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Pirates work in Japan , “Un-PANDA” means,  Foresee future in a craftsman’s bones, Because it is operated manually



MOBIO Café Meeting is an interactive session. It offers opportunities to participants asking any questions freely. On August 20 following to exhibitor’s explanation, participants  started questions and provided suggestions in the MOBIO Tech Hall and in the canteen.


* Because it is operated manually…

MEIKO MACHINE CO., LTD. (Read on for details)

The manual rotating tool ”Sarae Maru” was developed for in-house usage at MEIKO MACHINE for finish touching after MC machining and other mechanical operation. Just install it to the table next to the machine, an operator is capable to make the finish while waiting for machine operation. Because an user feels things such as shaving and reaming work with his or her own hands, it is so convenient and is now on sale for the public customers

DSCF9064  DSCF9052

* “Un-PANDA” means…

Nihon DSP Limited Company (Read on for details)

By the principle of lever, switching between adjusters and casters takes no effort even for heavy equipment. The integrated unit is essential wherever relocation of equipment is unavoidable, providing safety and reliability at cellular manufacturing system or high-mix low-volume production system. It is named “UNPANda” taking after Japanese UNPAN (transportation).
DSCF8997  P1000492

* Pirates work in Japan …

JAPAN ENGINE VALVE MFG.CO.,LTD. (Read on for details)
Engine valves with DOKURO brand are used at more than 70 countries. They assist Japanese cars to run continuously at the desert in Saudi Arabia and at the mountains in Guatemala as transportation life line. DOKURO means a skull in Japanese and had been used by pirates. Now for Japanese market DOKURO is responding to needs of racing cars to tune- up and classic cars to reactivate.
DSCF9017  P1030186

* Foresee future in a craftsman’s bones and …


Power companies needed compact rubber covers at joints of high voltage underground power cable. The world leading rubber companies had tried to develop it for three years and failed, however SUGINO could have developed it just in a year. The difference came from usage of the sixth sense of Japanese craftsman to create future plan and action from market voices.
DSCF9086  P1030164


The next MOBIO Cafe Meeting will be hosted on Sep. 4 by companies from Toyota city and Fukushima pref.

exhibition in Sep.

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Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.
No.50 is Mr. Murakami of *** SHARP CHEMICAL IND. CO., LTD. (Read on to find out details) ***


- Sealants and Adhesives for construction and industrial market

● Sustainable production as long as customers need the products


▲Most of developed products are still used.


▲Continuous product release results in marketing leading product mix.

As a general manufacturer of adhesives and sealing products, SHARP Chemical Industry develops new products to meet the needs of industry and the home. It provides wider range of products from major application to niche application.

Murakami proudly said, “As long as demand is there, SHARP is capable to manufacture any requested products regardless volume according to our engineering skills and expertise. Some of those products might be delisted from competitor’s product line due to low profitability. Therefore we are now known ‘Ask SHARP, they will meet any request’.” Its advantage to respond to market needs fully assisted SHARP to build a relationship with customers. And it worked well to survive even at depression days, keeping it away from price market.

●Key to progress was inimitable production system and convenient IT system


▲On-line sales system for commercial and personal usage

▲Multi-product, low-volume manufacturing

Murakami has made several changes in company operation when he was working as an engineering manager. One of them is to have installed IT system as one of the leading corporation in the industry.

“When I jointed the company, SHARP managed clerical works  by the small business computer or by manual operation. It was requested to SHARP to develop new products more rapidly by the use of corporate wide IT system effectively from order taking to manufacturing, out of accumulated product data.,” Murakami reviewed company history.

At the same time he has developed online system for product promotion and B to C marketing as one of SME pioneers. Through its networking SHARP has received new inquiry from railway companies and toy manufacturers on top of construction market and industrial market.


▲Sealant for sleepers

Murakami said, “Surprisingly we have received a call from a railway company who had noticed our sealant developed for concrete repairing. Through joint work with them we have finally succeeded in delivering sealant for repairing wood sleepers. This case suggested us to proceed the new way to cultivate business by idea game adding to management by product application and demand base development.” Information through online system and WEB site assisted SHARP to develop exclusive products.

At its factory engineers have rationalized production line and established flexible manufacturing system that products are manufactured in necessary amount when they become necessary, Just-in-Time operation.

●A Greener Container developed to solve construction problem and overseas marketing

SHARP is planning to expand business market in Asia, Europe and US. The strategy product at SHARP’s global marketing is the sealant container with exclusive function, SK Pouch.


▲SK pouch, Japan’s Good Design Award in 2013

Murakami said, “Conventional containers for sealants and adhesives must be thrown away after use, and so they occupy a great deal of space after disposal, are a major environmental problem. Instead, our SK Pouch decreases the volume of waste by 90 percent and the material usage by  80 percent. By overseas corporations this SK Pouch is considered to be widely used in food and medical market.” Sharp is actively promoting ‘container marketing’ to materialize new business with interesting offshore companies.


It is rushing to cultivate human resources with global view. Based on his business experience in Europe, Murakami continuously says to his staff, “I will not blame of your failure. Keep on playing business by your personal preference.” He firmly believes that a typical Japanese business manner, ‘Think together, Act together”, takes too long and cannot catch up speedy business negotiation and decision with Non-Japanese companies. Business success outside Japan requires quick decision on the negotiation spot to each staff of SHARP behaving as the CEO and will open the door to the next operational stage.

Its two manufacturing operation, responding to customer’s demand and developing new market, and possible future changes draw a sealant industry and business attention in Japan and from outside Japan.

Interviewed on July 22, 2015
To communicate directly with SHARP CHEMICAL IND. CO., LTD. , please send your message from HERE!

“WOW! MOBIO started something new” was mentioned at June trade fair in Tokyo.

<OSAKA’s Eye-Opening Activities>

20150626 ラジオ体操風景1

At a.m. 10 a.m. and p.m. 3, it started suddenly at June Tokyo trade fair. Relaxing exercise was demonstrated by all Team MOBIO members at the booth and prevailed other booths day by day. Team MOBIO sent “SURPRISE” to the fair participants. Aug. 5 MOBIO Cafe Meeting started from VIDEO message by Mr. Esaki who organized MOBIO booth production.


<Product Presentation>


Catch phrase at the M-TECH fair: Defiantly Casting



The casting specialist moved to a new location last May, increasing production capacity by double. On top of high quality Water Shutoff Valves used widely by Japanese municipalities, KOMEI is expanding product items to other industry markets from their core water supply business.

ARICE CO., LTD. (MOBIO Exhibitor)

Catch phrase at the M-TECH fair:  Creative Prototyping



ARICE’s  transparent parts at high standard are manufactured by use of 3-axis machining center and additional touch by craftsman. Its transparency with no distortions is specially useful at visualized product model made of polycarbonate resin.


Catch phrase at the M-TECH fair:  Customer’s Useful Plating



SENSHO provides variety of plating technologies by plating materials and size. Largest level size in Osaka!  2000 mm at nickel chrome plating,  3000 mm at gloss tin plating, 4000 mm at  hard chrome plating.


Catch phrase at the M-TECH fair:  Vibration Protecting Metal



SUISAKU developed an exclusive metal to protect equipment from any vibration, called RASK, made of three layer porous metals. It works as same as rubber and is possible to fix by nuts and bolts.  Because it is simple to install, installation period is shorter and saves production cost.


Catch phrase at the M-TECH fair:  Micro Parts Plating



SANKO is the Micro product galvanizing specialist by an exclusive production line for uniform plating. It is developing further technology of color plating to identify specific products at a glance on site and primer coating for painting, adding to rust proof treatment.


Catch phrase at the M-TECH fair:  Idea Rich Wire Mesh



IGETA is specialized in welded wire mesh products. Because all intersection points are welded, they does not come loose even after processing. Welded wire meshes are widely used as materials for ground concrete construction work, fences at farms and mega solar power plant, and fryer basket for food restaurant. In Tokyo its wire mesh ‘Tokyo Sky Tree’ had attracted traffics.


Catch phrase at the M-TECH fair:  Future Life Style Creating Plastics


DAIWA is known as the world first metal resin bonding of a Li-ion battery sealing plate and the world No.1 supply track record of Li-ion battery gasket. Applying its advanced technology, it is capable to provide one stop services from planning to mass production of resinification and resin-metal bonding.


Catch phrase at the M-TECH fair:  SUS Cleaning x Dyeing



By unique surface treating technology of stainless steel, SAKAMOTO developed pashipeto treatment to offer corrosion resistance at 20 time more than previous models, SP treatment to match fasteners to black or bronze color, Trio coat for loose-proof  and leak-proof joint , filling slit by  nylon resin and others.


Catch phrase at the M-TECH fair:  Plastics Magician



Naming “Magical Heart” and “Plastic Adviser”, FUJIKAWA is changing its business category from a sub-contracting factory  to  a R&D-oriented company in the injection industry. Utilizing its new 3D printer, it started new paper related business by developing a mold.

USHIO CO., LTD. (MOBIO Exhibitor)

Catch phrase at the M-TECH fair: Disposable Mold!


By effectively use of layered molds USHIO responds to market demand to develop samples with a shorter schedule at a limited quantity.

<Cross-Industry Meeting>

‘Tell me more!’ Frank discussuin continued with drinks.



The special exhibition “OSAKA’s TECH Surprise” continues till August 28. Stop at MOBIO to study display products!


Upcoming MOBIO Cafe Meeting  (Read more)

Date: August 20

Time: From 18:00

Presentation: Three Exhibitors

1) MEIKO MACHINE CO., LTD. – Machine tool peripheral equipment

2) Nihon DSP Limited Company – Adjusters with casters

3) JAPAN ENGINE VALVE MFG.CO.,LTD. - Engine valves and guides

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