Look, he holds a “FOSSIL”!

TAISEI MONAC CO., LTD. has applied their prototype fabrication technology for industrial models to create

a fossil of a dinosaur ” Mosasasaur” , 75 million years old, which was excavated in Wakayama.

Since it’s made of urethane foam,  it is very light to handle. And moreover it is detachable by unit and ideal for study. Because it looks more than copy, the Wakayama Prefectural Museum of Natural History has decided to display at 30th anniversary exhibition.


Learn more about TAISEI’s vacuum casting and decoration technology here.

Find out why and how presidents of  MOBIO exhibitors and incubators have started.

Innovation and Challenge“ through the special  interview.

No.14  is Mr. Iwatani of  ***  Nisshin Seiko Co., Ltd.  ( Read more ) ***

 – Plastic dies for low-power electrical devices, household appliances, medical applications
     “Milca” brand products: False eyelash case, Smart-phone covers

Taking an advantage of mold manufacturing specialist, Nisshin Seiko took further step to become the finished goods manufacturer by listening to the customer’s voice. “Let’s try anyway” is Iwatani’s spirit that made it possible to create a false eyelash case.

Find his message and valuable hints (^^) to you in Japanese

from here :  Meet the President  No. 14

View Exhibitors List here

Technology introduction by the exhibitors is always informative at MOBIO CAFE MEETING.

Reviewing the real products, participants may ask questions at any time.

1)    MATSUNAGA CO., LTD. (View more)


They manufacture fire extinguisher containers by state-of-the-art deep drawing. Because the products used on the ships or inside tunnels must be rust-free, new type-stainless steel bodies have been developed. Although material cost increases than steel types, they have challenged to start new production process “Rolling Process” in order to reduce material cost for the new business.

2)    MARUEMU WORKS CO., LTD.  (View more)


Being the only one company who mass produce magnesium fasteners, they manufacture wider range of stainless steel screws from 1mm to 16mm sizes. Because of rust-free, application of stainless steel screw is expanding to eyeglasses, pressure rice-cookers, train station platform doors and street LED lights. Furthermore, guaranteeing quality they have entered automobile industry by utilizing multistage heading process and fracture mechanics fatigue test.



To meet frequent relocation of devices and equipment at factories for cell production system or high-mix low-volume production, the new product of adjuster with casters have been developed. No need to worry about horizontal re-positioning after relocation. Everything can be done just by one pedal depress.


Visit schedule site of upcoming meetings from here!

Special Exhibit started to help restore Iwate Industry.

Period: January 17 to February 15

Venue: MOBIO -Permanent Exhibition Hall, Osaka

From Iwate, northeast Japan, 10 companies displayed their products to seek for every business possibilities with Osaka companies in order to overcome damages of the Great East Japan Earthquake, which is said to be “once in a thousand years.”

Visit MOBIO and study ways how your company assists Iwate companies!


※ Related Events: Business Matchmaking (MOBIO Café Meeting)

Date:  Feb. 5, from 18:00

Meet 9 companies from Iwate and exchange ideas for future!


Company Product
OIGEN Foundry Co.,Ltd Cast Iron Pan
Sasaki Print Ltd. Seal Label
MODI Corporation EV Model
Shinkou Ouyou Plastics Foot Shower
Ishimura Industry Co., Ltd. Iron Stove
Kamaishi Electric Co., Ltd. Air Purifier
Eiwa Corporation Cobalt Alloy
Fe-Nix Corporation Iron Bolt
R Corporation Sea Urchin Innards Remover
Yamagishi Industry Emergency Diesel Generator

Business Matchmaking application from here


Welcome to MOBIO from Kingdom of Cambodia !
The member of the Council for the Development visited MOBIO Permanent Exhibition Hall
to review SME manufacturers of Osaka.

Check Exhibitors List here

MOBIO welcomed the minister from Lao People’s Democratic Republic today.

MOBIO’s Permanent Exhibition HaIl  is known as the Japan’s largest scale B2B exhibition place with 200 booths

and is the ideal place to search for new technology. Visitors may obtain lots of  technological information.

At special exhibit booths of the month, “Three Invention” , the delegation from Lao reviewed Extravehicular Mobility Unit by JAXA and other new development.

Their visit was taped by TV station crew and will be on air soon in Japan.


As a group, Osaka ATC Green Eco Plaza has started display and their first display is by “Saraya Co., Ltd.

Saraya shows neutral detergent made from Palm Oil that quickly biodegrades in the drain water without polluting and contains no added colors or fragrances.

Visit ATC Japanese site from here.

OSAKA MANUFACTORY INC. is a workshop dedicated to ultra-fine, ultra-precision workmanship

on aluminum and stainless steel.

Find out why and how presidents of  MOBIO exhibitors and incubators have started

Innovation and Challenge“ through the special  interview.

No.13  is Mr. Goto of  ***  OSAKA MANUFACTORY INC.  ( Read more ) ***

 – Ultra-precision, Ultra-fine Machining Technologies for Aluminum and Stainless Steel Parts
                                                                                           ( Precision parts, free from any scratches or burrs)
From ultra small to large, micron to cm, at Goto’s factory variety size of holes are machined
by craftsmen to meet any request from customers. He is targeting to become the “Key Parts” corporation
who provides precision components with quality traceability.

Find his message and valuable hints (^^) to you in Japanese

from here  Meet the President  No. 13

大阪の本町にある MY DOME OSAKA玄関の「MOBIO出前ブース」展示は
At MY DOME Osaka entrance, Osaka, Japan,  the MOBIO exhibitor displays products
at its booth annex.  January item is Electrical Insulating Materials
by SAWAMURA DENZAI CO., LTD., displayed next to MAIDO #1, the satellite scale model.
View corp. details here.



The first SME visitor in 2013 was from KINKI KOGYO INC., The President and the Senior Vice President.

After photo shooting on the Extravehicular Mobility Unit, they went to booths of the Jan special exhibit.
Read KINKI from here.