July 23 was hot in Osaka and at the MOBIO Cafe Meeting. Both at product presentation and at discussion with drinks, participants talked energetically about better business transaction flow and cross industry collaboration. At the Cafe Meeting they communicated and exchanged ideas without any hesitation.


●One stop service for machine control system



TANAHASHI designs switch box program and electrical circuit to control machinery. Their integrated sequencer management with ladder diagram from parts procurement to board assembly is considered to be very unique in Japan.

Reviewing user’s request with an industry machine manufacturer they design just as it is desired; and secure enough electric power at installation site by additional electric work  when necessary. LAN wiring is available by TANAHASHI  for remote PC operation.

DSC_6518  Showing inside the MOBIO display model

DSC_6521 ”We can control every electrical operation”

●Thinks about “heat” and creates “heat”



Heaters are used to provide services nearby. Dental gargle water is supplied at slightly warm. ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System used in Japanese high way) is protected from freezing by heater system in winter.

KAWAI works as a “heat consultant” and proposes the suitable heaters and heating locations for the facilities and equipment respectively throughout discussion to the finish with each users finding actual needs.

KAWAI thinks about “heat” and creates “heat.”


The sheet swarms with heating wires and is designed to emit heat evenly when it is installed to the applicable product.

DSC_6523    DSC_6530

Other than Silicone Rubber Heaters, Film Heaters, Cartridge Heaters, Sheathed Heaters, they manufacture more heaters such as Tube Heaters at various width or size to meet the needs.


●If it were not for suitable magnet, manufacture at any shape!

- MAGTEC. CO., LTD. (read more)


MAGTEC is specialized in designing and manufacturing versatile magnets from consume-use magnet sheets to magnet parts installed in  MRI and other medical equipment. Their strength is to create products with made-to-order excellent magnetic characteristics containing minor metals such as neodymium and samarium-cobalt.

MAGTEC has the Japan’s largest standard SKUs of  minor metal magnets for immediate delivery from a production site in Osaka area and is capable to manufacture prototype magnets quickly even from one piece.


This is a sample model made of  neodymium, supposed to have about 400 Kgt magnetic force.


This small sample is made of samarium-cobalt for PCB manufacturing jigs, that has little magnetic force avoiding any interference to the board.

Their Japanese WEB site has been renewed just recently. View from here http://www.magtec.co.jp/

Coming up the next MOBIO Cafe Meeting

It is called “Grand” MOBIO Cafe Meeting (read more)

Date: Aug. 5  from 15:00

Presentation by 21 Companies
Iwate pref.: 15 companies
Fukushima pref.: four companies
Osaka pref.: two companies

Send your registration in advance to participate from here.


“DEVELOP SUCCESS FROM FAILURES” is a firm belief of Dr. Matsuo acquired through experiences at institutions and universities. He is developing safety environment when in use of  the rechargeable ion batteries and the next generation energy source (called a new renewable energy source).

Find out why and how president of MOBIO exhibitors have started
“INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview No.40 is Mr. Matsuo of ***MICRO VEHICLE LAB., LTD. (Read more) ***


●An about-face on corporate policy as an enginnering company

Lithium ion batteries are widely used as the power source in mobile phones, laptop PCs and electric vehicles and are considered to be cost oriented product in the industry. MICRO VEHICLE LAB. sourced battery cells initially from Korea, then changed to China and finally faced bankruptcy of Chinese factory. Due to unreasonable designing to save cost excessively it caused product failures in the market and credibility to lithium ion batteries was decreasing. However, MICRO VEHICLE LAB. is capable to manufacture the desired battery unit from small quantity with high quality. Learn why it has become possible.


●High quality created by advanced technology

Under unpredictable market battery condition, MICRO VEHICLE LAB. made one decision.
Matsuo said., “Price only business would be easily discontinued by the buyer when its price was no more competitive. Therefore I had determined to switch cells to Made-in-Japan models and I would pay price premium for its safety and reliability that enabled us to have face-to-face discussion with cell suppliers. Rather I would like to add more value to battery units and market as the high quality product.”

At the same time Matsuo understood it was necessary to open the new market by himself as a risk hedge and so he entered the Fukui University to learn the new way of research. For three years he had studied engineering as an adult student and graduated as a doctor of engineering. His expertise was appreciated and he was invited to join the National project to develop an environmentally friendly vessel that did not pollute lakes.


●Develop safe and environmentally friendly power units

Matsuo is collaborating with large enterprises and universities in Japan in order to develop hybrid batteries with higher capacity for industrial market. Moreover he is planning to expand business category from lithium batteries to the next generation energy source (called a new renewable energy source), mobile peripheral devices and effective utility electricity delivery system (called smart-grid).

MICRO VEHICLE LAB., LTD. is  continuously receiving calls from large enterprises. Matsuo explains its reason, “Because I am entitled as the doctor of engineering certified by Fukui University, my company is known as prestigious corporation and is drawing market attention.” On top of that, Matsuo informs his policy to manufacture safely at high quality through multiple PR activities such as giving a lecture on a battery, publishing an article in a technical book, participating in ‘Int’l Rechargeable Battery Expo’ in Tokyo every year.

DSCN7204   DSCN7225

Because of his sincere attitude toward safety first policy, Matsuo is in a position to purchase battery cells exceptionally from cell manufacturers who normally do not allow direct business with SMEs. “We do not think it is good enough simply to sell products as many as possible but we will assist product development by designing safe and environmentally friendly battery unit”, Matsuo said.

MICRO VEHICLE LAB., LTD. does not think about their immediate profit only, but seeks for reliable manufacturing. Matsuo’s manufacturing spirit stands in a safe and high quality lithium battery unit.

Interviewed on June 19, 2014

The SK Pouch decreases the volume of waste by 90 percent and is made with 80 percent less material than typical containers, making this product a greener alternative. Unlike conventional manual cartridge-type containers, the SK Pouch can be managed by hand or with a tool.


Two exhibitors started display at MOBIO technology hall from July.

●UNI METAL CO., LTD. (read more)

Power-saving lighting system (called Uni Lighting System) is best for high-ceiling lighting in factories and warehouses.

It is consisted of  electrodeless lamp and high-performance reflecting shades resulting in efficient and diffused lighting.


●K. Asakawa Metal Works Co., Ltd. (read more)

KATAGAMI METAL® is a high-quality die-casting products created by traditional crafts with modern technology.

The GLEAMING HOUSE® brand tableware is created from the integrated production from planning to the manufacturing of the finished product.



See the latest exhibitor’s list from here.


“Tackle every challenge without being afraid of failure” and “Challenge your own limits” were frequently mentioned during the interview. Knowing craftsmanship of the newcomer cannot catch up with forerunners easily, Sakaida has continuously invested in facility renovation. That’s how he maintains his business policy, “NEVER SAY NO TO CUSTOMERS REQUEST”. Sakaida is the engine of corporate growth.

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started

“INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview

No.39 is Mr. Sakaida of *** KOKUYO ALUMINUM INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION (Read more) ***

1 002

- Metal Spinning, 3D Laser Processing (cutting and welding), 2D Laser Processing

 ●New business style

Kokuyo entered spinning business as a follower and installed mechanical spinning system to distinguish from forerunners.

Sakaida could start supply litter bins and ash trays to an environmental equipment company , roasters to a grill meat chain restaurant, ash trays and litter bins for department stores and Japan National Railway.


Sakaida recalled,”Manual spinning  was supply oriented market. Prevailed artisan spirit did not respond to demand side request to shorten delivery schedule. Customers were asked to request anyone else for any changes. Under such condition, Kokuyo could shorten lead time and reduced cost by use of mechanical spinning machine. Because customers were tired of old business style, naturally they switched to source from Kokuyo.”

●3D laser machine ignited continuous investment

When machine spinning business became in place, Kokuyo introduced 3D laser machine in 1995 when SME had not installed it at all and only a few large manufacturers could use them.

Sakaida mentioned, “I had invested JPY 80 million although our annual sales was JPY 200 only. And trade competitors gossiped that Kokuyo might go into bankrupt because of excessive investment. However I was quite confident to success because I had already noticed potential demand of production system without molds.”

This venture was the initiation of the rapid growth of corporation. Kokuyo had received huge small order mix, which was too little to make molds for each production run. Moreover Kokuyo could have responded to customers’ demand to supply with shorter lead time and at competitive cost. Half a year later their facility became in a full capacity.

Receiving versatile add-on request Kokuyo had set 2D laser machine, laser welding machine and etc. one after another. Accordingly Sakaida had established an integrated metal manufacturing operation as their convenient service for customers. Kokuyo’s success has been brought by earlier installation of 3D laser machine and its return of investment on“first-come-first-served” basis. Sakaida had utilized its gain to install new equipment additionally and resulted in another profit as the front-runner.

His business strategy resulted in success. Kokuyo’s sales had doubled each year and 7 years later its sales went up to JPY 500 million from JPY 50 million when Sakaida jointed Kokuyo. This success was widely reported by the national TV station as “the company who has increased sales by 10 times”.

●Challenged hard-to-process order to identify the corporate capability

For Sakaida “challenge” means not to escape but to tackle every order even if it is hard-to-process. He said, “I always request our staffs to challenge their own limits. Knowing own capability and limits, we can make a tangible goal to improve our skills and visit customers with confidence.”

The real capability must be shown in the fight hilt to hilt. Their daily effort has been proved to be efficient in case of national project. Even major companies declined the request, Kokuyo could had processed the experimental equipment and had been awarded by the orderer. Sakaida said “It was to process huge metal ball with 9 mm thick plate and was the very expensive unit. At that time I mentioned to our staffs to tackle it and leave all responsibilities to the company if they could not meet the request. It took a lot of time and attention to finish with a little profit, however our staffs could improve abilities and Kokuyo was known as the company who accepts any order that might be rejected by large companies.”

●Another challenge

Sakaida seeks for further innovation at Kokuyo and is entering the new business category, Energy Business. He has opened a new factory by investing JPY 170 million and hired exclusive members in the Yao city (Osaka pref.). Although it is totally new business to Kokuyo, Sakaida has decided to start the new operation. “It must be quite thrilling. Sometimes we need stakes in our life!” Sakaida said very positively.

Interviewed on June 17, 2014




Visit My Dome Osaka, Osaka city in July and find out technology developed by

TOHO CO, LTD. - Plastic Extrusion Specialist

P1050872 Adhesive extruded molding

P1050873 Lamp cover, lens of POLYCARBONATE RESIN

P1050882 Full range of TOHO’s products

Search for m items at MOBIO technology hall (see the exhibitor’s list).  

Aisle was fully occupied by the participants and something was different from previous sessions on July 4 MOBIO-Cafe Meeting. Let’s see why it was different…

It started as a normal Cafe Meeting.


●Tailored Design Foot Stools - TOKO METALS CO.,LTD.(see more)

DSCN7303 DSCN7312

In addition to builder’s hardware, particularly, joint hardware for the two-by-four construction method, Toko Metals has expanded business to social welfare market. Their foot stools for seniors are designed for bath room steps and easy to clean its stainless steel construction considering suggestions by 100 and more specialists.

They have developed products from users’ point of view. Steps to be used on or off the outdoor car endures 300 kgs and more weight and incorporated with non-slip sheet and reflector tape avoid any risks in the night.

“Fumidai.com” is their web shopping site for nationwide services and leads the order-made step search market in Japan.

Then it totally changed to show a surge of young power. Rookies from member companies of Osaka Chaos challenged to make a presentation in front of CEOs following to the corporate policy briefing by the CEO.

●Human Resources Development for Manufacturers - Osaka Chaos CO., LTD. (see more)

DSCN7316 Their activity has been recently reported by the National Paper
Three years have passed since foundation of the corporation funded by by 19 CEOs. It is one of the corporate goal of Osaka Chaos to develop employees’ talent because manufacturing SMEs had been assisted by workers. As the first step they focus to foster freshmen of Osaka Chaos member companies.

This time those new employees made presentation first time in public.

●Osaka Chaos CO., LTD.

He has explained corporate activities to be held in MOBIO, Manufacturing Joint Exhibition in August and Job Hunting Forum in October.
●SHIN-NIHON TECH INC. (see more)

Using the new board prepared for the meeting they have explained versatile product feature in detail. A two‐man comic style presentation was funny.


●KENTECH INC. (see more)

Her presentation on fine coating, surface treatment technologies ended with an impressive catch phrase, “Shall I beat you up ? (in Japanese ‘harden’ means ‘discipline’ as well !).

●FUKUCHI METAL CO., LTD. (see more)
Their explanation was on cold forging and stamping technology to fit to customer’s needs.Both of them were quite serious speaking in front of audiences.
His presentation was on in-house full scale production from die molds through press-formed parts and explained their latest activity, to utilize waste materials for second time.


●Futaba-Toso CO., LTD. (see more)

He explained their expertise in bake coating of metal parts of for industrial machinery metal frames through puttying and painting.

Thier pre-paint processing make the difference!


●Ohashi Metal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. (see more)
They were proud of dealing with winner’s items that directly relate to human activities. And their new trophy with a QR code is capable to activate championship video at mobile phones.

The next MOBIO-Cafe Meeting is scheduled on July 23 from 18:00 with presenters:


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Following to February special exhibition at the MOBIO tech. hall, Medical Market is So Close to SMEs! (see more from here),


Date: June 25 through 27

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight


Team MOBIO was consisted of three MOBIO hall exhibitors and was the first time to display jointly their latest medical products in Tokyo. Traffic was quite heavy and representatives from three companies were busy to explain features and characteristics of products.

(Read all about exhibitors in detail by clicking the corporate name below)

P1050814 Maruemu Works: “Gummetal” Orthodontic Wire

P1050819 Morita Seishinsho: Swaged Medical Pipes

P1050825 Nara Seiko:  Ligament Reconstruction Surgery Tool

More products are displayed at MOBIO Tech. Hall. Drop by and find what you are looking for.

For English guidance, please book in advance.