Ten companies participated in the 19th Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo (M-Tech) as the Team MOBIO.

Their morning started from group exercise. View their activities at the booth.

P1030116  P1030125

◆◇ Team MOBIO Companies ◆◇

P1030042  P1030043
2. USHIO CO., LTD.: Disposable Mold! (MOBIO Exhibitor)

P1030047  P1030048
3. DAIWA KASEI CO., LTD.: Future Life Style Creating Plastics

P1030053  P1030107

P1030060  P1030062
5. IGETA, INC.: Idea Rich Wire Mesh

P1030070  P1030073
6. SUISAKU CORPORATION: Vibration Protecting Metal

P1030044  P1030045
7. ARICE CO., LTD.: Creative Prototyping (MOBIO Exhibitor)
P1030039  P1030040
8. KOMEI MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.: Defiantly Casting

P1030051  P1030052
9. SENSHO CO., LTD.: Customer’s Useful Plating

P1030063  P1030068
10. SANKO PLATING CO., LTD: Micro Parts Plating
プレゼンテーション1  P1030076
and Osaka Governmental B2B Support Group

P1030085  P1030098

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.

No.49 is Mr. Iwatuki of *** JOUNAN CO., LTD. (Read on to find out details) ***

- Plastic form construction materials, gaskets for gas meters and home appliances

● Open up value-added market

040 各種緩衝材

Material cutting for construction market

Jounan is in charge of processing plastic forms (Polystyrene and Urethane)  to various shapes for construction market, gas meter gaskets and commodities. In its core market, construction business, it has the exclusive products as the back-up materials to avoid break or separation of wall joint and “J Sealer” for tight sealing of sashes and doors.

“We used to monopolize water-proof wall joint market in Western Japan, however, after the bubble economy bursts we have come to face market competitors and price competition.” Iwatuki said, “Throughout two years’ business and corporate review since my CEO assignment, I decided the new corporate target for future.”  It was his start to convert corporate structure by developing value added product market.

● Leaving marketing activity to young staffs and resulting in new business development

DSC_8640 003

Leaning against the construction market heavily means corporate operation would be affected directly by price competition and  industrial depression. “My goal is to change our business model by expanding to versatile business market, that is value added sector in the form market,” Iwatuki said.

To accomplish that goal he hired younger marketing staff and allowed them to run independent activities. He mentioned, “Each plastic form has special characteristics and can be arranged for the best fit of the purpose. It must be our value to select appropriate materials and to process correctly based on form technology. And I am happy for my staff to be able to propose their ideas whenever they are asked by customers if there is any solution for this problem.”

Thanks to effort by the younger marketing staffs market mix has totally changed to 30% of construction materials, 25% of gas meter gasket and 50% of new market segment. Its new market for Jounan includes packaging market, medical market, stationary market,  cosmetics market and etc. And its new account opening at new market is still increasing.

Iswatuki pays his special attention to protective holding form for packaging industry. Interesting enough he receives variety of orders to hold expensive cameras, micro phones, religious objects and etc.

● “Short Lot Production Run” and “Short Delivery Planing” are driving factor for new Jounan


The cutting plotter operated by CAD system produces complex prototype models

Through marketing team self-regulatory meeting after five, Iwatuki was requested and has decided to install the cutting plotter machine for lively presentation by use of full size samples. Its operation assists customers to decide on the spot at the meeting with Jounan’s younger staff.

Additionally he has set up immediate delivery system. “When the marketing staff takes a call from a customer, the factory staff effectively manufacture products under well organized operation control by the office staff. Team Jounan works as an one functional team to decrease any inconveniences at customers’ site,” Iwatuki said. That is why it can respond to customer’s order in the morning and to deliver products in the afternoon.

In order to establish the new corporate culture, he continuously emphasizes importance of business basics. Finally Iwatuki said, “Our corporate has acquired customer’s confidence through right processing and on time delivery services. I sincerely expect my staff to consider everything seriously and to do what’s expected as expected.”

Interviewed on May 20, 2015
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Sea water proof screw, longer component life by vacuum heat treatment and precision parts machining were hot topics at MOBIO Cafe Meeting on June 17.

Read a full story http://www.m-osaka.com/mobioblog_en/?p=8664



MOBIO Café Meeting is an interactive session. It offers opportunities to participants asking any questions freely. On June 17 one of the exhibitors used the TV monitor at the Tech. Hall entrance for technology explanation. Whenever it was explained, a lot of suggestion and question were mentioned by participants. And its discussion continued in a canteen session.

DSCF8440  DSCF8483

<Part One – Technology Presentation>

1) Stainless Steel Screws for Seawater and Acid

MARUEMU WORKS CO., LTD. (Read on to find details)

DSCF8437  DSCF8504

Following to corporate presentation by VIDEO, MS type screw has been explained. MS (Marine Stainless)-270 is an austenitic stainless steel superior in preventing chloride corrosion and stress corrosion cracking compared to SUS 316 and dual-phase stainless steel, which are used for pools or seawater facilities. “S” logo type at the head of screws is indicating they are ultra-corrosion resistant against “Salt”.

2) Precision Parts Machining

TENKING CO., LTD. (Read on to find details)

s_DSCF8447  DSCF8452

High technical capabilities of machining and quality control cultivated by imaging parts production over five decades allows TENKING CO., LTD. to respond to market demand correctly and timely and to expand business in an automobile industry and a single-lens reflex camera. Recently they are devoting to develop the new category product.

3) Ion Nitriding & Vacuum Heat Treatment

HATTA KOGYO CO., LTD. (Read on to find details)

DSCF8471  DSCF8482

Because their heat treatment method is unique in Kansai (Osaka area) they provide immediate and short lot run services.

With vacuum heat treatment there is no opportunity for corrosion to set in extending component life and distortion is significantly reduced due to the precise control of the temperature in the furnace, and the heating and cooling speeds. Particularly when applied to higher alloyed steels, plasma nitriding imparts a high surface hardness which promotes high resistance to wear, scuffing, galling and seizure.


<Part Two-Free Discussion>

DSCF8495   DSCF8499

Following to business card exchange, participants started individual communication, “Can you elaborate that technology?”, “Can you process in this way?”, “Oh, you have such a technology!” or ”Is your technology applicable to this products?” At MOBIO Cafe Meeting participants talk each other quite frankly as the initial step for future business.

Coming up the next MOBIO Cafe Meeting – Bus Tour type
Date: July 13
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13:00             Bus departure from MOBIO

13:30-15:00 Factory tour at MATSUDA

16:00-17:30 Lab tour at TRI

17:45-19:15  Canteen session

19:30              Bus departure for MOBIO

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.No.48 is Mr. Fukae of *** FUTABA-TOSO CO., LTD. (Read on to find out details) ***

-Bake coating of metals, Putty filling (decorative and functional)

● Two-pillar technology for corporate growth


Futaba-Toso is capable to provide suitable bake coating to metal frames for industrial machinery related to automobiles and home appliances out of their bake coating systems (metal coating, heat resistant coating and melamine resin coating). And a thorough multistage pre-paint processing (washing ® puttying ® finishing) is a technology that other companies are not able to offer.

Fukae said, “By combining our exclusive puttying and bake coating technology, the frame can be installed even in a clean room for LCD factory, which means additional + value has been created!”

●Exclusive technology, noticed through communication with other companies

1803.company_article.album_1_photo.p240  1801.company_article.album_1_photo.p640

2008 depression was the major problem for FUTABA as well. So Fukae was struggled to find his way to go and participated various seminars.

“Even though I participated in seminars sitting at the first raw, I could not get the points. One day when the tutor asked us if we had any question, I replied that I could not understand at all.” That was the turning point for Fukae. He was called by the tutor personally to review the seminar and then started to join cross-industry meeting positively.

Fukae said, “Through cross-industry meetings I came to notice that my matter of course is NOT the one for other industry or others. I have been informed by others that our puttying and coating technology was much more interesting than what we thought. And I have firmly convinced that we have an core technology competing with others.”

From seminar members Fukae is receiving request that needs more care at coating process, such as special-purpose vehicle, railroad vehicle, stainless steel color coating, coffee roasters body,monument and etc. Providing better coatings even for those difficult request, Fukae has established another exclusive coating technology.

●”Technology Development is Human Resources Development“

048_03  048_04

Maintaining technology of advanced putty filling and bake coating requires human resource development. Fukae developed the exclusive “Awareness Card” that is to be filled by employees every day for Fukae’s review  and to communicate based on that. Fukae said,”Our form includes gratitude and obedient on top of normal criteria. Those criteria is what I wish all of my staff to keep it in mind. Talking to me daily I expect my staff would recognize business basics by themselves. Such a self-awareness really assists staff to tackle difficult jobs voluntarily to improve his personal skills.”

Thanks to such a human resources development program, Fukae is receiving calls from staffs to challenge technologically harder coating project. And once the staff succeeded in advanced coating, he came to have confidence in skills and technologies, that brings another project to FUTABA TOSO. It becomes really virtuous cycle for the company.

Fukae proudly said, “Good human resources development results in further technological progress, that assists to provide FUTABA’s solution to resolve customer ‘s problem.” His goal to changeover corporate culture from “Order-taking company to Proposal base company” and Fukae is leading the project to develop the new product collaborating with some company.

Interviewed on May 20, 2015
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Team MOBIO display products at M-Tech trade show in Tokyo during June 24 through 26.

(M-Tech: Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo  in Tokyo)

Meet representing peoples from ten companies and find out “SURPRISE” of  OSAKA’S TECH.


See detail information here.

On June 3, exhibitors explained exclusive technologies at MOBIO Café Meeting. Read on to find details

The next Cafe Meeting will be held on June 17 at the MOBIO Tech. Hall. Send reservation from here.



MOBIO Café Meeting is an interactive session. It offers opportunities to participants asking any questions freely. As same as previous Cafe Meeting, on June 3 whenever technology was explained by the exhibitors, a lot of suggestion and question were mentioned by participants. Participants enjoyed the first outdoor product demonstration and noticed its performance. Discussion continued in a canteen session.

P1020837  P1020871

<Part One – Technology Presentation>

1) Outdoor Dry Mist Humidifier

OHMIYA CO., LTD. (Read on to find details)
P1020834   P1020840

Developed through OHMIYA’s long manufacturing experience of metal spray nozzle, the outdoor humidifier, called “COOL BEAM”, is equipped with their exclusive nozzles and emits dry dew (20 to 30 micron drops) to decrease surrounding temperature by 2 to 4 centigrade. Actual operation was condcuted outside as the first time demonstration at MOBIO Cafe Meeting.

2)  Automatic Press Monitoring Device
 RIKEN KEIKI NARA Mfg.CO., LTD.  (Read on to find details)

P1020815   P1020817

By using their device, monitoring of the bottom dead center and press slug detection at the accuracy of 0.1μm, the press operator can avoid outflow of defective parts and prevent die damage caused by slug coming up during transfer press operations. Their precision proximity sensors have been originally developed and equipped with the detector.

3) Oral Massage Brushing
DENTALPRO CO., LTD.  (Read on to find details)
プレゼンテーション1  P1020854

Adopting “fun” and “fashionable” for oral product development, DENTALPRO released the new toothbrush, called “COSME” brush. It has humps at the brush top, that works to massage a cheek from inside while brushing and prevent nasolabial fold. And “Black Series” with special bristle(PCC bristle) was explained as well, which has excellent performance in plaque removal.

<Part Two – Inter-industry Communication>
P1020864   P1020873

Following to business card exchange, participants started individual communication, “Can you elaborate that technology?”, “Can you process in this way?”, “Oh, you have such a technology!” or  ”Is your technology applicable to this products?” At MOBIO Cafe Meeting participants talk each other quite frankly as the initial step for future business.
Coming up the next MOBIO Cafe Meeting
Date: June 17

Time: Starting 18:00 at MOBIO  Tech. Hall (Read on to find details and to register)
Scheduled Presenters:

1) TENKING CO., LTD. — Precision Metal Parts


2) HATTA KOGYO CO., LTD. — Vacuum Heat-Treatment


3) MARUEMU WORKS CO., LTD. — Stainless Steel Bolts & Orthodontic Wire