“THE World #1 Exhibition” has started at the new facility next to the Osaka station.

8 companies displaying at MOBIO permanent exhibition hall were selected and have set up displays of cutting edge produtcs next to large scale companies. Visit Osaka and check them out!

Location: Grand Front Osaka, Knowledge Capital Event Lab. (North facility)

Period: Apr. 26 through Sep. 1


OHSHIN CO., LTD.                                                                    TAKENO&CO.LTD

Cookware compatible with induction heating               Plaster wallpaper, one wall is covered by it


OSAKA MANUFACTORY INC.                                            SHIN-NIHON TECH INC.

Semiconductor manufacturing device parts                  Super-precision press and plastic molds


NAMITEI CO.,LTD.                                                                  HARD LOCK INDUSTRY CO., LTD.

Optical submarine cable pipes                                              Anti-loose nut


Visit MOBIO permanent exhibition hall and search more “the world #1″s.   Exhibitors list.

It was the special presentation by the member of “SOHLA”, that association was established to develop aero-related products.

●Dainichi Denshi Co., Ltd.

Producing wireless communication and control system and equipment

●Heian Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Producing the order-to-make industrial machinery

●Hisamitsu Corporation

Installing electrical wiring

●Tomita Contractor Co., Ltd.

Producing floor thermal system at a sister company


Producing and installing control panels and control boards


●SOHLA group activity

Following to the successful “Maido #1”, they are developing new item, humanoid robot.


Check the schedule of MOBIO-Café Meetings here.

It was the special presentation by “Osaka Prefecture Global Study Association” members.

A lot of attendants studied products and exchanged ideas very seriously during the session.

Display isle was packed by participants.


Opening remarks by the chairman                     Association briefing by the management office

Then member companies started explanation of the company and the product  at their booths.


SANKEI High-Precision Co.,Ltd.                                    IKEDA Kinzoku Co., Ltd.

Slow speed powder mixer                 Layered plate parts fabricated by new process


Abel Co., Ltd.                                                                               Uegaki Metal Works Co., Ltd.

Stainless steel black coil                                        Automobile critical items by micron accuracy


Taiseikousakusho Co., Ltd.                                                           Showa Spring co., ltd.

Minute precision parts for precision devices                        Architectural hardware parts


Yuvizoukei Co.,Ltd.                                                                                           Crossover talks and talks…

Resin molded article having a undercut shape


The special exhibit last up to May 20. Visit and check!

Display period: Apr. 1 through May 20 ( weekdays, AM 9 to PM5)


MOBIO Cafe Meeting Schedule to check

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started

“INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.

No.20 is Mr. Komori of *** KOMORI JUSHI CO., LTD. (Read more) ***

– Plastic Tableware: Lunchboxes, Cups, Chopsticks and Children’s Tableware with popular characters

Komori started business to supply tableware to hospitals. Their turning point was full introduction of short lot production system to manufacture exclusive wares for boys or girls featuring popular charactors.

At their engineering center lots of original and convenient tableware have been designed, and all of new items were field tested by Komori employees before market launching.


For boys and girls featuring  popular charactors                                 For general usage

“Product differentiation is important. And moreover I will keep my business basics to create product:

“Handle Easily and Price Reasonably”, says Komori.


View his message and valuable hints (^^) to you in Japanese :  Click here  Meet the President No.20


Go to other Standing Exhibitors: Click here List

Plan to visit MOBIO booth in May!

Like other business activities, preparation is the key to successful Trade Show for the participants.

Since the MOBIO Standing Exhibition Hall participate the May trade show

– “Small & Medium Enterprise Fair 2013 in Kansai”, firstly we have started basic study

with 10 participating companies.

“More visible” ” More understandable” “To be more easily asked” … Secret points were informed by the specialist.

* Apr. 5  Communication points


* Apr. 10 Poster creation points




Participants have submitted home assignments and studied seriously in the seminar.

View participating MOBIO exhibitors here

Trade Show: Small & Medium Enterprise Fair 2013 in Kansai

Period: May 29 through 31

Location: Intex Osaka (Exhibition Place) #6 - A zone

The MOBIO Standing Exhibition Hall participate the trade show – “Small & Medium Enterprise Fair 2013 in Kansai”.

Period: May 29 through 31

Location: Intex Osaka (Exhibition Place) #6 - A zone

Plan to visit our booth and review the latest technologies.

10 representing companies from MOBIO standing exhibition hall will display their product at special booth.

View following participants and check details in advance.

TOYONAKA KEISOU CO. LTD.   Wire-saving monitor system

KINKI KOGYO INC.  Machines what other factories refused to do

FUKUCHI METAL CO., LTD.   Ready to cold forge even small order

DAIKO SEIKI CO., LTD.    Machining system software created by craftsmen

SHUEI CO., LTD.      Good fit paper container at Eco ages

MITSUMOTO RASENKAN KOGYO CO., LTD.  Supplies required bellows from one piece without extra die cost

MAKISHINKO CO.,LTD.            Provides gears helping smooth machinery operation

SAWAMURA DENZAI CO., LTD.    Slits insulation films to create slim and light products

DAIICHIKOGYO CO., LTD.   Key chains with name tag or clip

TENKING CO., LTD.    Precision cut parts for electronic component production

Need-to -go exhibition. Meet you at  ”Small & Medium Enterprise Fair” starting May 29!

Check exhibitors list at MOBIO standing exhibition in advance to visit MOBIO.

“May I help you ?”  The MOBIO family is stand ready !

Just released convenient page for searchers at MOBIO web page. Click “Perment Exhibition Hall” icon

at Japanese top page, you will meet the MOBIO family instantly.


“Wait! I will be there.”  The MOBIO prince explains contents:

  2 courses for category selection: “7 industry groups” or “11 commodity groups”

  3 courses for the hall tour: “Dedicated search”, “Serious study” or “Way to exhibit”

Visit here to Japanese site.  SEE YOU AT MOBIO!

Sounds funny Japanese?

As the basic policy of communication on corporate and product presentation, that strange phrase was informed by the lecturer on April 5.

From the view point of ” ko ko de mo a kan e” , participants reviewed their reports and explained revised catch phrases to others. The presenters received a lot of comments and suggestions. It was “I see !” “Is that so?” session.

This new concept will be implemented to the participated companies from now on.

Similar fruitful business suggestions will be informed at coming MOBIO CAFE MEETING. Come and join!

Next: April 16 From 1800 at MOBIO Exhibition Hall

View details in Japanese

Special Exhibit: SOHLA member companies 

Period: Apr. 22 to Apr. 26

***Note: SOHLA is an association of SMEs to jointly research and develop the space products.

After succesful launch and investigation by the satelight “MAIDO No.1″ in 2009, aero space related business is growing year by year. It was fuitful mission.

And now they have started new project. By utilizing Japanese speciality, robotics, SOHLA is challenging to develop the 1st humanoid space robot and asking for new teammates to work together.

Visit MOBIO to watch their displays and participate their special presenatation by 6 companies to learn details.


Date: Apr. 25  1800-2000

View details in Japanese here.


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The King introduces “Voices of Medal Winners” at the seminar. Watch their cheerful smiles and messages in Japanese.


またMOBIOでお会いしましょう! See you again at MOBIO!