CEO Hamano is posing with a prince MOBIO at a MOBIO technology hall

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview. No.35 is Mr. Hamano *** HI-TECHNOS CO., LTD. *** (link to Japnese page)
– A waste water treatment equipment using flocculants

The economical system with a shorter lead time – an ideal equipment for SMEs

hitechnos system  System =  inorganic flocculant + oil separating machine

Developed the hybrid waste water treatment  system, consisted of  inorganic flocculant and oil separating system

Noticing flocculant reaction effect,  Hamano designed the two step water treatment system. “I believe I have developed and can propose a suitable equipment to SMEs. A waste water is primarily condensed by flocculant agent at most part and is secondarily purified through a simple oil separation machine. Our system is considerably cost competitive comparing to a  large plant system costing more than JPY 100 million,” Hamano said.

Combining a flocculants with oil separating system, the new hybrid water treatment system was created. Because of economical operation, it attracted SME’s attention nationwidely. Their entry model costs only JPY three million initially with monthly cost of flocculants JPY twenty thousand. So SMEs would be possible to install such an equipment at their premise.

Live purification of customer’s turbid water is effective

floculant   Quite obvious result

(Left) Waster water from a customer    (Right) Treated by flocculant

Hamano said, “It is too much for SMEs to install an expensive equipment because their factories drain a little oil-water. It is like to put the cart before the horse if they could save environment, consumed corporate gains and faced a deficit. So we are approaching SMEs who are not considered as potential customers by large equipment companies. We will be Jerry in a cartoon of “Tom and Jerry” and always will be running around big Tom to solve issues of SMEs.”

Whenever he needs to propose solution to customers, the marketing manager by nature Hamano makes it dramatically by his own style, called “amusing scientific experiment. “For senior CEOs or managers it doesn’t ring the bell to explain by a PC or a tablet terminal. So I have asked them to bring their turbid oil-water in a container, then pour flocculants into it. Its water instantly is purified to become a clear water in front of them. And I hear voices ‘Oh!’ from customers. This live demonstration has no tricks and proves performance of our equipment,” Hamano said.

Further development to separate non-oil contamination from turbid

hof ssytem  Regeneration system of grinding lubricant, HOF series

(Accepted by machining factories to extend lubricant product life)

Knowing their water treatment system, SME who needed to remove a heavy metal from turbid started call Hamano for help. He again “INNOVATED and CHALLENGED” to respond to market needs as a corporate strategy. “Applying the same principle of  inorganic flocculant to collect suspended solid, we are now capable to condense any materials in a water as long as they carry a positive or negative charge. And we have responded to various treatment request other than oil separation”, Hamano said. They have developed a heavy metal drainage system, a  regeneration system of grinding lubricant, a flocculants for aluminum nitride with zeolite and etc. Lately they are asked to remove difficult to treat materials such as  fluorine and boron. Their challenge continues. On top of flocculants, they are developing new products of adsorption or membrane filtration.

It is in line of Hamano’s business plan. “Our dream is to establish a one-stop drainage solution business. From an inlet to an outlet of factory drainage, we would like to handle all of issues. As of today our business is to install a water treatment facility only and in future we will handle separated soil to dehydrate, dry and incinerate”, Hamano said.

Interviewed on March 4, 2014

Five exhibitors at the March special exhibition – ECO TECH explained their products on March 18 Cafe Meeting.

全体  ぜんたい2

Crowded                                                                                              Product demonstration

1) A shape memory cushion – Nissin Plastics Co., Ltd.

Th cushion “Cubeads” is reusable and capable to disperse a body pressure. By releasing air from a  cushion, a positioned shape will be fixed to provide assistance for the patients at nursing homes or hospitals. The cushion is made of foamed styrol, designed by reverse injection theory. It works effectively as a bedsore preventing cushion.

日新2   日新1

positioned as required

2) A photocatalyst coating liquid - NAGAMUNE SANGYOU INC.

HANNOUCOAT is a liquid type of photo catalyst based on Titanium hydroxide. By spraying, it shows photocatalytic activity over a long period of time without the degradation by an outdoor and indoor sulfur component and reduces cleaning water or detergent. Its effect has been shown at a guard rail installed in a street intersection, Tokyo.

長宗3   長宗1

(Left sample) good hydrophilic effect

3) Hybrid lighting ballast - SETSUDEN-KOBO INC.

Their inverter ballast installed with an exclusive program, called “SKD” series, reduces power consumption at an electrode of  a fluorescent lamp up to 50%. Moreover product life span of present straight tube fluorescent lamps will extend. They compare products at presentation among conventional type, inverter type and SKD type.

節電2   節電1

two tubes shown blue in the screen are SKD series

4) Heat insulation coating - CHUGAI SHOKO CO., LTD.

“Thermo resin SV” is a heat insulation coat containing special hollow particles. When it is coated to a surface of a thermal equipment, the resign reduces heat loss due to radiation utilizing theory of thermos and improves working environment. At presentation they use a thermography to compare heat loss.

中外1   中外2

(Right sample)SV coat shows low radiation by blue graph in the screen

5) Rain and waste water tank - SAN-EI FAUCET MFG CO., LTD.

Collecting a rain water and a waste water from a bath in the tank, San-Ei proposes to use its water as a flushing water in a bathroom or a water spray after disinfection with chlorine at a home, a school or a factory. They are planning to introduce new series, called “SHIGARAKI ware tank” – Japanese traditional ware to be used as an exterior decoration as well.

三栄1   三栄2

Water tank                                                                                        Shigaraki tank design

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fuji crank   lobtex REDDOT受賞

1) Cutout model of automobile crank shaft                      2) Cordless electric riveter

1) Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100

FUJI ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY has been selected by The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan as one of the Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100 for its high frequency induction heating devices.



Lobtex’s Cordless Riveter R1B1 is the winner of REDDOT AWARD 2014! The model was awarded by iF product design in 2013. The model was awarded by iF product design in 2013.

View LOBTEX details.


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Advanced green technology by Osaka SME is eligible to be certified as “ECO TECH” technology or product by the Research Institute of Environment, Osaka Prefecture can be entitled with a logo mark.

1656357_481732551938419_614427343_n ECO-TECH       全体


The SK Pouch, a Greener Sealant Container


Rain and waste water tank


A liquid type of photo catalyst based on Titanium hydroxide, HANNOUCOAT


Electronic lighting ballast for a fluorescent lamp


A shape memory cushion to disperse a body pressure


A micro-hydroelectric system


A waste water treatment facility


Heat insulation coating (thermoresin)


A exhaust vapor heat collector


A heat shield roof paint with high reflectance

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In the MOBIO technology hall you couldn’t miss interesting product presentation by three exhibitors.

On March 5th MOBIO CAFE MEETING participants had chances to  watch, touch display samples.


1) Producing only quality hex.  bolts - KONGOBYORA CO., LTD

Complying with strict standard JIS1180 KONGO produces the cold forged hex bolts ranging from 3 mm to 24 mm. Application of their technology goes further to automotive flange bolts, motorbike headed spacers with no welding process, headed core bolts for paper cutter with no machining process and etc. Once they were asked to produce golden rivets for jeans!

KNG1  KNG3 Golden rivet

2) Creating products and dreams! - OMINE CHEMISTRY CO., LTD.

Their core product is plastic thumb bolts. Softness of  ”Pro-Neji” is achieved by using a double-layer structure of nylon resin and specially developed elastomer resin. Because they are involved in product development project from the beginning and have manufacturing experience over 50 years, OMINE is capable to manufacture suitable bolts for the specific usage, such as thermosetting plastic bolts for operation tables.


“ENIMO” is a Pro-Neji character. Try to read backward…

3) Beautifully bent! Continuous proposal of leak free products - SANEI METALLIC WORK PLACE CO., LTD.

Due to technologies of injection molding, insert molding, outsert molding, etc. SANEI applies integral molding to parts that previously were molded separately, thus achieving rationalization and expanding of mass production. The new factory in Viet Nam is their supply base for Asian market.

SN1   SN2 Lamp shade


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CEO Kimura is holding the golden popup OSAKA castle made of the metal plate

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview. No.34 is Mr. Kimura *** EIGHT-TEC. CO., LTD.  (Read more) ***

– Precision sheet metal stamping, Prototype manufacturing

“Yes I can do it” policy assisted Kimura to acquire necessary expertise

 プレス  One of their stamped prototype model

The industry’s leading custom stamping expert, EIGTH-TEC handles every aspect of metal stamping to produce precision-engineered metal stamping prototypes for electronics and medical equipment on a short delivery basis. Entering customer’s 3D data or drawing data to CAD/CAM system, they operate laser processing machines, CNC turret punch presses and other modern equipment to create complex shape.

“Since every request is to design a completely custom made product, I wondered how to produce and then studied hardly to acquire expertise through OJT”, Kimura explained.

After working as an engineer at a pipe manufacturing company he has established his company at the age of 43. When he was called to start his own company, he had confidence to win the game by using new machinery without any difficulties. When a PC was introduced in Japan, the young Kimura became a PC fan and made several computer programming by himself. Actually after the short lecture by the machinery companies he has learned all the rest by himself.

“From the company start-up every job was a valuable lesson to me. By accepting all requests (saying YES to customers) I could have acquired necessary business skills. And today what a man in the same trade is  sometimes surprised to know I could make such a complex shape,” Kimura said.

Competitive technology to produce micro-size metal stamping prototype

試作   Samples of micro prototype

Out of many metal stamping prototype manufacturers EIGTH-TEC is capable to fabricate the order-to-make micro components by their exclusive technology. Digitally controlled machinery could not always make a tiny concave or convex finish, or a curved surface. At EIGHT-TEC they further use a manual press machine with the exclusive dies and tools to create any shape requested by customers. They have learned such an artisan’s skil through on the job training.

Kimura said, “From the foundation of the company we had no marketing staffs but cultivated business only by an introduction or a reputation. Today about 70 percent of our business is from the irregular customers and there are no major accounts. In prototype production market, there are very few companies who are capable to produce micro stamping models. So even in a recession we receive orders continuously.”

石鹸カッター  A Custom-made soap cutter, receiving orders from overseas

Lately many customers find EIGHT-TEC on a web site or a blogs and send and order via internet.

For example he has received a request to produce a cutter to divide a hand-made soap lump. Although he has no experience in soap production, he willingly accepted to develop the suitable product. Studying the production process on an internet Kimura has finally come to know possible solution to divide a soap by use of a piano wire. Then he just needed to ask a size of soap to the customer. As a result he has completed to the soap divider and the customer was quite satisfied. Now his effort was well known on the web and then custom made soap producers request the product on and on. He loves to develop something new.

Developing an original design unit to open an exclusive market

Kimura’s basic policy of “Innovation and Challenge” is creating the originally designed products to avoid price competition, that will fit to the needs of the society.

The first product was the hypochlorous acid generator named “NatuLyzor ET”. It is the 5 minutes electrolyzed water generator to sterilize a wide variety of harmful microorganisms including norovirus, colon bacilli, O-157 bacteria, and salmonella.

ナチュライザー  NatuLyzor ET

Utilizing its technology, Kimura is developing the next product to supply people in emerging countries outside Japan with safe drinking water by use of solar power generation, called “Mineraly”, funded by the government of Japan. Its facility will purify and sterilize water of the reservoir at villages with no power source.

Kimura developed the sweeper prototype robot for the aquarium water tank. And then applying its hydraulic turbine technology, he is involved in a new project to design a micro water power generator to be kept at administrative organizations as a backup generator in case of a disaster.

“I am glad to establish the company. And Product manufacturing is a really fun to me!” Kimura said. On weekends he comes to the office and is willing to study new engineering technology or to enter operational data.

He proves “What one likes, one will do best.” The original PC boy continues to make an attack.

Interviewed on February 26, 2014.