August 28 is the last day of display. Come and study Tohoku’s technology!


Touch samples! Ask questions! And start business relationship!

See how participants learned the products.


Leak-proof, Best reflectance ratio,  Optical clarity

Those were catch phrase used by three companies during product presentation on August 22.

●Airtight leak-proof containers

KINKI YOKI CO., LTD. (read more)

DSC_6665  DSC_6674

KINKI manufactures wide mouth plastic containers.  Their product lineup offers comprehensive choices of capacities, dimensions, materials, and features to accommodate a full range of needs and applications.

Having passed water pressure tests of the International Air Transport Association, their Hi-Bessel series of containers has a high level of air tightness such that they can safely hold objects during air transport overseas. And it is designed to be easily used in factories to transport  electrophile paste in Japan and outside Japan. Their secret of technology  is reverse taper & double-start thread construction.

DSC_6681  DSCF6439

Secret is reverse taper & double-start thread construction.

●Electrodeless lamps + high-performance reflecting shades

UNI METAL CO.,LTD (read more)

DSC_6687  脚立ULS little shadow

The Uni Lighting System (ULS) has demonstrated profound effect as a substitution for existing mercury lamps for high-ceiling lighting in factories and warehouses.

Unlike strong, direct lighting, such as that from LED and metal halide lamps, diffused lighting eliminates glare (blinding light) and uneven illumination with longer life expectancy (80 thousand hours vs. 60 thousand hours at LED) and at 1/3 power consumption than mercury lamps.

DSC_6690  DSC_6692

Uni has succeeded in developing large-scale molding technologies (vacuum molding), which, to date, has proven difficult to develop. MCPOLYCA (microcellular foamed PET sheet), developed by Fukukawa Electric Co., Ltd. which has the world’s best reflectance ratio (99%), is used in the reflecting shade.

●Plastic prototypes

ARIS CO., LTD.(English page is coming soon)

DSC_6699  DSC_6701

Two years ago the plastic prototyping company was established in Osaka. The corporate name was taken Active, Research, Idea, Challenge and Evolution. They are specialized in manufacturing clear models because see-through visualized models are best for inspecting individual parts movement inside the new casings.

DSC_6693  DSC_6708

ARIS has developed clear machined plastic technology capable of delivering superior surface finishes and optical clarity. During machining, they take care of customers’ plastic part and have the knowledge of plastics required to machine without blemishes. The final product is clear and free of any marks or scratches.


The next Cafe Meeting is scheduled on Sep. 3 by Neyagawa city companies

MOBIO offers several sessions for SMEs.

DSCF6388 DSCF6389
On August 19, SME managers participated in the presentation by METI ( Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan)

and Osaka Prefectural Government on “Global Niche Top Corporations and Characteristics of Break-Through Corporations in Japan”. Read upcoming events

●Business and academia collaboration is one of MOBIO services.

10550085_740253882699085_7336088165727600630_o   Industry University Alliance Zone Office (see more)

In collaboration with universities and research institutions, MOBIO supports local small and medium size companies with our innovative manufacturing activities.

● Intellectual Property assistance is another important function at MOBIO.

10511610_740253522699121_8747742415806403382_o IP office

The dedicated specialists are ready to assist legal and technical issues.

●Place for Cross-Industry Meeting is prepared.

10313079_740240679367072_2847753999083520730_n Casual session is available at MOBIO Cafe and MOBIO Cafe Meeting

Direct discussion in an informal manner is important to establish better relationship.

Drop by MOBIO and find informative services (see more).


MOBIO Cafe Meeting on Aug. 5 was a special meeting by companies from Iwate & Fukushima.

View photo movie from here.

It started with live demonstration. Participants were surprised by noticing product superiority.


The EV for students, consisted only by 100 units, moved very quietly.


The battery assisted tricycles are used to carry heavy items in factories.


The foot-shower relieved foot pains and made him sleepy.


Then the general session started. Companies from Tohoku market explained product feature to Osaka companies.

DSCF6229 DSCF6222 P1060010  P1060012

On top to general session, Tohoku companies and Osaka companies positively discussed and studied business issues in front of booths, at the tables. It was really a kick-off meeting.

August special exhibition by Tohoku companies ( from Iwate and Fukushima) runs from August 4 through August 28 at MOBIO technology hall.

With an exclusive technology to fabricate various shapes and holes, Kawai is able to provide ideal heat to objects.

Kawai is a “heat consultant” with an abundance of knowledge related to their customers’ equipment and technology, and they provide the necessary “heat” in the form of “heaters.” Read more here.