Product explanation by using the display models is interesting and informative at MOBIO
CAFE MEETING. The three exhibitors made presentations in front of their booths.

1) High functional and high added valued nanoparticles — ITEC CO.,LTD.  (View more)
The supercritical fluid technology is one of new manufacturing process. The core business of ITEC is to manufacture Nanoparticle production System by using its new process. From ITEC two of them explained two business categories.
●Wanted collaboration partner to use nano particle!
-Asking for printing ink manufacturesr or printing companies: Silver Nanoparticles.

Since low-temperature sintering at 100 ℃ or less is possible, it is able to be used for inkjet printing or screen-stencil for advancement and integration of electronic circuits.
-Asking for injection manufacturers: Organically modified seria nanoparticles, BN particles.

They are easily mixed into various fillers in high content. The fillers are used for high thermal conductive material such as cellular phone body, fulurorecent lamp base, LED lamp base.



●Drysnow Cleaning Device
Asking for inline cleaning station for semiconductors and other precision components.

Particles, barricades, oil and fat contents are removed without damaging a work to be cleaned because it sprays soft powder shaped out from liquid CO2. Rinse water is unnecessary, neither drying system nor water treatment system is required.



2)  Plastic cushioning foam —   JOUNAN CO.,LTD. (View more)
Jounan process plastic foam and provide any customers with “cushioning foam to transport valuable items” .
●Right products in the right place
Selecting optimal materials for every application, hard materials for heavy stuff or soft materials for light items, they apply appropriate processing based on their rich technology and expertise. At presentation they demonstrated drop-ball test to easily show elasticity differencies between materials.

●Quick response for versatile application!
Cushioning matereials are used at varoious places. Jounan provides with product packaging, transportation container foam for precision components, pall corner guard at construction site, stationary package and etc. Their V cut and half cut technology makes them quicker to quote and to make prototypes to any request by variety customers.


3) Cost saving metal press molds —   KONISHI METAL MOLD ENGINEERING, LTD. (View more)

Their presentation started with “At hot summer passion is here” and ended “Japanese technology is again highly appreciated by offshore corporations. Let’s heads up!”

●Exclusive press mold, certified by “The Nippon Monodzukuri Award”
Konishi’s mold technology made it possibvle to drastically reduce production process; six to one at steel furniture top board, six to four at stove bottom plate. Thier MOBIO exhibition is effective since they have already received inquiries.
Next step is to develop the mold for new material, CFRP. Konishi is improving mold not only for metals but all other materials.


●Reason of “Bell” display
Based on reevaluation of  Japanese high quality by global customers, operation for automobile related industry is quite busy. Konish is taking further action to expand business by applying their patented technology of “Sphericity”
and to create new structure of automobile bumber. Its seeds technology is shown by  the “Bell”.

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Most of the presentors will be by the participants to ” Kadoma Municipality 50thy Anniversary Exihibition”.

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Note: ” Kadoma Municipality 50th Anniversary Exihibition” will start Aug. 1st and end Aug. 29th.
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Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started

“INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.

No.24 is Mr. HIgashiguchi  of *** OKAMOTO SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD.  (Read more) ***

– Water heater and gas meter shut-off valve parts, faucet, high-pressure valve device


●Brass market process leader

Okamoto Seisakusho has a history of research and development in water and gas control technologies for hot water heaters,  safety systems and shut-off valves for intelligent gas meters. They are well known as the market leader of brass machining.

●New machines helped increase productivity and reduce production cost

Higashiguchi has identified one of his factories as “IT operation base” with machinery investment that allows 24 hours operation by NC machines with robot function.

  NC machine line

●Applying to the National Skill Test System is a good start for workers

Example of  Technical Skills Test  Level 2

Test applicants are requested to produce this sample

from drawings in  five hours by machining

” On top of equipment and machine invensment, human skills are the key to improve product quality” Higashiguchi pointed out. As one of solusion of corporate improvement, he recommends Okamoto’s workers to apply National QC test and National Technical skill test.

” Improvement of  human ability is the base of innovation of my company” says Higashiguchi.


View his message and valuable hints (^^) to you in Japanese: Click here Meet the President No.24


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Product explanation by using the display models is interesting and informative at MOBIO
CAFE MEETING. The three exhibitors made presentations in front of their booths.

1) Product Development Integration —SST DESIGN DEVELOPMENT CENTER CORPORATION  (View more)

SST is conducting design development and prototype model production; and is working to develop
new manufacturing process to improve quality.
Sample model created by “Hybrid manufacturing process” is displayed at their booth, that helps reduce cost
by integrating resin-machined items and vacuum items.


(Hybrid manufacturing process sample)
And at upcoming special exhibition by Kadoma city in August they are planning to display another costi saving
manufacturing process – “Tentative Mold” that will be produced only in a week.

2)  Acrylic Sheet Displays —   SHINWA PLASTIC CORPORATION (View more)

Shinwa Plastics manufactures original displays and fixtures based on acrylic sheets.
By welding with acrylic components, two acrylic sheets are as thin as just 0.5~1mm;
thus produced spring force fixes the inserted sheet. It looks as if it is in the air.
And with mirror finish technology, cut edges of acrylic sheets are shaved off at 20~50㎛
and polished using artificial diamonds.


(Mirror finish technology samples)

One of unique product is “Surreal” Brochure Stand, that  can be transported in the flat-plate state
to be then assembled on site, thus considerably reducing distribution costs.
In addition, it is eco-friendly, with all components made from 100% recycled PET bottles.

3) Magnetic devices —   SHIMONISHI SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD. (View more)

A few days ago they have replaced display by “magnet separator”, that is commonly used
in food industry who must remove any metalic particles from products.


(Cutout sample of  magnet separator)
Moreover they have installed a magnetic feild measuring instrument and provide with visual analysis
of magnetic field in case of specific parts of the product, and such a service used to be available only at
universities or institutions.


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