Explanation by showing the real model is impressive at MOBIO CAFE MEETING.

1) PRD CO., LTD. (View more)

Color management, toning and other processes are expedited much faster by the use of CCM (Computer Color Matching) system. Especially they are showing cutting edge technology in blending pearl materials used in Japanese traditional Kimono fabrics, and in developing new compound blending Wasabi ingredients for antibacterial effect.



Secrets of the nuts that do not loosen, called “Hardlock”, were fully explained by showing display nuts and models,

featuring “Made of two nuts”, “Nuts made in Higashiosaka” and “ideal to fasten the fragile parts”.

Only “Hardlock” nuts had passed  Japan Railways vibration test (hardest in Japan) and had been used for 30 years.

Its application market expanded now to Taiwan bullet trains, other national railways and Tokyo skytree building

built in 2012.


3) SGK CO.,LTD (View more)

The main business is metal fabrication by photo-etching, half-etching and diffusion bonding of stainless steel, brass and copper thin plate; featuring “initial cost saving due to no molding”, “shorter lead time” and “high accuracy”.

It is their uniqueness to hold large scale (30m) automatic production line and therefore mass production of large etching parts.  Their manageable material thickness ranges from 20 micron to 1.5 mm.



Next MOBIO-Café Meeting is scheduled on Apr. 16 (Tue) starting at 18:00.

It will be a special edition by “Global Study Group” organized by Osaka Governmental Operation

and 5 companies are expected to make presentations. Be sure to mark your calendar.

Including 79 newly assigned companies, FY2013 edition of “Takumi” company book has been released

by Osaka local government. Conglatulations to 5 new companies who are MOBIO exhibitors as well.

Totally at MOBIO, 55 “Takumi” companies are participating display as of  now and are effectively

using MOBIO to transmit their advanced technologies.

Click the company name to see details.


Front cover                   P177-178  MOBIO Introduction





Through this book, you may find more about the world leading 475 companies in Osaka.


View the latest MOBIO exhibitors including 55 “Takumi” companies

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started

INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.

No.19 is Mr. Yamanaka  of ***YAMANAKA ENG CO., LTD. (Read more) ***

–  Manufacture, design and analysis of  forging molds

Even for the automobile industry, that is requiring everlasting innovation, Mr. Yamanaka challenges to

“search for the hidden needs and develop more than what the customer expects”.

It is his belief  that  the key factor to grow further as a global leading company is employees at  the mother factory in Japan and at the field factory outside Japan. He specially focusing well balanced management of corporation growth and human resources development.

  One of their operation in Thailand

Find his message and valuable hints (^^) to you in Japanese

from here: Meet the President No. 19

View Exhibitors List here

Members of “Student Project of International Conference on African Development (ICAD)” visited MOBIO to study SME operations and governmental assistance program.  ICAD is organized by the Government of Japan, UN, World Bank, UNDP and AUC and its Japan meeting will take place in Yokohama, from 1 to 3 June, 2013.

Followed by presentations and question and answer sessions by the exhibitor SOUKI SYSTEMS CO., LTD.  and by the Osaka local government, they have toured the Permanent Exhibition Hall. Because they were so much interested in SME assistance and operations at Osaka and their question continued during the hall tour, it took much longer than scheduled.


The tour will be reported at the Japanese National TV station program soon.

*On air schedule: BS-1 Mar. 28 from 22:00

 “World Wave tonight”


Hall tour booking in advance from here.

Here you are!

MOBIO has just released the point card for “MOBIO CAFÉ MEETING”
with cooperation of NATEC Incorporated (View NATEC details).
Get point by participating activity at the permanent exhibition hall:
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Front: Your name and ID No. with number of accumulated points
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☆★☆ MOBIO Special Interview ☆★☆

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started

INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.

No.18 is Mr. Kouno of ***KONOE CO., LTD. (Read more) ***

– Many devices and products for land survey, Original fastener

“Let Konoe nails and devices play basic land survey tool even outside Japan”.


(Mr.Kouno)                           (Knoe Nail+Double)                          (”Ms.Noe” informs at SNS)
Taking the initiatives by himself  for the initial two years as the President at Konoe, he has created various innovation.

Additionally, from the view point of customers’ needs, he is further challenging to establish “Re-approaching Japanese market and build a foundation of overseas operation”.

Find his message and valuable hints (^^) to you in Japanese

from here: Meet the President No. 18

View : Exhibitors List here

Tour Request: MOBIO Permanent Exhibition Hall

It was the special presentation by “Takumi” (excellent) companies.



By restructuring of the press die  and processing, die production process has been reduced by 1/6.

Learned a lot at MOBIO and implemented in the company, they have obtained a patent for automobile industry and entered the new market.

*Note: Konishi will dispaly their products continuously after the March special exhibit.

2)Shimada Kasei Sochi Corp., Ltd.


In Japan they are the ONLY one company who manufacture chemical detergent and industrial washing machine for the machining factories or the bottlers. The latest product is the home use detergent, the first entry to consumer market for them.

3)Fu-Tech Co., Ltd.


With micron level machining control technology, they are able to manufacture jig elements of  precision face-clamping rotating fixture for automobile industry.

4)Nisshin Seiko Co., Ltd.


Starting explanation of the ONLY one technology of manufacturing mat finish molding die, in order to introduce advantages of mat finish, they have developed the finished products (the false eyelash-contact lens cases and smart-phone covers).

*Note: Nisshin is the exhibitor of MOBIO. See more.


See schedule for upcoming meetings from here!

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started

INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.

No.17 is Mr. Kawata of ***Sanyo Metal Industries Corporation (Read more) ***

– Drawn finished steel bar: for Automobile parts, Linear motion guides for machine tools, and other applications


By increasing of direct business with end-users it accelerated innovation of quality and productivity!

“It was my belief that throughout customers’ comment whether they are negative or positive to us we could have learned a lot and its experience to respond precisely to customers’ individual request must have become inevitable for our future business”.

Taking corporate leadership for 20 years, Kawata is continuously aiming at another target for further growth, saying ”We always need to consider business positively and approach from the view point what we can do for next!”

Find his message and valuable hints (^^) to you in Japanese

from here: Meet the President No. 17

View Exhibitors List here

Traffic is heavy from overseas to MOBIO. We assist to transmit information from Osaka.

●On Mar. 7 from Indonesia

At Permanent Exhibition Hall, exhibitors explained their technology. Then in the meeting room, additional information in detail was provided to the visitors.

*** FUJIWARA INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. (See more here)


Since Indonesia has similar TSUNAMI experience to Japan, they showed much interest in the 1/30 scale model of the evacuation tower from TSUNAMI wave. The water treatment systems such as Monorail Type Sludge Scraper and Automatic Scum Removal System were introduced to assist fundamental national structure of the country as well.

*** MAKISHINKO CO.,LTD.  (See more here)


From stage equipment to rocket launch pads, Makishinko’s Worm Reduction Gears provide reliable support. Various application examples of their unique gear transmission technology were introduced in the meeting room that assists growing Indonesian industries. Visitors were fascinated by smooth and quiet movement of gears.

 ●Mar. 8 from the Philippines


Picture shows product explanation at HARD LOCK INDUSTRY CO., LTD.(See more here). “Safety comes first” is well known to all entrepreneurs.

After the Hall tour, the visitors said “Need to make a longer tour” and “How can we contact exhibitors?” and etc. Additional explanation was provided to them.


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