The METI-KANSAI is a regional branch organization of the Japans’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Each year they review and select outstanding SMEs that have produced innovative products and technologies.

At MOBIO they have started Special Exhibition to introduce those companies.

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1) Period (Jan. 29 through Mar. 27)

January 29 through February 25: 2015 companies

March 2 through March 27: 2013 and 2014 companies

2) 2015 companies

SANGO METAL INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.: Laser welding of ultra thin aluminum to copper plates (English site)

EYETEC CO., LTD.: NDCO® (Nano Diamond Composite)

SMACH CO., LTD.: Universal Inverter Driver

MEIWA CO.,LTD.: Air-cooled inverter chiller for industrial use

SOHATSU SYSTEMS LABORATORY INC.: Smart tunnel ventilation control systems

TOYO KAGAKU CO., LTD.: “MOIST-CURE” first-aid adhesive hydrocolloid bandage

SUMIRE STORY INC.: Automatic sterilizing and cleaning device

MARUHACHI CORPORATION: Thermoplastic prepreg textile sheet and laminated material

NISSIN KOGYO CO., LTD.: Camera module casing for smart phones


NAKA LIQUID CONTROL CO., LTD.: Hybrid plunger pump (dispensing systems)

ZENIC INC.: ForteVision


TORAY PRECISION CO., LTD.: Ultra fine laser processing


FUJIKAWA METAL IND. CO., LTD.: Impact molding


CHIKUMEIDO: Simple tea ceremony set

SPECTRONIX Corp.: Picosecond hybrid laser beam generator

JAPAN SCIENCE ENGINEERING CO., LTD.: Maskless exposure system

ICROSS CO., LTD.: “BAILER”, Compact biomass boiler

TOKUDEN CO., LTD.: Superheated Steam Generator

TOHO SEIKO CO., LTD.: High-tension long coil spring

CRYSTAL OPTICS INC.: Super –precision, large size free curved optical products


YUTANI CORPORATION: Nut runner system

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MOBIO has started special display as “Prototype and Short Lot Manufacturing Technology”.

Period: Jan. 29 to Mar. 27

Location: MOBIO Technology Hall

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Exhibitors (Click the company name for details)







Nisshin Seiko Co., Ltd.

NetCrew Co.,LTD



Technology presentation by exhibitors will be on Mar. 3.

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At Jan. 16 MOBIO Cafe Meeting, three companies explained their technologies, followed by interactive discussion about better business transaction and cross industry collaboration with participants. The MOBIO Cafe Meeting is the place to go for direct communication with exhibitors without any hesitation.


●Corrugated cardboard-use blades


The Company specializes in the manufacture of slitter blades for paper container machine manufacturers and corrugated cardboard users. Three members explained blade their superiority with an assistance of the miniature corrugator machine.

There are several blade types, such as a jagged blade (shown), a two-flute type like a shark-tooth (named TRUST series) with 1.3 times longer life cycle. Although the corrugator machine manufacturers supply standard blades, Kinki is proudly able to provide sharper blade.
The uniqueness at Kinki is that all of their blades are made-to-order items without any inventory. Using their two heat-treat furnaces Kinki converts metal materials easy-to-process, including bearing steels, and improves product quality. In addition to their confinement of dimension by tools Kinki maintains product traceability by laser marking.

Manufacturing demonstration was conducted by using the miniature corrugator machine. Kinki’s sharp blades created grooves and slits just with the one operation.

●Slitting electrical insulating materials 

-SAWAMURA DENZAI CO., LTD. (read more)
All of conductive metals require insulation for application. SAWAMURA provides films at smaller sizes for easier insulation at factories.

* Slitting


They slit wider film rolls to the demanded width and rewind them at roller style with film thickness of 8 micron to 0.8 mm. Other than films, SAWAMURA is capable to slit papers and non-woven fabrics.

* Cutting

Their machine cut rolls and sheets papers and non-woven fabrics to fit to customers’ request even if they are longer and wider for easier manipulation at process factories.

* Stamping

With wooden or metal dies, SAWAMURA blanks, drills and bends materials to form various shapes even manufacturing volume is small.

* PEEK film


The presenter explains characteristics of PEEK films that adhere more tightly through heat treatment after putting in a coil of metal wires.  PEEK films provide better performance in a pulling force, a heat resistance, durability and result in a finer surface finish.


●After glow products


DSC_8156   P1010761

Business field of IWAMOTO varies from welding of  a ink ribbon for a dot printer, assembling the ribbon unit, packaging the product to delivering the product as the recycle operation. Although dot printer market is declining, there is less competition. Because IWAMOTO enjoys price competitiveness and technical superiority, they take increasing demand from the market.  Studying market requirement, IWAMOTO rather is taking further steps to find something new.

One of  pillar business at IWAMOTO is development of the after glow products. Leaving just for one hour under the light in the night, the product will  illuminate all night and will last 14 hours at longest. They manufacture effective light emission by controlling amount of luminous pigment into plastic resign and timing of  material blend.
Another interesting product is injected items manufactured by simple silicone mold.  They are artificial fishing bait, such as worms for bass fishing and corn kernels, that are softer than originals. Since they can control hardness of kernels, they have noticed their artificial ones catch more.

Coming up the MOBIO Cafe Meeting
1) Date: February 3 from 18:00
By companies displayed at “MONODZUKURI New Selection in Kansai” exhibition
2) Date: February 18 from 18:00
By companies displayed at “MONODZUKURI New Selection in Kansai” exhibition

3) Date: March 3 from 18:00

By companies displayed at “Prototype & Short Lot Manufacturing Technology” exhibition

Both in sporting and working condition, “Eye-Safety” is a basic requirement for the people. That’s why SWANS and YAMAMOTO branded eyewears feature “Fog Free” technology developed through continuous field marketing as the professional eyesight corporation with 100 years experience. The  CEO Yamamoto is developing further technology to provide more features for 2020 Tokyo Olympiad and other business opportunities.

— Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.

No.42 is Mr. Yamamoto of  ***YAMAMOTO KOGAKU CO., LTD.(Read more) ***

– Sports sunglasses, Sports goggles, Industrial safety glasses


●SWANS – Highly appreciated brand by athletes


▲A wide variety of Sports sunglasses and Sports goggles for swimming and snow skiing

SWANS branded sports sunglasses and sports goggles for swimming and snow skiing are widely known to the athletes. SWANS swimming goggles, dominating in Japan with 60 percent of the market share, are key products for Yamamoto’s business transaction.

Reviewing their innovation and challenge, Yamamoto said, “Wishing to provide more convenient glasses the corporate founder started to manufacture glasses apart from dust‐proof glass polishing business. It was the step forward to industrial goggle production. The second CEO developed swimming goggles for diver fishing with SWANS brand name. The third CEO entered snow ski goggle manufacturing and made several innovation in the company. At those days when Japanese goggles had been valued as the poor quality products, he had developed better goggles in function with anti-fogging features comparing to imported goggles. Then he had successfully positioned SWANS goggles as precious items.”

For some period ski goggle business had been the important business pillar at Yamamoto. When skiing population decreased, the company took another turns. “In time for 1992 Barcelona Olympiad, Japan Association of Athletics Federations requested us to develop sunglasses for marathon runners. Although there was no market for sports sunglasses at that time in Japan, Yamamoto foresaw possible growth of the market and paid marketing attention to the new category,” Yamamoto said.

It took ten years when wearing sunglasses became popular and standard among athletes. Today in Japan SWANS sport sunglasses are prevailing for the players in golf, baseball, fishing, cycling, jogging and etc.

●Expanded business through “Safety View” creation


▲Effectiveness to use “Fan Operated Respiratory Protective Equipment” for dust workers has been certified

In 2011, at their centennial anniversary, Yamamoto took over the CEO and told us what he said to employees, “It is our proud to celebrate the 100th anniversary however it’s not our goal. Considering the next 100 years, let’s identity what we need to change and what we need to maintain. And let’s establish concrete corporate policy to innovate continuously to respond to market needs of ‘Safety View’”.

The first product introduced as the new CEO was the new swimming goggle with four times longer anti-fog life than previous models and has been widely accepted.  Yamamoto commented their engineering strength, “Throughout technical research to secure Eye-Safety, the market leading product is to be developed.”

Their basic business principle is to protect Eye-Safety. And so Yamamoto is putting emphasis on new product development in the field of industrial safety goggles and fan operated respiratory protective equipment, that accounts for 40 percent of Yamamoto’s sales amount. One of them is the fan operated respiratory protective equipment for welding workers, that emits filtered air to the workers’ surface preventing from fume and dust and has been proved to be effective.

“On top of eyesight improvement I will expand business category further to create better vision from all aspects by materializing peripheral devices. We know Asia is emerging market and will inform them of our Safety Culture,”  Yamamoto continued, “The sporting sunglasses feature wrap-around-frame that follows the shape of the face. And SWANS sunglasses are originally designed for Asian framework and that’s why SWANS products are highly appreciated in Asia. We will accelerate export business knowing rapid market growth in Asia.”

●Foster SWANS brand based on Customer First policy


▲SWANS sporting sunglasses are widely used by leading professional athletes such as Ryo Ishikawa, a golfer

Bottom-up approach to management from the market field is the core strategy for Yamamoto to foster the brand. He believes it is more effective to participate in sporting events to contact users directly and to learn their opinions directly than spending huge amount of money to medias. Yamamoto said clearly, “It is SWANS’ style to foster the brand by communicating with end users and to create new brand concept together.”  Contracting with the famous athlete is not only intending to improve brand awareness. Yamamoto continued, “The professional golfer, Ishikawa, suggests various points from a user’s point of view, such as improving grip and adjusting weight balance. He is one of the persons who know how and what sports sunglasses should be. And ever lasting improvement to reflect those specialists’ request helps assist to position SWANS branded product the reliable item.”

Additionally 2020 Tokyo Olympiad is the major event for Yamamoto as well for activating market demand and developing something new. Yamamoto said, “It’s a great opportunity for us to expand our market share and enhance brand awareness. So we are devoting ourselves to introduce another core product at Yamamoto. It’s totally secret and  will be in the market by 2020. Just wait for more years, and you will notice another innovation!”

Interviewed on November 27, 2014
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View the Jan. 16th presentation by KINKI BLADE INDUSTRIES LTD.

Using their model machine Kinki explained their high quality blades effectively.

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Find two beautiful displays at a My Dome Osaka entrance hall!

Next to the Japanese traditional flower art, Ikebana, DENTALPRO displays their product lines,

including “BLACK SERIES” tooth brushes with special bristle for superior plaque removal performance.

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Read on to find out all of DENTALPRO’s oral care items from here!

The young CEO Michino is transforming the corporate profile to the finished goods by introducing IT technology to integrate corporate strength and employees’ skills.

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started
“INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview
No.43 is Mr. Michino of  ***OHMIYA CO., LTD.(Read more) ***


– Dry Fog Mist Humidifier, Metal plumbing fittings, Metal spray nozzles

●Aggressively promoted IT adoption

134   P1000300

(Factory billboard)                                 (Product Line-Ups)

For Michino it was quite sudden to take over CEO’s responsibility in May 2014 due to his fathers’ death and was a period of continuous challenge and innovation for him at OHMIYA since then.
When he started the new assignment he found operational tools were papers, faxes and paper notice. With the experience of his involvement in IT management at another company he started IT infrastructure establishment as the first step. Michino said, “I knew some members preferred to maintain classical style, however I firmly believed that nothing happens from hesitation. So I said ‘Let’s turn the ball!’”.

He provided PCs to all office clerks, set up group sharing system and communicated by mail as much as possible. Next year he plans to provide all field marketing staff with tablet PCs and to modify corporate WEB site for easy down loading of product catalog data.
At factory site he noticed importance of bulletin notice and has improved its operation. “I have expanded number of bulletin board by three times for better and closer communication.”

●Dry Fog Mist Humidifier-”COOL BEAM” is becoming popular

(Dry Fog Mist Humidifier-”COOL BEAM”)

Michino considers “COOL BEAM” as their strategic product to promote, that was developed through their long manufacturing experience of metal spray nozzle. The outdoor humidifier is equipped with their exclusive nozzles and emits dry dew (20 to 30 micron drops) to decrease surrounding temperature by 2 to 4 centigrade without damping road. At their home town, nursing homes started to install as a prevention of heat stroke. “We will introduce our COOL BEAM to factories, construction site, dry cleaning shops, farmers, green house farmers, who may need dry humidifiers,” Michino said.

The portable type is called “COOL BEAM-KOROKORO” and carries 20 Liter water tank. Michino said, “I am planning to develop more finished goods and have just opened the development department in October. And the first project will be remodeling “COOL BEAM-KOROKORO” to be the tank integrated type.”

●New Marketing System and New Product

All of metal products are inspected before shipment

New account opening is Michino’s another focus. He has recently started to sell farming tools through internet selling system. Michino said, “Farming sprayers have been used for longer period with frequent parts replacement than ordinary equipment. I noticed repeat order ratio of farming nozzles was quite higher. So I have decided to open the direct contact window to farmers for their conveniences.”

Michino wishes to develop more “consumer oriented products” by utilizing their mist technology and firmly believes “Whenever OHMIYA introduces more eye-catching product, customers will nominate us as their supplier. Accordingly OHMIYA branded products will play an important role for the customers, distributors and our members.”

Interviewed on December 10, 2014

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