CEO Yamada believes  that CEO is to be a good field supervisor for employees and must approach to the center of the meetings and to the issues to collect proper information directly. On top of his famous 3S activities to have converted his factory as “a good salesperson”, Yamada is pursuing a new business platform by promoting the branded product, Y-Decl product.

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started
“INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview
No.38 is Mr. Yamada of *** YAMADA MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. (Read more) ***

社長 500 Yamada is welcoming visitors from all-over the world.

– Sheet metal cans, Metal chambers, Y-Decl brand schedule board

●The first step to innovate and challenge was 3S activity

(Note: 3S is the name of a workplace organization methodology that uses three words, Sorting, Setting-in-Order, Shining)

morning meeting Following to the morning meeting, Yamada members shine machineries and floors.

At the time of worldwide economic downturn in 2008 Yamada had called a lot of corporations and faced difficulty to open a new account. Yamada said “At the meeting with target customers I was often asked if my company had any strength comparing to others and I could not reply to it effectively. My company was just like one of SMEs who have no specialities.”

One day he participated in a 3S activity seminar with his brother (a senior director) and noticed one of his customers made a presentation as a success model. Listening to presentation, Yamada firmly believed “This is it! We shall become the 3S promoters!”. He formed the study group and improved together with member companies and then has successfully modified his factory that attracts worldwide visitors to learn 3S activities in Japan.

●Search for Customer’s Comfort adding to Customer’s Satisfaction

スラリー 300 Yamada’s metal parts for slurry ice at sea port

Yamada started the new marketing program to include factory tour. “We are practically conduct a methodology, a good factory is the best salesperson. Our total operation, including factory management system and worker’s training program, has provided customers with corporate assurance and affected sales turnover”, Yamada said proudly.

His next goal is to contribute customer’s comfort and reliance. Yamada explained, “We visualize our 3S activities but also work status regular report via internet to inform latest progress to customers. And with that I believe we will build up customer’s satisfaction and will result in next order that may takes a few months to complete. This is my new goal to create customer’s comfort and customer’s reliance on top of customer’s satisfaction.”

●Introduction of branded products

管理ボード_ブラック 500 Y-DECL logo 300

Yamada started marketing of their own brand “Y-Deckl” board.  ”Whenever we were asked by factory visitors if we marketed the operation control board or not, we used to reply to them that you might produce by yoruselves. One of our client proposed its merchandising to us and jointly developed the new board. Well, I need to admit it really is more convenient to use! At trade shows it attracts visitors attention,” Yamada said.

Lastly Yamada mentioned his target to come. “We take on as a subcontractor, we need to deal with more major companies directly. Internally we eagerly wanted to market an exclusive product. In that sense  I am quite happy to materialize it under our brand ‘Y-Decl’. Of course though 3S activities I would like to make my company to convey messages to Japanese companies through 3S activities,” Yamada said.

Interviewed on June 5, 2014

Based on Osaka local governmental fund, a MOBIO exhibitor - SOUKI SYSTEMS CO., LTD. is organizing a special training program of human resources. At Jun. 18 MOBIO Cafe Meeting the trainees from three groups reported their study progress on environment and energy issues following to their January presentation.

デモ飛行 DSC_6266-1024x687  P1050794

1) Inspection system by a VTOL (quadcopter)

2) Plant incubation kit and wind mill system

3) Visual control system for an automatic parts delivery and for an appearance inspection

The young engineers research unknown subjects to them, not sticking to their favorite issues, and showed  their positive attitude to business.

Next MOBIO Cafe Meeting is scheduled on July 4, starting from 1800 at MOBIO hall.

Three MOBIO exhibitors, who are promoting state-of-the-art technology, made product presentation on June 3 in the MOBIO hall at Cafe Meeting.

1) Thin metal body fabrication – YAMADA MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. (see more)


From 1.5 mm thick stainless  steel plate Yamada mainly fabricates the  industrial dryer bodies and the industrial furnace chambers reducing deformation caused by welding.

Their technology is applied by young operators who have self-confidence and proudly explain corporate superiority. Their confidence has been created through Yamada’s famous 3S activity, accepting more than  200 factory tours, 900 visitors from Germany, Italy and other countries in a year.


There is a legend story for MOBIO technology hall. Reviewing fabrication technology of the display, one business man called Yamada and said  ”I am standing in front of your MOBIO booth and I badly need this technology. May I visit your factory right now?”. That is how Yamada’s export business had started.


The latest and the first house brand product by Yamada is “Y-decl” operation flow board. It simplifies the operation procedure visibly to all employees, in order to visualize total processflow.

2) Micro deep hole machining – OSAKA MANUFACTORY INC. (see more)


Osaka is known as a technology holder of micro deep hole machining at a high‐aspect‐ratio, exclusive process of removing tiny burrs and in 2009  received an award of excellence at The Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Awards by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Their precision components (made of aluminium, stainless steel, titanium and copper) are installed in semiconductor manufacturing devices and LED manufacturing devices. And the latest application is for medial equipment; especially for the haematological test equipment at diabetes testing used globally.

Osaka makes micro holes at thin metal pipes by using 10 micron drills, that is thinner than hairs. Additionally inside those pipes there are no burrs removed by the secret technology. Machining the burr-free micro holes has been studied at Osaka and now is evaluated as their superiority in the industry.

3) Thermal barrier and insulation coating material - CHUGAI SHOKO CO., LTD. (see more)


Responding to the big demand of factory temperature reduction, Chugai is developing the new coating materials for heating chambers to reduce radiation heat. Chugai’s exclusive thermo-resin insulation method is to create thermos-like structure by sandwiching coating materials and insulation sheet to decrease heat radiation.

By simply coating Thermo-resin SV it helps to shut heat radiation from heating furnaces and improves energy efficiency, that contributes to energy savings at factories. The winning hit of the resin is easy to coat even by normal workers,  not by professionals, and to save labor cost.

DSC_6034  DSC_6033
Radiation heat live test. The surface temperature of the left model is 120C and the right 140C. However by infrared thermography examination, the left looks red and indicates much heat is radiated. The right, coated by thermo resin SV, looks blue and indicates heat radiation is prevented.

The next MOBIO Cafe Meeting is scheduled on June 18.

Join the meeting to know how trainees studied at Souki Systems and review how your company will cooperate with them.