Explanation by showing the real model is impressive at MOBIO CAFE MEETING.



Read their secret –  http://www.m-osaka.com/en/exhibitors/310/


By the location and shape of the tank, liquid level gauges and joints are required to be custom made. As a JKK branded liquid level gauge manufacturer, they meet market  request by producing most of component IN-HOUSE. Today by utilizing 70% of in-house production system they are able to respond accurately and timely. Additionally its technology has been passed to younger workers by use of digital machinery.

One of their unique products is magnet type liquid level gauge, called “Circle Clipper”,

requires no AC power nor glass window. It is widely used at water treatment plant.



Learn more here -  http://www.m-osaka.com/en/exhibitors/022/


“Fine Coating”, an ultra-hard ceramic coating, provides optimal surface treatment for dramatically raising the durability and abrasion resistance! By using heat treatment in an upstream process, warping and deformation is kept to a minimum. As a result the surface hardness created is at least 3000 HV.

It is perfect match to press dies, forging dies, casting molds, plastic molds and precision parts.



Check facility here -  http://www.nara-k.ac.jp/english/


The last presenter showed the result of academia-industry collaboration, from November Special Exhibit at MOBIO Permanent Exhibition Hall.

Their new product features quick power start-up and portability. So it allows X ray scanning even moving objects outside and is widely used at racetracks for horses and animal hospitals. It scans dolphins and camels!


Next MOBIO-Café Meeting is scheduled on Dec. 4, start at 18:00.

Seminar student at “Let’s participate to the seminar” will show their study result.

Let’s wait and see what they have created. It will be another fun time for students and lecturers.

Be sure to mark your calendar.

Today MOBIO received the Nov. 9 visit report from a high school in Yamagata Pref. (Northern Japan).

“Display/explanation was easy to understand”, “Watched various products from familiar items to unfamiliar parts” … are some of comments from students.

From their remarks MOBIO has learned a lot to utilize at coming services and sincerely wishes that they will materialize and memorize what they have learned.


(Report File)                                                                                      (Nov. 9 Visit)

Request your visit from hire: http://www.m-osaka.com/jp/service/halltour.html

Three companies will make a presentation. Listen to exhibitors’ presentation in front of their booths !


Produces JKK branded liquid level gauges  by employing an integrated made-to-order system.

One of their unique product is magnet type liquid level gauge, called “Circle Clipper”

using no glasses to improve safety.

They display the special model installed three different gauge types.


Provides optimal surface treatment for dramatically raising the durability and abrasion resistance

of precision parts and dies. That is Kentech’s “Fine Coating”,  an ultra-hard ceramic coating.

The surface hardness created is at least 3000 HV.

They display shining components and dies treared by Fine Coating.


Displaying their research work at business-academia collaboration exhibit.

They present new product development, that allows X ray scanning moving objects

like dolphins and camels. It is portable and quick start-up model, operated by batteries.

Next MOBIO Cafe Meeting starts at 18:00 on Nov. 20.

On Nov. 13,  the last seminar of  “Let’s participate in a trade fair ! ”, titled

” How to create attractive flyers and panels for the fair “ , was hosted by MOBIO.

It was a work-shop style. Members brought pictures and leaflets of their products and made a draft layout

with scissors and paste. The presenter made individual guidance suggesting ” Make it simple, make it visible…”.

At the end of the seminar, as a good example, KINKI YOKI CO., LTD. showed her work, explaining a wide-mouth plastic containers that carry liquid even by air cargo without any leak. It attracted members attention.

Moreover surprise announcement was informed that their “FINAL WORK” is to be presented on MOBIO CAFE MEETING, to be held on Dec. 4.

Special exhibit in Nov. is business-academia collaboration, facilitated by the industry university alliance office at MOBIO.

This month 17 universities display their latest progress of technology development.



One of the exhibitors will make a presentation at Nov. 20 MOBIO-Cafe Meeting.

Drop by to learn the latest news!

On Nov. 6, MOBIO seminar “Let’s participate in a trade fair ! ” series #3 started,

titled How to create attractive flyers and panels for the fair “.

Point was “Think from the customers point of  view!

Basic flow of media creation was outlined by Mr. Namimoto, the president of ” langDesign co.,ltd “.: http://www.langdesign.jp/

1. Edition and presentation
2. Key point of the picture and photo shooting
3. Layout

After creating flyer draft of their product, it’s time of group working. Members showed their work result

each other. ” Well… what do you want to say ?” “How about changing your idea to this way ?”

Everybody learned importance of idea and concept organization.


⇒Next seminar is scheduled on Nov. 13, to make impressive and effective “Layout” by using pictures and copy draft.

Mr.Namimoto gave them homework !

Explanation by the real model is impressive at MOBIO CAFE MEETING.

1) Futaba-Toso CO., LTD.

Oh! Same principle as cosmetic foundation!

Read Japanese technology  http://www.m-osaka.com/en/exhibitors/322/index.php?category=robot

Secrete of smooth surface is to fill gaps by craftsmen’s hands with their original putty. Its beautiful outlook is widely appreciated at industrial machines and even coffee roasters. Its putty finish has been proved to  work as  rust-proofing  as well in the recent Thailand flood.  Their customers were surprised to know that and thanked a lot!

Comparing surfaces, with and without putty finish. This is the magic hand.



Mist but Dry?
OHMIYA CO., LTD. manufactures metal plumbing fittings, agricultural spray nozzles

for “Easier Way to Better Plumbing” .

Read more  http://www.m-osaka.com/en/exhibitors/082/index.php?category=space

On top of the spray nozzles created through their forging and machining technology, they expand product range

including the new model, emitting 20-30μ slight fog and decreasing body temperature without getting wet.

An ideal outdoor product in hot summer!



A Simple Operation and Cost Competitive system!

H.I TECHNOS started their presentation of the latest Japanese technology of water treatment.
Learn more http://www.hi-technos.jp/.
For waste fluid treatment from grinding and  machining processes, it is possible to recycle and drain at the same machine by the use of inorganic flocculant, developed through long field marketing.


… Unique presentation included removal of shells and treatment of crushed shells at the power plant.


⇒Mark next MOBIO-Cafe Meeting  on your calender at Nov. 20