocculant, resulting in low cost and space saving.

Come to MOBIO and find the latest news.

Cafe application

Futaba-Toso CO., LTD.

The value of machinery and frames soars due to their painting !

A thorough multistage pre-paint processing (washing -> puttying-> finishing)

is a technology that other companies are not able to offer.

“Magic hands” apply their original under-paint putty onto an entire or partial surface,

and even fill the gaps for a plate frame to be used in a clean room.

Check “Before” and “After” display at their booth.

Cafe application


They are particularly expert in working gunmetal and brass to produce

Metal Plumbing Pipe Fittings, Agricultural Spray Nozzles.

Their business market reaches to construction sites and outdoor sporting facilities

in summer to prevent from heat stroke effectively. By emitting 20-30μ slight fog, new model “COOLBEAM”  decreases body temperature without getting wet. It was an ideal product for hot summer in Osaka.

Visit MOBIO and find their product line.

Cafe application

If you are looking for the premier source for high-quality plastic films,

check out Sankyo Plus Co. Ltd.

They supply and process variety of films including in-mould labelling films for first-surface decorating

and suitable films for printing mode (silk screen printing, offset printing & etc.).


English home page is coming up soon.

Watch MOBIO exhibitor’s list for the latest information:

NIKKEN TOOL CO., LTD has opened new display booth at booth # 2-073.

The key to cost reduction is reuse and regrinding the used indexable inserts

which they call “The Treasury”.
Contributing to customers’ drastic cost reduction of cutting tools with development

for the optimized tool design and with long experience of regrinding technology

combined with the know-how in CVD or PVD coating technology.

See details at

MOBIO-Cafe Meeting on October 18 was the special version for “Osaka Ecotech Exhibition”.

Listening to the presentations by exhibitors, meeting members started individual discussion

with the exhibitors on environmental technologies.  Key factors at technology development and adavanced  specifications of the product were topics between them. another step forward to have created new lincage, searching for business opportunities.

See presenter list in Japanese ⇒ プレゼン企業チラシ121018

“Here it is ! That fits to your needs for environmental technologies”

Special Exhibit on “Ecotech” continues till October 31st at MOBIO.

Come to MOBIO to search for advanced environmental technologies and other exhibits.

MOBIO welcomes you anytime weekdays,  from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.