Explanation by showing the real model is interesting and informative at MOBIO CAFE MEETING.

1) Air Blower Monitor System — SHOWA DENKI CO., LTD. (View more)

Showa’s air blower is the market leader in Japan. From the demand of their blower customers they have developed the new item – 24 hour monitor system “Troubleresa”.

By detecting data changes of vibration and temperature, it runs diagnostic search to foresee possible failure in future and saves maintenance work. Up to 100 channel is possible to monitor by the mother unit that can be installed in an office. Moreover Showa uses standard components such as LAN cable to connect units and standard vibration sensors to accomplish reasonable system cost.


Presentation                                                                            Mother unit screen – abnormal data is shown in RED

2)  Precision cut plastic components —   SAKAI SEISAKUSYO CO., LTD.(View more)

Sakai specialises to fabricate plastic components by machining and challenges to create products and parts without any drawings or to respond to urgent delivery. “We try anyhow” is Sakai’s policy to tackle any customer’s request.

Their high quality level had been proved in 2009 by the artificial satellite “Maido #1″. Just in one week they had manufactured the antenna storage unit that must stand for ultra high and ultra low temperature in a space. They were very glad to have been informed that the antenna was successfully expanded in operation.


Presentation                                                                               Antenna storage unit

3) Precision metal part machining —   TATEYAMA KOGYO CO., LTD.(View more)

Tateyama is manufacturing components from aluminum materials for electronic equipments, semi conductors and automobiles by use of die casting and machining. Their cemented carbide and diamond tools are know as high quality jigs, competitors are using as well.

In Tokyo they have displayed labor saving equipment at June M-TEC fair. Tateyama’s continuous effort to improve efficiency of labor saving has been proven even by their in house robotic operation line.


Presentation                                                                             Cemented carbide tools


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Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started

“INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.

No.23 is Mr. Sakai of *** SAKAI SEISAKUSYO CO., LTD. (Read details) ***

– Precision cut plastic components, Plastic machine covers and water tanks

With their unique cutting technology, Sakai, known as  KSK, handles a variety of plastic products such as for precision machinery, providing inexpensive work with a fast turn-around.

Take a one step ahead for the future

“Through daily production process we need to study way of development and to accumulate expertise. In order to make break through, we need to tackle jobs that are difficult and first time to manage. And such business attitude must prevail the company.” says Sakai.

He thinks information from MOBIO is valuable and useful for their workers even if they need to overcome difficulties. Their effort will result in improvement of manufacturing process.

“Leave it to the Sakai. They can make somehow! ” Sakai sincerely hope that he will hear such voices from all around Japan.


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The meeting started from ceremony. Three frequent participants received awarded by reviewing MOBIO CAFE MEETING  Card points!


MOBIO booth was the castle style.                                      The booth was crowded


Participants studied several times  with the tutor in MOBIO and in their companies. They have come up new catch copy, new display panel and new display design. And its was the first time for some of corporate participants.

Number of  visitors to the trade fair was announced 105% vs last year, over 70,000 visitors.

By using booth picture participants explained their efforts to improve display, findings through the conversation with visitors and follow-up issues.


Multiplex transmission systems via only two cable lines. The mirror ball on top of the MOBIO castle was moved and switched from the booth, demonstrating remote control.



Slitting, trimming or ultra sonic welding of  electrical insulating materials to fit users operational size.

Unnecessary parts were colored red and easily visible.



In addition to their main product, worm reduction gears, the new products for the distribution industry attracted visitors attention more than expected, “the Rotary Stock.”




One of  their precision metal parts manufacturing base is the Thailand. They display their close link with the country and renewed the flyer based on MOBIO seminar.



Their cold forging production responds to smaller quantity run with shorter lead time at a stronger product.

This exhibition preparation was considered as training for young staff.



Through MOBIO seminar they have reconfirmed corporate strength.  They have started new startegy and displayed as “The Company to Propose Best Fit Manufacturing”.



Collaborated with MOBIO exhibitors to bring color painted bellows distingushing  multi layers and acrlilic base plates to show glittering bellows.



Developing new software for machnining, that is ideal for technology transference and employee training. Collecting operators comment to new package.




Reconfimred corporate strength through MOBIO seminar. New catch copy and created the new poster indicating ”The 1st in the World, 90% Recyclable Paper Container”.


10)EV Japan

Special display and featured “The Made-to-Order EV”. New model to be released in July was announced.



Since they could not attend the meeting, exhibition display was shown by slide.


The seminar tutor of langDesign co.,ltd made a comment on displays and award was passed to each participants.  


At  the last moment of the gathering Mr.Takashima, CEO of  MITSUMOTO RASENKAN KOGYO CO., LTD.

made remarks to participants  and encouraged them from the view point of frequent fair exhibitor.



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Two companies started display at MOBIO hall. See recent exhibitors.


Omine Chemistry has a unique insertion technology to manufacture the plastic bolts that are safe, easy to use, and have a beautiful appearance.

By creating products that match customers’ application beginning at the research and development stage, the fields of their utilization will continue to expand to agricultural device, medical equipment, and industrial equipment.


Their plastic thumb bolts for professional market are called “Pro-Neji” that fit to fingers and easy to grip.

And  they create high-quality plastic products as well with added value that match their use condition.


Kongo Byora, which is known for “diamond and floating chrysanthemum” mark and delivers made-in-Japan quality, was the first Japanese manufacturer of cold-headed hexagon head bolts (JISB1180 standards) to receive the certification of ISO9000.


“diamond and floating chrysanthemum” logo              Hex head bolts

They manufacture various types of hexagon head bolts, hexagon head flange bolts and cold-headed parts.


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Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started

“INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.

No.22 is Mr. Akimoto of *** COAKEN TECHNO CO., LTD.(Read more) ***

– Gas Flame Wire and Electrical Arc Wire Thermal Spray Equipment, Thermal Spray Materials


Thermal spraying techniques are coating processes in which melted materials are sprayed onto a surface.

Coaken Techno has created exclusive technology in thermal spray equipment and is the ONLY versatile thermal spray equipment manufacturer in Japan.

  Electrical Arc Wire Thermal Spray, Model EAS-WD-IL

“With Made-in-Japan technology and quality we are competing in the global market with major companies in US or Europe” says Akimoto. He is dispatching engineers to the customer’s site to understand their needs and to respond on the spot. And he firmly believes  ”Such operation is mandatory to compete in the world market”.

Ultra Sonic Thermal Spray, Model XPOJET-500

His business drastically changed when he had succeeded in developing thermal spray system, that fulfilled all of  the requirement  by automobile A/C industry. When automobile customers opened their factories outside Japan, Akimoto’s business operation became worldwide.

“Even if business became globally, the bottom line is same what is important in Japan, to secure customers’ reliance. With this in my mind I will further proceed global marketing” says Akimoto.


View his message and valuable hints (^^) to you in Japanese: Click here Meet the President No.22


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