Explanation by showing the real model is impressive at MOBIO CAFE MEETING.

1) KONOE CO., LTD.   (View more)


Their staple products, “KONOE Nail” and “KONOE Double”, are indispensable for land survey business in Japan

with 60% market share. The latest model is the marker with IC tag, whose installation date and other data will be read

by using special non-contact devices.

2) SUGIYAMA METALS CO., LTD.   (View more)


As a specialist in diverse metal materials, they deal with a wide range of metal materials and products, from thin to thick. New applications are being developed using ultra-thin metal foils thinner than paper.



Manufacturing devices to  increases productivity of MC machine dramatically, including free block combinations at Depend Vice and high speed cutting by unique chip shape of T-Slot Cutter.


Next MOBIO-Café Meeting is scheduled on Mar. 11, start at 18:00.

It will be a special edition by “Takumi” (excellent) companies in Osaka.

Be sure to mark your calendar.

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors and incubators have started

”Innovation and Challenge“ through the special interview.

No.15 is Mr. Masuda of  *** MASSPACK CO., LTD. (Read more) ***

– Paper displays: In-store retail fixtures made of paper and corrugated cardboard

(Floor-type, Counter-type, Hanger-type, POP-type)


Business switch from corrugated board box to paper display manufacturing

By providing various design model and timely delivery, Masuda expanded direct business with major companies, bypassing agencies. In order to achieve more direct business, he has insisted importance of consciousness of improvement.


Find his message and valuable hints (^^) to you in Japanese from here: Meet the President No. 15

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 Today’s Special Display “PIUS” at MOBIO.

Come to MOBIO Cafe Meeting and listen to presentation by Iwate companies.

You surely will be surprised to know how they are surviving. And watch EV car driving in the evening!

Check details here  for the Meeting   http://www.m-osaka.com/jp/whatsnew/detail.php?id=816

The kit car developed by MODI CORPORATION is designed to educate EV construction

and to inform fun to create.

Let’s enjoy fun to drive !

Business Matchmaking (MOBIO Café Meeting)  on Feb. 5, from 18:00 is coming up!

Meet 9 companies from Iwate and exchange ideas  to help restore Iwate Industry.

Hurry to register from here!


OIGEN Foundry Co.,Ltd
Cast Iron Pan
   Kamaishi Electric Co., Ltd.
Air Purifier
 R Corporation
Sea Urchin Innards Remover
       Sasaki Print Ltd.Seal Label Fe-Nix Corporation
Iron Bolt
  Eiwa Corporation
Cobalt Alloy
         MODI CorporationEV Model                    ※EV display is Feb. 5 only     Yamagishi Industry
Emergency Diesel Generator
   Shinkou Ouyou Plastics
Foot Shower
   Ishimura Industry Co., Ltd.
Iron Stove