CEO Kurihara is holding coated plastic chips. One of their competitive technologies is to replicate plastic models of metals to fossils.


Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started
“INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.
No.33 is Mr. Kurihara of ***TAISEI MONAC CO., LTD. (Read more) ***
– Industrial design models, Plastic prototypes, Vacuum injection molded products

●Carried out M&A targeting to develop new business

TAISEI MONAC had established their business plat form as small agricultural machinery manufacturer and started parts supply to the electric power tool factories from their new Chinese factory. 10 years ago Kurihara decided to take further steps by M&A program and has established new business sector, product modeling as a steering division of product development. “For the past 10 years our model marketing has been trial and error history. At MOBIO we display several new models expecting to encounter something new. It’s a part of our 3 year strategy plan.” Kurihara said.


●Exclusive modelling technique – Vacuum injection molding and color coating

The model division produces variety items from a fossil replica for a museum, a miniature body of a bullet train and model samples for an industrial market. Even at specialty market TAISE MONAC modelling division has survived under dull economic years because of two exclusive technologies.
One is vacuum injection molding that creates plastic resin models up to 15 or 20 pieces by silicone rubber mold without any metal mold. They have developed unique machinery reducing air bubbles at injection process and results in clear and shining samples when parts are assembled, that is unrivaled in the industry.

Kurihara said, “The other is coating technique. Manufactures may show new metal products at the product review meetings or at conferences. In such a case prototypes must be prepared quickly and must look as genuine as possible. So it is our business. Using plastic resign, our division forms and paints samples to make look like metal items. We are proud to have received a comment even by demanding companies that our plastic samples look better and beautiful much more than genuine metal items.”

DSCN6340-500        chip-500
Coated “plastic” model. Compare the uncoated part to “metal like” part.

●New business development replacing silicone rubber and plastic resign with metals

Understanding corporate strength Kurihara set a new goal for modelling division to enter wider market from prototype market. It is their “Innovation and Challenge”.
“It is the time to bring some results since 10 year’s business record after a merger. So I am planning to switch business platform of modelling division from high-mix low-volume production by craftsmen work to medium-volume production with quicker delivery,” Kurihara said.
As a management policy in 2013 he has invested the injection mold machine at China factory and the 3D printer and 3D scanner at Japan factory and informed all employees that he will never withhold modelling operation. Kurihara announced new strategy to enter high-mix medium-volume metallic parts production at shorter delivery schedule. Its market is considered to be too small and too quick to develop mold and manufacture. But Kurihara believes TAISEI MONAC is capable to develop mold in a few weeks by utilizing the metal 3D printer technology (to be installed soon) and their touch-up skills, away from traditional silicone rubber mold and plastic resin manipulation.

Kurihara said “When 15 figure models made by silicone rubber mold were well accepted ion the market and 100 figures were requested to produce, we are capable by our 3D printer, metal mold fabrication machinery and new injection machine in China. And I will further assist modeling sector by installing NC machine and MC machine in 2014. Moreover it is applicable for many agricultural equipment parts production even if annual requirement were only 300 pieces. This is totally new business model.”


Factory in Japan
There is another aspect for this challenge. Kurihara tries to complete merger in real sense. Two companies had totally different corporate culture, energetic sportsman vs. dedicated craftsman.
“True merger comes only through re-start from the beginning as an one team-one TAISEI MONAC. For that I am planning to send modeling staff to overseas business trip and promote personnel exchange between divisions,” Kurihara said. Kurihara leads innovation as the corporate second startup at the time of M&A 10 year anniversary.

Interviewed on February 5, 2014.

●MVP (Most Valuable Participant) in 2013

” By attending the MOBIO Cafe Meeting, I was entitled to obtain points to my MOBIO membership card each time.  At the end of 2013 it became 36 points. I am so glad to be selected as the MVP,” Ueda said with a smile.

DSCN6121-500  MVP-500

As a team member of KANSAI LABORATORY CO., LTD. , who provides consistent evaluation of material quality and analysis of volatile organic compounds, Ueda is responsible to develop a new account.

Originally he was invited to join the MOBIO Cafe Meeting by MOBIO staff. Ueda said, “Well, I thought it might assist to develop a new customer. If the companies relating to color plastics participated in the meeting, I could explain our evaluation technology, light resistance testing at shorter period. Today it is not the only purpose of participation to acquire new customer.”

He may not meet his potential customers every time, however he participate in the meeting continuously. Because Ueda said, “One of my business target is to develop non-fabric market. By frequent participation, I thought I might find new demand for KANSAI LABORATORY beyond our expectation. Through discussion in the Cafe Meeting I have noticed test and analysis were common business activity at any industry and at any manufacturing process.”

●20 seconds self-introduction is a key to success

According to Ueda, he met many companies in the Cafe Meeting to be listed as potential plastic customers. Moreover he has met many other companies in a various industry market, who will be totally new to him. Ueda said, “For example I came to know light resistance test is applicable even for metallic items throughout discussion with the Cafe Meeting participants. Like this I am learning something new each time. So I try to talk to both presenters and listeners with exchanging business cards.”

DSCF4193  DSCN6055s

Self-introduction                                                                       Light resistance test equipment

In the beginning of MOBIO Cafe Meeting, each participants are scheduled to introduce themselves. Ueda said, “Self introduction is the key point for me. I try to make it as simple and impressive as possible, saying ‘I am Ueda from KANSAI LABORATORY, providing light resistance testing services. Just in a few days we can prove deterioration of materials after one year.’ It outlines myself and is a kickoff to talk each other at a Cafe session.”

By participating the Cafe Meeting, he has been called by participants “You are from light resistance testing company, aren’t you?”. ”In the last one year I was asked by more than ten companies. And actually I could have started business with some of them. My network has grown and brought good result,” Ueda said.

●He that stays in the valley, shall never get over the hill

Ueda believes MOBIO Cafe Meeting is NOT the place only to see, hear and return. With positive communication participants will find real beauty of the Meeting. He said, “There is a seeds to re-identify our corporate. We should not hesitate to attend because of unfamiliar business presenters. Rather it is more interesting than simply hearing to familiar issues. Cross industry meeting is concept of MOBIO Cafe Meeting and it is really fun. We should not say in the valley,but shall get over the hill.”



Presentation in the MOBIO meeting

Lastly he commented, “In the first the person may need extra effort to talk to. In such a case, feel free to talk to me. Let’s turn the balls together!”. and mentioned his wish in this year, “I could have met so many people. And I will make my effort to cultivate business opportunities with expanding network. Surely I am planning to participate in the MOBIO Cafe Meeting this year as well,  positively!”

Interviewed on February 6, 2014

KANSAI LABORATORY CO., LTD. is a team of experts who provide consistent evaluation of product performance and consumer acceptance. Count on their light resistance testers and other specialized equipment for a short time product development of automobiles, plastic or consumer electronics.

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started
“INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.
No.32 is Mr. Gennaka of  *** KANSAI LABORATORY CO., LTD.  (Read more) ***

– Weatherability (light resistance) test


KANSAI LABORATORY is entitled to bear marks of  ILAC MRA and International Accreditation Japan as the reliable institution. Gennaka said, “ Under the motto of  ‘Promptness, High-Quality, Confidentiality’ we conduct quality evaluation test for sheet materials to be used for automobiles, trains and airplanes,  in addition to material of curtains and carpets.”


●Takes on future changes in advance

Needs for new materials are changing. KANSAI LABORATORY is learning rapid changes of market needs because one of their affiliated companies supply key materials to automobile industry that requires continuous updating.


Durability of materials are tested by color staining test and tension test. On top of those test, market needs more complex evaluation to prove that materials does radiate chemicals and are free from hazardous materials. Gennaka commented, ”Responding to new requirements means to invest for  testing equipment and facilities to us. As a reliable institution we need to install new and appropriate equipment by identifying evaluation criteria and analysis conditions to come.  That decision is quite challenging to us.”

●One stop solution

Testing criteria is different by the type of materials. Sometimes customers need to search for appropriate institution by each materials. Therefore KANSAI LABORATORY hope to establish one stop service to customers, responding to any test conditions with broader networking.

“There is no institution who is able to conduct all of necessary tests, evaluations and analysis alone. Collaborating with other institutions we want to expand test networking and to become the convenient test lab.  to our client. And I believe our team will make it happen.”, Gennaka said positively.

Presentation by eight exhibitors, collaborating with Special Exhibition in February: “Medical Market – Next Market for SMEs”.

20140218_MOBIO-Cafe Meeting 002

Watch, listen and ask! Product explanation by using display models and case study by exhibitors were very interesting and informative to the participants in the MOBIO CAFE MEETING.

・FUTAKU PRECISION MACHINERY INDUSTRY COMPANY – Exclusive product for medial market

Developed the epoch-making Beta-titanium flexible tube, featuring excellent applicability with higher flexibility and bending characteristics as well as superior strength and pipes with spiral grooves by means of fine laser machining technology. They have introduced the world first single foramen type forceps with flexion more than two places.

29-1  29-2

・MAKISHINKO CO., LTD. – Medical use as one of applications

From stage equipment to rocket launch pads their unique gear transmission technology provides reliable support.

Low noise and low vibration movement for precise point control. Jack is used to locate magnetic head of MRI.


・ASUKA MEDICAL CO., LTD. - Exclusive product for medial market

No need for manual washing by hospital staff to avoid infection. Metal gadgets, operational forceps, micro instruments are cleaned by ultra sonic only by hot water at 93C  in a cabinet. No additional detergent is required and free to dispose cleaning fluid after the process.


・BEST CORPORATION - Medical use as one of applications

Manufactures knitted metal wires (diameter is from 0.1 mm to 0.6 mm at mass production basis) made of stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and etc. for automobile industry. Application is versatile for vibration-proofing, filter of inflator and etc. Newly compressed titanium mesh has been installed in a new machine and is under medical evaluation.


・MATSUNAMI GLASS IND., LTD. - Exclusive product for medial market

Displaying 50 μ thickness glass plate in the MOBIO Permanent Booth. The ultra thin glasses are used for mobile phones and car navigation units. A globally reputed fine glass versatile company manufactures superior cleanliness of glass surface and crack-free glass to be used in pathology laboratories.


・YUVI ZOUKEI CO., LTD. - Medical use as one of applications

Manufactures models at small lot without creating molds and forms a synthetic resin product having an undercut part totally integrated in house to save new product confidentiality.

An anatomical models (skin, skull) are developed collaborating with medical laboratory of the university and provides the sense of touch reproduced by medical data, good for surgical training and demonstration of medical equipment.


・USUTANI DENSHI CO., LTD. - Medical use as one of applications

Manufactures an ultra-miniature welder exclusively used for metallic thin film and thin wire. Due to very short conducting pulses, heat damage is small and operation is safe at very low driving voltage without concern of electric shock even for doctors to weld surgical devices.

USU-1  USU-2

・SHIN-NIHON TECH INC. - Medical use as one of applications

Fluorine film with a thickness less than 1μm is formed at a low process temperature below 98℃ to provide components with non-adhesive, water repellent and oil repellent properties without pre-treatment (blasting). As well as a medical use, adhesion of an adhesive to a working tool is suppressed, and also it contributes to productivity improvement.


Next MOBIO CAFE MEETING  is scheduled on March 5, starting 18:00

View MOBIO site for details in Japanese.

To guests from various countries MOBIO provides as much information on manufacturing SMEs as possible. To most of visitors explanation in a MOBIO hall is most useful to understand industries. By reviewing actual products, they can study No.1 and Only 1 technology developed by Osaka SMEs.

On Feb. 14 visitors studied plastic products displayed at KOMORI JUSHI CO., LTD.

140214 PREX 004

Visit MOBIO with a advance booking. English guided tour is available.

On Fe. 14, MOBIO co-hosted facility’s 10th anniversary event and shared information on

“New Market Entry – How SME has penetrated”.

P1050609  P1050621

Key note speaker: Prof. Hiyoshi                                       Media videoed the event

P1050639  P1050614


Panel discussion                                                                     Listening seriously


Check latest event at MOBIO site  and MOBIO Facebook.


Watch, listen and ask to the presenters from Medical Exhibition in the MOBIO CAFE MEETING.

Date: February 18 (Tue)   Time:18:00 through 20:00

Let’s learn how these SMEs entered medical market!

1) Ultrasonic Sringe Dryer: ASUKAMEDICAL CO., LTD.


2) Fluorine Coating on Edged Tools - SHIN-NIHON TECH INC.


3) Beta-titanium Flexible Tubes and Spiral Pipes: FUTAKU PRECISION MACHINERY INDUSTRY COMPANY


4) Micro-Hole Components for minimum flow control: OSAKA MANUFACTORY INC.


5) Precise Positioning Tool at Medical Equipment: MAKISHINKO CO., LTD.


6) Anatomical Models: YUVI ZOUKEI CO., LTD.


See you on Feb. 18.

In the MOBIO hall there’s another hot discussion even if it was very cold evening.

Samples were passed around.


1) Sealing technology – SHARP CHEMICAL IND. CO., LTD.

Manufactures wide range of sealants , adhesives and waterproofing materials to meet the needs of industry and the home. Holding a paten t of SK-pouch to compress used tube to 1/10.

Same color seal sample                   SK pouch: Upper-Before,    Bottom-After compressed

DSCN6221   DSCF4822

2) Manipulate light and time for sunshine testing – KANSAI LABORATORY CO., LTD.

Light resistance testing for a short time material development of automobiles, plastic or construction. One year’s deterioration can be verified in 2 to 3 days assisted by long experience.

Test plate for UV tester

DSCN6264    DSCN6253

                                                                                                          Result:   Far left: Original

                                                                                                                            Far right: Deteriorated by longer UV exposure

3) Fine ceramics machining in Osaka- ASTEK IRIE CO., LTD.

Even at Osaka 3D machining process is available. Provides versatile development services for a fine ceramics preproduction.

DSCN6272   DSCN6284

Many NC machines process even smaller quantity                          Machined fine ceramics

The next Cafe Meeting is scheduled on Feb. 18. Exhibitors at “SME & Medical” exhibition will make a product presentation.

Utilizing their high technology, SMEs are trying to enter a medical market, however they are facing difficulties to overcome legal requirements and business risks. Check out practical samples for the feasibility study to enter medical market. You will find valuable hints for your operation. Check out practical samples for the feasibility study to enter medical market.

【Period】 Feb. 4 thru Feb. 27, 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays

【Location】 MOBIO Permanent Exhibition Hall, 2nd floor

Moreover exhibitors’ product presentation will be held on Feb. 18 starting 18:00 as “MOBIO CAFE MEETING.
Participate this meeting and communicate directly with SMEs who have already started medical business.
–> View details here in Japanese

<Outline of product display and exhibitors>
Components are explained by an illustration how they are mounted on a unit for easier understanding.


Suitable to input medicine to cell culture and possible to control flow rate at the world smallest amount level.

acua 1   acua

2) Ultrasonic Sringe Dryer – ASUKAMEDICAL CO., LTD.

No need for manual washing by hospital staff. Metal gadgets, operational forceps, micro instruments are cleaned only by hot water  in a cabinet.

asuka 1   aska

3)Ultra-Miniature Welder  - USUTANI DENSHI CO., LTD.

Doctor’s choice for stent welding. Safe operation at very low driving voltage.

usutani 1   usutani

4)Micro-Hole Components for minimum flow control - OSAKA MANUFACTORY INC.

A nozzle head parts with holes of 100 μm diameter. Installed in a high pressure pump of blood testing apparatus.

osaka 1   osaka

5)Ultimately Smooth  Artificial Joint - KIDA VALVE BALL CO., LTD.

Based on valve ball production technology,  their joint shows sphericity at less than 1μ and surface roughness at less than Ra0.03.

kida   kida2

6)Mammography Diagnostic  - Climb Medical Systems, Inc.

Specifications are order to make by the needs. Installed with high resolution monitors dedicated to read mammogram images instantly.

climb 1   climb

7)Fluorine Coating on Edged Tools - SHIN-NIHON TECH INC.

Fluorine film with a thickness less than 1μm provides components with non-adhesive and water repellent.

shinnihon 1   shinnihon

8)Suction and Drainage Apparatus - SUMIRE CORPORATION

No needs to replace caps to a drainage bottle. Simple and safety drainage operation.

sumire01   sumire


9)Prosthetic Implant, Artificial Joint - NARA SEIKO INC.

Applying ultra-precision parts for optical equipment to medical devices and tools.

nara 1   nara

10)Beta-Titanium Flexible Tubes and Medical Tools – FUTAKU PRECISION MACHINERY INDUSTRY COMPANY

Highly anti-corrosive, strong, light and flexible beta titanium pipes with spiral grooves by means of fine laser machining technology.

29 1   29

11)Flexible Metal Knit Mesh – BEST CORPORATION

Knitted mesh netting made of fine metal wire. Application is versatile for vibration-proofing, filter of inflator and etc.

best   best 1

12) Precise Positioning at Medical Equipment - MAKISHINKO CO., LTD.

Low noise and low vibration movement for precise point. Jack is used to locate magnetic head of MRI.

maki   makishinko

13)Japan’s Microscope Glass Cover Leader - MATSUNAMI GLASS IND., LTD.

A globally reputed fine glass versatile company provides superior cleanliness of glass surface and crack-free glass for automatic insertion machines.

matsunami 1   matsunami

14)Orthodontic Wire for Shorter Treatment Period - MARUEMU WORKS CO., LTD.

Exclusive wire forming technology and new methods of bending developed a new beta-titanium wire.

maruemu 2   maruemu

15)Washer Needle for Periodontal Disease - MORITA SEISHINSHO CO.

Advanced pipe swaging technology developed four pinhole needle for root canal irrigation.

morita 1   morita

16)Make Surgical Training More Practical - YUVIZOUKEI CO., LTD.

An anatomical model providing the sense of touch reproduced by medical data, good for surgical training.

yubi 1   yubi

Check out practical samples for the feasibility study how you can enter the medical market.

Other valuable information is available at MOBIO site. Click here.