Watch, listen and ask! Participants exchanged ideas positively. Product explanation by using the display models is interesting and informative at CAFE MEETING.

New technology, convenient product and countermeasure were presented to audiences on and on. Discussion continued at cafe site following to the presentation in the MOBIO hall.


1) Heavyduty Dollies - IZUMO CO., LTD. (Read more)

Izumo provides with variety products from industrial rubber, resin to metal parts.  Consolidating their expertise, “Izumo Tank”  has been developed. Placing four unit of them at the bottom of heavy item will assist equipment relocation to any direction. Utilizing characteristics of polyurethane rubber , Izumo tank is capable to transfer industrial equipments and machinery up to 20 tons.
131119 出雲・マエガワモールド・創機システムズ 005-500  131119 出雲・マエガワモールド・創機システムズ 008-500

 2) Injection improvement - MAEGAWA MOLD CO.,LTD.  Electric Division (Read more)

Utilizing experience in mold technology for plastic injection and accumulated technological expertise in relation to temperature control technologies, heaters, and thermo-couples, MAEGAWA has developed their temperature controllers. Their devices highly-precisely measure and control temperature of hot runners, molds,  insert die and other key sections; resulting in high quality injection. Effective to drastically reduce a failures such as a variation in temperature and a resin burning. Moreover they are possible to be serviced by users.

131119 出雲・マエガワモールド・創機システムズ 025-500  131119 出雲・マエガワモールド・創機システムズ 017-500

3) System control - SOUKI SYSTEMS CO., LTD. (Read more)

SOUKI’s core technology is miniature robots system incorporating computer control technology. Consolidating several sensors they create control system for the miniature model aircraft, automatic production line and surveyllant networking. And watch the display  rocket decorated for holiday season.

Another focus is to assist system engineer talent training, that will be presented to entrepreneurs January 16 at MOBIO Cafe Meeting.

131119 出雲・マエガワモールド・創機システムズ 040-500  131119 出雲・マエガワモールド・創機システムズ 031-500

*** at Cafe site

Following to the business card exchange and discussion over drinks, the closing remarks was delivered by SHOWA DENKI CO., LTD. (read more) asking to meet again at the next cafe meeting.

131119 出雲・マエガワモールド・創機システムズ 041-500  131119 出雲・マエガワモールド・創機システムズ 046-500


The next MOBIO-Cafe Meeting is scheduled on December 3, starting 1800.

The presenters:

  • MATSUDA CO.,LTD (read more) — Cold-headed parts
  • RIKEN KEIKI NARA Mfg.CO.,LTD. (read more) — Automatic Press Monitoring Device
  •  CY-Creative Co.,LTD. — Decorative metal sculpture

Send application in Japanese from here


On November 13, 2013, MOBIO exhibitors made a speech on “How we have taken a business chance by participating business activities at MOBIO”. The importance is to join MOBIO activities positively and establish new relationship with MOBIO and other entrepreneurs.

Speech by Mr. Fujita / President of OHSHIN CO., LTD.

(Read more on OHSHIN)

Main product: IH Compatible Earthenware Pots

P1050350-500    P1050353-500

“Carve a pot bottom to be almost transparent”         “Learned a lot at MOBIO seminar”

Studying at MOBIO seminar titled “Let’s participate in trade shows!” guided Fujita to restructure their strategy and led him to understand strength of the company and issues to be promoted.

Ohshin ppt2-500

He has switched their focus of promotional activities of IH compatible pots from home-use types to commercial types; and he was successful to recover business profit.

Moreover, in addition to OHSHIN’s, MOBIO transmits information on OHSHIN that assist and reinforce their PR activities.

Ohshin ppt1-500

Fujita continues to solve inconveniences while cooking at food chain restaurants, utilizing MOBIO network.

Seach for the latest technology -> Exhibitors list

Read MOBIO activities -> Homepage


On November 13, 2013, MOBIO exhibitors made a speech on “How we have taken a business chance by participating business activities at MOBIO”. The importance is to join MOBIO activities positively and establish new relationship with MOBIO and other entrepreneurs.

Speech by Mr. Kotani/President of TOYONAKA KEISOU CO. LTD.

(Read company details)

Main product: Wire-saving multiplex transmission systems

P1050359-500  P1050358-500

“Needed a place of the marketing”             ” The transmission technology, being not effected by a noise,

has been proven at  railways and construction site”

For TOYONAKA, MOBIO is a good place for a new product display. Their system has advantage to require just two electric wires vs competitors’ 257 wire system. So a live product demonstration at MOBIO booth is very effective and

useful, that provides with power supply to remote location and capability of 256 places of monitoring, control, measurements at 256 locations.

toyonaka ppt2-500


Moreover information dispatch from MOBIO, information received from MOBIO and cross industry meeting at MOBIO assisted TOYONAKA to start new projects.

toyonaka ppt1-500

Reach for the latest technology -> Exhibitors list

Read MOBIO activities -> Homepage

Watch, listen and ask! Participants exchanged ideas positively.

Product explanation by using the display models is interesting and informative at MOBIO CAFE MEETING. Audiences kept asking questions on the new product and new technology explained by the three exhibitors. It was discussed seriously, expecting new technology might solve present issues for participants.

DSCF3911-500     DSCF3946-500


1) Non-sticking technology/Erasing technology - TECHNO ROLL CO., LTD. (see more)

The patented rubber and resin rollers for offset printing, UV printing and industrial use are globally appreciated.

They have revealed non-sticking  roller for a tape factory, hydrophilic coating agent to erase photogravure press inks or dirts and wear resistant silicone roller and other development continuously.

DSCF3909-500     DSCF3920-500

2) Ecology - OSAKA ATC GREEN ECO PLAZA (see more)

At Osaka ATC Green Eco Plaza, visitors learn “today and tomorrow” of environmental business solutions. They provide restaurants at ATC with lettuce harvested at their exhibiting plant factory.

The two ecology related companies display from MOBIO exhibitors, TAKENO&CO.LTD showing plaster wallpaper and FUJIWARA INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. showing Tsunami Evacuation Tower,“Tasukaru Tower“ (view below picture).

DSCF3928-500     DSCN3730-500


3) No-peeling technology/Non-sticking technology - KANSAI POLYMER CO., LTD. (Homepage is under construction)

The fluorocarbon polymer coating specialist, KANSAI POLYMER CO., LTD. , proposes appropriate coating agent and condition to customers.

They have explained several new technology; ultra wear resistant and cross-linked fluorocarbon coating, ultra non-cohesive coating to all metal, no-sandblast coating to thin object avoiding any deformation and others.

DSCF3940-500     DSCF3942-500


Next MOBIO-Cafe Meeting is scheduled  on November  19, starting  1800

by three exhibitors.

Submit an application to attend the meeting in Japanese (click here)  

prince mobio 300



The new exhibitor, KANSAI  POLYMER CO., LTD.  specializes in fluorine resin coating.

Considering the best match of product usage and coating material,  they select suitable fluorine resin material and coating conditions, fitting to the demanded thickness. Their several furnaces are capable to bake items from small size up to 3 M square items at shorter delivery schedule by using non-blast type coating.

DSCF3628  DSCF3632

Fluorine resin coating, non-stick coating, PPS resin, PEEK resin, ceramics and hybrid coating of ceramics and fluorine resin. Applicable on rubber and silicone rubber materials as well.

See more exhibitors

KONISHI METAL MOLD ENGINEERING, LTD reveals secret of pressing processes reduced to 1/6!

P1050327    P1050325


A mystery born through manufacture of more than ten thousand metal molds…

Original cam-based structure operated multi-directionally
3 faces of complex curved shape can be processed in 1 operation. 6 operations are reduced to 1.

Check their technology of dramatic saving of man-hours and labor at MY DOME OSAKA entrance hall

or at MOBIO Permanent Exhibition Hall in Osaka.

View corporate details here.


Watch, listen and ask! Participants exchanged ideas positively.

Product explanation by using the display models is interesting and informative at MOBIO CAFE MEETING. The Meeting on October 30 was the special version collaborating with October Special Exhibition. As a CEO or as a manufacturing manager detailed explanation was presented to the audiences. At the MOBIO Hall or Café site, the attendance exchanged information and discussed management and product issues.

DSCF3813-400   cf74d49dba72a8bc7b6749cd569bd7e1

The attendance listened seriously            Special Exhibition runs till November 25

Arakawa Shigyo Corporation


Emphasizing to develop product design of corrugated cardboard. The new product is a thin box, good for A4 size document mailing and storage, called “Carton Fino”

Naniwa Manufacturing Company Ltd.

NANIWA1-400  NANIWA2-400

An ideal product for a table top dishwasher of No.1 market share in Japan –water takeoff valve; water faucet and other water supply fittings

 Yoshitake Engineering Contractor Co., Ltd.


Office furniture made of thinned Yoshino cedar, assisting creative work.

Okazaki Kanagata Kosakusho Co., Ltd.


Precision press molds for electric parts and automobile parts in Japan, and stamped components from Indonesian factory to Asean market.


HIKARI1-400  HIKARI2-400

Lamp parts for highway or tunnels and original product processed by pressing and welding.



The new indication road mark is easily placed by simply peel of cover sheet and paste to the road piece by piece, that structure enables any design.


NITECO1-400  NITECO2-400

Convert all form including technical illustration to 3D data base. Feasible for 3D printers.

Fuji Photo Koubou Co., Ltd.

FUJI1-400  FUJI2-400

Rating plate and business cards for business market, fish print plates and calligraphy plates for personal market.

Sumflex Co.,Ltd.


“Smooth sanding / Mirror finish !“ by rubberized ceramic abrasive

Sunroll Co., Ltd.


Quick production even at non-standard paper slitting, paper winding and paper tubing. Started display at MOBIO hall permanently.

Cross-industry meeting at a Cafe site.


Talk went well at Café meeting.  Closed with a hand clapping, saying to meet on Nov.1 at Business Festival.


Next MOBIO CAFE MEETING is scheduled on November 8 from 1800.

Register participation from here in Japanese.