Based on Osaka local governmental fund a MOBIO exhibitor - SOUKI SYSTEMS CO., LTD. is organizing a special one year program of human resources development. The trainees from three groups reported their study progress as an intermediate review to entrepreneurs.

1) Eco House group: Plant Incubation System and Wind Mill System
2) FA System: Development by Visual Processing
3) Construction: Inspection System by a VTOL

presen  zentai

Following to their presentation, all entrepreneurs commented. And one of them was ”Success starts from failure recording”,

that was very encouraging to trainees. It was the time of match-making between companies and trainees.

Next MOBIO Cafe Meeting is scheduled on February 4, starting from 1800 at MOBIO hall.



CEO Harada is holding a paper bag – made of recycled charcoal crepe paper, called “Ume Zumi”. “Ume Zumi business has grown to 10 percent of revenue. I wish to make it 30 percent in three years,” Harada said.

山陽製紙 原田社長

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started

“INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.

No.31 is Mr. Harada of  ***SANYO PAPER CO., LTD. (Read more) ***

– Paper recycling service, Recycled charcoal papers, Industrial packaging crepe papers

●Refocusing corporate strength

When SANYO PAPER inaugurated their 90th anniversary celebration in 2007, Harada called all employees to rebuild a business platform again and started discussion on corporate innovation.

Harada said, “What’s our strength? We are using recycled pulp source, not like large paper companies who use virgin pulp. This fits to today’s needs and ecological demand. Then why not to make its concept as a corporate policy and provide environmental friendly products and services!”

bag   145

A paper bag made of crepe paper             Crepe paper Production flow (Min. chemical and recycled water is used)

●”Miracle and beautiful” paper – Ume Zumi paper

Charcoal is known its superior characters of deodorizing, antibacterial and antiseptic effects. From a request to utilize industrial waste, SANYO PAPER started development to blend plum carbon into a paper. Through half a year of dedicated study, their engineering team had developed the ONLY one technology to mix a charcoal powder in a paper sludge to create crêpe paper.

“By use of glue it is easy to blend charcoal powder into a paper, however such a paper decreases charcoal function because of clogged charcoal holes with glue. So we at SANYO PAPER endeavored to develop new process from the scratch to fix charcoal without any glue. And finally we completed it,” Harada said.

charcoal_possibility_list1 –> charcoal_possibility_list2 –> charcoal_backg_photo

Its product release was widely reported by media and a shoes bag and a garment bag were marketed. In 2008 Ume Zumi paper was used as a gift package to the Japan Summit Meeting members from the world. SANYO PAPER has established a marketing section to develop application worldwide. Harada said, “When we participated in a trade show in Europe, buyers were surprised to have noticed charcoal effect. It was very positive to us and we will continuously promote.”

●Small Volume Recycling Service – KAMIDECO

Under KAMIDECO program, SANYO PAPER manufactures 100% recycled paper form corporate disposed papers, producing envelopes and letter papers, and then return to the original companies at minimum cost. They are capable to operate recycling flow by 300 kg basis with exclusive technologies instead of industry standard volume (ton basis).


*An envelope example made of 100% recycled paper. 1000 envelopes will be produced from 10 kg disposed papers.

In order to accelerate this service, they offer start-up program to Japanese companies, by placing 10 kg recycle containers at collaborating 30 companies respectively. The enrolled company simply needs to send its collection container when it is filled to SANYO PAPER on freight collect basis.

●To Contribute to a Sustainable Society

SANYO PAPER is transforming from a paper material manufacturer to a paper recycle service corporation. With the spirit of “Mottainai” SANYO PAPER is targeting to create a new corporate profile – a hospitality service corporation. Their “challenge and innovation” continues.

Presentation by three companies, collaborating with Special Exhibition in January: “Lively Takatsuki Corporations”


Watch, listen and ask! Participants exchanged ideas positively. Product explanation by using the display model is interesting and informative at the MOBIO CAFE MEETING.


1) Deep Drawing – Jikyo Seisakusho Co., Ltd

One of their precision stamping technology is DI (Drawing and Ironing) process, that is widely applied for seamless casings of  the world leading batteries and base holders for fluorescent lamps. From a 0.4 mm thick sheet metal, they make the thinner wall (less than 0.2 mm) by use of transfer press machine to have more inner contents of the casings.

P1050499-300  P1050506-300

2) Plastic Welding - Munekata Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd

A patented spot welding machine (Impulse Welder) melts plastic tip materials instantly and seals without screws or glues. Its operation is applicable at many points simultaneously and reduces component weight. And an exclusive plastic welding system (Flat Fusion System) provides complete and even seal even for complex structure.

DSCN5934-300  P1050510-300

3) Slitting – Nihon Slitter Co., Ltd.

Their operation is called Rewind Slitting, that slit a large roll of material into narrower rolls of plastic films, papers and non-woven clothes. As plastic films are convenient for mass production, they are used for many products; food packagings, medicine packaging, electronics components, bandage and many popular items.

DSCN5958-300  DSCN5956-300

4) Hand-Made Audio Equipment - AY-Denshi Co.

Their “EL SOUND” brand is known as a high quality and order-to-make discrete amplifier. In order to promote usage of natural resources in Japan they have developed speaker system made of Kyoto Kitayama ceder tree.

DSCN5963-300  P1050517-300


Next MOBIO-Cafe Meeting is scheduled on Jan .16 starting 18:00.

by the three working teams at Souki Systems Co., Ltd.

1) Eco House (plant incubation kit) and Wind Mill System
2) FA System Development by Visual Processing
3) Construction Inspection System by a VTOL

 Send registration in Japanese from here.




For two weeks from today companies of Takatsuki city, Osaka display their technology at a MOBIO hall.

【Period】 Jan. 9 thru Jan. 23, 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays

【Location】 MOBIO Permanent Exhibition Hall, 2nd floor

— Display preview —

zentai1   全体紹介

Exhibitor booth                                                                       SME assistance programsjikyou imamura

Jikyo Seisakusho Co., Ltd/Deep drawing       Imamura Kagaku Corp./CFRP products

anaori k2

Anaori Carbon Co., Ltd./CFRP products                     K2 Denshi Kogyo Corp./Electronics components

munekata                     aa

Munekata Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd./Impulse Welder        A&A Material Corp./Building Materials

imae nalux

Imae Industry Co., Ltd./Heat Insulator                        Nalux Co., Ltd./Plastic Optics

ay nihon slitter

AY-Denshi Co./Audio Equipment                                     Nihon Slitter Co., Ltd./Slitted film and paper

Visit MOBIO hall to explore displays in January. View access from here.



At MOBIO booth annex in January, Kanno Orimono displays order to make fabrics.

They produce original models of tenugui (washcloths), furoshiki (wrapping cloths) and other Japanese traditional fabrics. In-house expert designers ensure the high level of original goods.

See more Kanno.