MAKISHINKO‘s flagship product, a worm reduction gear, maintains the leading position in the Japanese market.

Because MAKISHINKO’s worm reduction gears offer quiet and smooth operation reduction gears through a clever combination of proprietary gear technologies, as well as using special lubricants for low noise operation or other special needs and the joint development of gear materials, their market spreads from automobile industry, marine industry, medical industry, plant and to others widely.

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started

“INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.

No.28 is Mr. Makimura of  ***MAKISHINKO CO.,LTD. (Read more) ***

– Worm reduction gears, Screw jacks, Precision planetary reduction gears


With a smile, Makimura said, “We work like a dog to meet the order to make demand though major companies might not respond.”

●Never turn tail to a demand

ウォーム減速機A worm reduction gear

Makimura said, “A worm reduction gear market in Japan is a mature market. To survive in such a market we have focused to custom order market with shorter lead time, where the competitors would not tackle. That’s our strength.” One of the “Innovation and Challenge” at MAKISHINKO is to establish a shorter lead time system that enables to supply the custom order gears on the same condition as a standard models. “A marketing group and a manufacturing group collaborate to every request from customers such as shortening length of a shaft just a little bit. So we have reorganized one of our factories fitting to such a need.”

●Door-to-door sales

P1040382  In-house study

They have new market opening program. Firstly Makimura and marketing staff review potential gear market to identify the target market. And they invite a specialist in the market to the company and study possible solution services for customers. Then it is the time for marketing staff to go to the field with a challenging spirit, “MAKISHINKO spirit”. “Introducing our products to the totally new market we always broke out in a cold sweat as if walking the tightrope. But we never turn tail,” Makimura said.

Makimura takes further step to assist marketing activities by a new project of aluminum-body gear development, that will open another market of lighter gear equipment.

●Underwent a transfiguration

活躍フィールド   Application

Through their continuous new market openings, MAKISHINKO has established a diversified customer base. As a result, under a recession, they could maintain business volume and stable financial content.

Originally they supplied gears only to conveyors, and have expanded market of a construction machinery, a stage, a playground equipment, a food service, a medical equipment, a measuring device, a communication equipment, an IT related device, a house and a solar cell panel. Their gears are widely used at rocket launch pads and at revolving sushi bars.

They also make effort to receive confidence and satisfaction of product quality from customers. During a recession period, Makimura initiated ISO9001 application as one of survival method. After a year and half they could receive an approval and have improved quality a lot. Even after product delivery, MAKISHINKO‘s staff visits quickly once customer called for any reason.

“We listen to customers’ voice and find a need for a new business. It is our business platform to visit customers’ site frequently with a MAKISHINKO spirit ,” Makimura said.

Watch, listen and ask! Participants exchanged ideas positively. Product explanation by using the display models is interesting and informative at the MOBIO CAFE MEETING.

Complex new technologies were presented to audiences on and on. Then discussion continued at cafe site following to the presentation in the MOBIO hall.


1)Ultra-precision machining for hard-to-cut materials - NARA SEIKO INC.  (Read More)

Nara Seiko specializes in manufacturing ultra-precision parts such as a prosthetic implant,  an artificial joint, and an operational instrument  for medical device as a  Class I medical devices marketing authorization holder (Class I: General medical devices per Japan’s Classification of Medical Devices)

Presentation by CEO                        An artificial hip joint

nara pre        DSCF4276-500-300x225

2)New material for black colo parts massproduction - ABEL CO.,LTD.   (Read More)

The black film does not peel even during punching, bending or drawing! Abel is the world’s first to implement continuous electrolytic coloring. The material “Black Belt SUS ( Black colored coil)”  features diffused reflection reduction, improved corrosion resistance and higher emissivity, without peeling-off in transfer presses and drawing presses. Possible to plan value engineering at mass production of optical instruments, communication devices and home electric appliances.

Presentation by a marketing manager          Product of cylindrical drawing, color coating does not peel (right)

DSCF4230-500-300x225         DSCF4240-500-300x225

3)World Eagle – Ohashi Metal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.  (Read More)

Ohashi offers integrated manufacturing of gifts and advertising novelties, from project proposals to finished products. Their original products are sold under the ‘World Eagle’ brand. Convenient semi-order program is available at sand engraving and laser engraving.

Presentation by a marketing manager                                 A laser engraved shield

DSCF4249-500-300x225        DSCF4256-500-300x225

*** Cross Industry Meeting
MVP (Most Valuable Participant) of 2013, Mr. Ueda of KANSAI LABORATORY CO., LTD. (right side).

 ( Read more on Kansai Lab.)


And as usual, following to business card exchange, detailed explanation continued including to participants from China.


Next MOBIO-Cafe Meeting is scheduled on Jan .10 starting 18:00.

by the companies in Takatsuki City, Osaka

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On top of advanced technology TAKAZAWA MFG. has obtained trust from fishermen and ironworks assisted by established nationwide network and responded to the needs of continuous fishing. CEO Takazawa is changing the corporate business platform to propose fishing solutions and to maintain customers.

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started

“INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.

No.29 is Mr. Takazawa of  ***TAKAZAWA MFG CO., LTD. (Read Details) ***

– Propeller Shafts, Seal Sterns, Seal ring, Hydraulic fishing equipment, Labor-saving machinery and boat accessories

takazawa logo

Mr. Takazawa                           ”TW” is the Trade Mark on the products

●Made it simple

Since most of the fishing boat parts were made by local ironworks, even key joints were made to order manually by ‘actual-thing matching’. It took time to produce and costed a lot. Then as the market leader and with advanced technology TAKAZAWA took an initiative to parts standardization. In case of TAKAZAWA MFG. models every factories or ironworks could just exchange damaged parts and make adjustment by themselves.

029_01  Seal Stern with standardized seal size

(The seal stern works with a diaphragm construction for outstanding watertightness, decreased friction resistance with the propeller shaft, and energy savings due to improved rotation transmission.)

Takazawa said, “Due to longer boat life cycle used vessel trade had increased. And production and maintenance may not be managed by the same company. It was very convenient for fishing industry to use “TW” brand standardized parts, that resulted in confidence to TAKAZAWA MFG.

●The one stop service provider of fishing equipment

Recent years, even at small fishing boats a lot of electronic equipment, such as radars, fish-finder devices and others are installed. TAKAZAWA MFG. has been receiving versatile request by nationwide customers as the one stop marine supplier.

“When the fishing boat has been equipped with more electronic equipment and more high-tech. equipment, it requires more components than previous boats did’nt. We will improve our technology to match to market changes at production and procurement. As a department store provides all necessities, we will target to become the one stop provider of fishing equipment,” Takazawa said.

●Proactive marketing activity

029_02Hydraulic hauling machine, “Uni-roller” series

(for drift gill net fishing, fixed netting and other coastal fishery)

Hydraulic fishing machinery has been demanded by their customers and its business has expanded tremendously along with their core business – propeller shafts.

“For 20 years we have produced them. Recent years fishermen are aging and demand for labor saving equipment has increased for net hauling and other operation. With only order taking activity from shrinking market, nobody may survive. We need to use proactive marketing strategy,” Takazawa said.

One of their strength is nationwide marketing network. He started to utilize its strength to implement product development with broader customer base. “For example, with laver cultivation operators we have jointly worked to develop a labor saving cultivating boat for 10 years. Utilizing our technology we are proposing them with new equipment of laver harvesting and nets sterilizing system,” Takazawa said.

It requires skill improvement of marketing staff, establishment of corporate follow-up structure and information sharing system. Takazawa said “I know it’s very tough to innovate business platform, however I am firmly convinced that it is the best strategy to please our customers and to effectively use TAKAZAWA’s strength.”

●Providing with “Innovation” and “Confidence” continuously

Because of reduction, aging and lack of successors, fishing industry market is shrinking. That is why Takazawa takes next step matching to the market demand.

tkw125aThe new product, Double tube seawater filter demanded by the chief engineer

“ I firmly believe we can grow further once customers consider us the first in the market and such growth will be achieved when customers appreciate our efforts. At TAKAZAWA MFG. there are categories to be innovated, judging  from my 60 years business experience. We may setup an interesting factory tour program for customers. I will further establish the ever changing corporation,” Takazawa said.

Since the foundation of the corporation, creation of rust proof bolts resistant to seawater and rainwater is the ultimate goal. CEO Matsumoto takes a further step by building a new technology center to accelerate product development, in addition to the world first mass production of magnesium bolts and the award-winning metallic glass bolts.

As the corporate logo (Bulldog) indicates, Matsumoto keeps MARUEMU WORKS as the corporation searching for new items aggressively.

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.

No.30 is Mr. Matsumoto of  ***MARUEMU WORKS CO., LTD. (Read Details) ***

– Stainless steel bolts, Magnesium alloy bolts, Engineering plastic bolts and Orthodontic wire (medical market)

1 071   logo

Matsumoto holds the magnesium bolt and nut in the right hand.          The corporate logo

●Market oriented fastening parts

Starting from corporate foundation MARUEMU WORKS has tackled to develop “Rust-proof bolts” to meet customer’s demand. When aluminum window frames became popular, they commenced the first Japanese mass production of stainless steel bolts in 1957. In line with growing demand of electronics market they introduced engineering plastic bolts in 1987. Since then MARUEMU WORKS focused development by use of new materials to provide “Stronger and Lighter” fasteners. “Perfect Stainless Steel” bolts and” Marine Stainless Steel” bolts are some of new development.

マグネシウム合金ねじ Magnesium alloy bolts

In 2004 MARUEMU WORKS started mass production of magnesium alloy bolts, the first in the world, made of AZ31 to be widely used in transportation industry and electric devices. Recently they have received a bolt request for an Aerospace Industry and are receiving order via WEB page from overseas.

“Because only at a high temperature a magnesium alloy is possible to be processed, we have developed the exclusive manufacturing machinery by ourselves. Magnesium alloy bolts are really our flag ship product. Since magnesium is the lightest among industrial metal materials, we are expecting their application at new market, such as transportation industry and robotics,” Matsumoto said.

●Expanding business category

歯列矯正ワイヤ2 Orthodontic wire, brand name “GUMMETAL”

With a broad product line-ups their bolts are used at environmental related industry, industrial equipment, vessels, electronic products, solar cell panels, automobiles, medical field and construction industry.

As the new market MARUEMU WORKS is focusing medial business and has innovated an orthodontic wire, their first medial product. It features extremely low Young’s modulus and high elasticity in bending. Thanks to its superior characteristics, GUMMETAL orthodontic wire has a high potential to cut down the treatment time and to relieve the pain of patients.

Matsumoto said, “Not like other bolts manufacturers we produce dies and wire treatment in-house by multi-skilled operators and facilities. That’s why the professor in charge of new material development requested us to manufacture.”

金属ガラスねじ  30% greater in strength than high tension steel bolts

Another world’s amazing product is metallic glass bolt.

Metallic glass (MG) has unique mechanical properties, combining high strength and low Young’s modulus and can be used to make disolvable bolts in the medical field. By applying MG to the fabrication of fastening bolts, high strength and low spring constant bolts were obtained in 2008, the first in the world.

●The Spirit of Innovation continues

1 089

The M+H technology center, built in Nov. 2013

In order to proceed market oriented product development aggressively, Matsumoto has determined to expand their collaboration with institutions and utilize the new technology center effectively. MARUEMU WORKS does not only manufactures bolts but does operate as an incubation center creating parts for high-tech items.

Watch out what comes next from the technology center of  MARUEMU WORKS.


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Ask ASTEC IRIE If you are looking for precision processing of fine ceramics in Osaka, Japan.

The new exhibitor, ASTEC IRIE CO., LTD., explained their advanced technology of three-dimensional machining and lapping at MOBIO Cafe Meeting-Special Session.

DSCF4048-500  DSCF4061-500

Dimensional accuracy of surface and cylinder machining ±2μ and lapped surface roughness 0.05μ (Ra)  are highly appreciated by countless large manufacturers and research organizations by receiving various POs  from prototype production to multiproduct and little production.

Since they have lot of equipment and machines stand ready for immediate production and shorter delivery schedule.

DSCF4058-500   DSCF4067-500

(The participant study precision machined component at Cafe Meeting. Above is one of the samples.)

Having difficulties to process fine ceramics because of material character or process technology…

Leave them to ASTEC IRIE. They will solve issues by developing new technology and new machinery.

Home page is under construction.

Next MOBIO CAFE MEETING is scheduled on December 3, from 1800.

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The Prince MOBIO is busy to participate in the trade shows.

He will work at “ Functional Coating Fair” on Dec. 10 at MY DOME OSAKA, Osaka city.

The MOBIO hall is known as the place to seek for business opportunities on any week days for domestic and international business people. Come along and review the display products!

Check the latest exhibitors.

MOBIO form


Watch, listen and ask! Participants exchanged ideas positively. Product explanation by using the display models is interesting and informative at the MOBIO CAFE MEETING.

Complex new technologies were presented to audiences on and on. Then discussion continued at cafe site following to the presentation in the MOBIO hall.


1) Give shape to momory - CY Creative Inc.

From a  color picture print, a three-dimensional solid imaging data is generated fitting to MC machine operation.With a “OAMS (Original Art Machined Sculpture)” multiple products are possible to be manufactured without any molds. It matches to small lot order of  commemoratives and is possible to color coating to provide more customers.

DSCF4113_修正版-500  DSCF4120-500

“Watch this finish!”               Their product is displayed at MY DOME OSAKA (Osaka city) in December.

DSCF4114-500  P1050408-500

2) Technological power to “crush” - MATSUDA CO.,LTD (Read More)

MATSUDA CO.,LTD provides one-stop service from prototype production of cold-headed parts to mold making and mass production.They provide precision and cost competitive  fasteners to the industrial market.

DSCF4127-500  DSCF4139-500

For automobile industry they implement near-net-shape manufacture and product modularization, thus eliminating the need for post-processing. Furthermore at their in-house mold section they are developing cemented carbide dies for cold forging - solid phase diffusion bonding technology to produce punches with high durability at competitive cost.

DSCF4130-500  DSCN5805-500

3) Press Slug Detection - RIKEN KEIKI NARA Mfg.CO.,LTD. (Read More)

By their emergency supervision for high speed rotation press machines (max. 4000 spm) and monitoring devices, operators can avoid outflow of defective parts and prevent die damage caused by slug coming up during transfer press operations. Their devices assist to improve quality control and productivity of high speed press operations.

DSCF4154-500  DSCF4157-500

The precision proximity sensors have been originally developed to detect even slug of  0.1μm and are designed to attach to any press machines and die attachments with types of thin, round and embedded shapes.

Data indicated in the monitor screen at demonstration was easy to read.

DSCF4149-500  DSCF4153-500

*** Cross Industry Meeting

Following to business card exchange, detailed explanation continued.

In the end the coordinator in charge of  business matchmaking invited attendants to the next Meeting.

DSCF4160-500  DSCF4165-500


Next MOBIO-Cafe Meeting is scheduled on Dec. 17 starting 18:00.

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1) NARA SEIKO INC. : Ultra-precision machined parts from hard-to-cut materials

(for Medical devices, Optical equipment, Office equipment)

2) ABEL CO.,LTD.: Black colored coil (Black Belt SUS)

(The world’s first technology of continuous blackening of long coil materials)

3) Ohashi Metal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.: Cups, trophies, plaques

(Planning and manufacturing of trophies and other prizes)