Watch MOVIE report of one of the exhibitors, Futaba Rubber Works.

To learn full report by three companies, join the Cafe Meeting in the MOBIO Tech. Hall.

The next session is to be held on Jan. 16.

At the MOBIO Cafe Meeting on Dec. 17, three companies explained their technologies.
Participants learned large nuts, sheet metal stamped parts and rubber products, followed by Q&A session about better business transactions.


The MOBIO Cafe Meeting is the place to go for direct communication with MOBIO exhibitors.

●Extremely Large Nuts at Better Quality


Over 70 years FUJI has devoted to manufacture high quality nuts used at bridge construction, shipbuilding and chemical plant construction to prevent critical parts from loosening. They assure traceability of  materials, strength and etc. proving their nuts match to customer’s precise specification.

DSC_8078                DSC_8082

Large castle nut to connect parts                                                       Extra Long Nut (500 mm)

of bridges and ships to prevent loosening                                       to reinforce bar (rebar) in high-rise buildings

 ●Stamped Metal Prototypes

USHIO CO., LTD. (read more)


USHIO specializes in prototype production of consumer electronics parts and air plane parts from design data development to experimental fabrication by laser cutting machines, turret punch machines and etc. Using layered plate molds makes them possible to manufacture one piece sample.


DSC_8097                   DSC_8096

Consider to provide best and shortest possible                               Frequent trade show entry draws national attention

process as a corporate policy.

●From Kneading to Molding and Finishing



For foodstuff to large industrial plant market, FUTABA manufactures various kinds of rubber products in small quantities.

From rubber compound blending to rubber products molding they manufacture best match rubber for the needs, such as  protective rubber linings, conveyor pulley installed in large conveyor belt, extruded rubber grooves, joint hoses and couplings.

DSC_8108                              DSC_8113

Raw rubber color is surprisingly milky white or transparent.                They integrate rubber manufacturing, from kneading to molding and finishing.

QC from blending several reinforcing member and color pigment


Upcoming the MOBIO Cafe Meeting is …
Date: January 16 from 18:00
To be presented by
-Corrugated cardboard slitter blades: KINKI BLADE INDUSTRIES LTD.
-Electrical insulating material slitting: SAWAMURA DENZAI CO., LTD.
-Prototype ( after glow ): IWAMOTO MANUFACTRING CO., LTD.

On Dec. 2, three companies explained their technologies  at the MOBIO Cafe Meeting.

Participants learned hydraulic cylinder parts, machine safety covers and machined rubber products, followed by proactive discussion about better business transactions.

P1010397  P1010381

The MOBIO Cafe Meeting is the place to go for direct communication with MOBIO exhibitors.

●Hydraulic cylinder parts

KINKI specializes in processing and manufacturing of metal parts with the corporate policy, “Try hard!” and “Rise to the challenge!”.

DSC_8020  DSC_8026

They manufacture hydraulic cylinder parts (cylinders, cylinder tubes, cylinder rods) and industrial machine parts (pulleys, gears) , and develop technologies to fulfill the latest market needs.

●Machine safety covers

ISEL CO., LTD. (read more)

ISEL created a machine safety covers (named Machine Shutters) with plastic transparent shutters to prevent any dust scattering, that are widely used in the automobile factories.

DSC_8028  DSC_8033

The covers are made to order to fit pre-installed machinery and are capable to prevent any laser beam affect to human body at some models.

●Machined rubber products


Technology developed by AKITSU made them possible to cut, scrape and glue even limp rubber lumps for machine parts. It is their special process that no other Japanese companies could manage processing.

DSC_8048  DSC_8044

Another business pole is to manufacture non-asbestos gasket as the market leader.

Upcoming the MOBIO Cafe Meeting is …
Date: December 17 from 18:00
Presented by

-Extremely large nuts: FUJI SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD.

-Test production plates: USHIO CO., LTD.

-Large molded rubber products: FUTABA RUBBER WORKS CO.,LTD.

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View presentation on hydraulic cylinder parts, machine safety covers and machined rubber products.


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