Utilizing their high technology, SMEs are trying to enter a medical market, however they are facing difficulties to overcome legal requirements and business risks. Check out practical samples for the feasibility study to enter medical market. You will find valuable hints for your operation. Check out practical samples for the feasibility study to enter medical market.

【Period】 Feb. 4 thru Feb. 27, 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays

【Location】 MOBIO Permanent Exhibition Hall, 2nd floor

Moreover exhibitors’ product presentation will be held on Feb. 18 starting 18:00 as “MOBIO CAFE MEETING.
Participate this meeting and communicate directly with SMEs who have already started medical business.
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<Outline of product display and exhibitors>
Components are explained by an illustration how they are mounted on a unit for easier understanding.


Suitable to input medicine to cell culture and possible to control flow rate at the world smallest amount level.

acua 1   acua

2) Ultrasonic Sringe Dryer – ASUKAMEDICAL CO., LTD.

No need for manual washing by hospital staff. Metal gadgets, operational forceps, micro instruments are cleaned only by hot water  in a cabinet.

asuka 1   aska

3)Ultra-Miniature Welder  - USUTANI DENSHI CO., LTD.

Doctor’s choice for stent welding. Safe operation at very low driving voltage.

usutani 1   usutani

4)Micro-Hole Components for minimum flow control - OSAKA MANUFACTORY INC.

A nozzle head parts with holes of 100 μm diameter. Installed in a high pressure pump of blood testing apparatus.

osaka 1   osaka

5)Ultimately Smooth  Artificial Joint - KIDA VALVE BALL CO., LTD.

Based on valve ball production technology,  their joint shows sphericity at less than 1μ and surface roughness at less than Ra0.03.

kida   kida2

6)Mammography Diagnostic  - Climb Medical Systems, Inc.

Specifications are order to make by the needs. Installed with high resolution monitors dedicated to read mammogram images instantly.

climb 1   climb

7)Fluorine Coating on Edged Tools - SHIN-NIHON TECH INC.

Fluorine film with a thickness less than 1μm provides components with non-adhesive and water repellent.

shinnihon 1   shinnihon

8)Suction and Drainage Apparatus - SUMIRE CORPORATION

No needs to replace caps to a drainage bottle. Simple and safety drainage operation.

sumire01   sumire


9)Prosthetic Implant, Artificial Joint - NARA SEIKO INC.

Applying ultra-precision parts for optical equipment to medical devices and tools.

nara 1   nara

10)Beta-Titanium Flexible Tubes and Medical Tools – FUTAKU PRECISION MACHINERY INDUSTRY COMPANY

Highly anti-corrosive, strong, light and flexible beta titanium pipes with spiral grooves by means of fine laser machining technology.

29 1   29

11)Flexible Metal Knit Mesh – BEST CORPORATION

Knitted mesh netting made of fine metal wire. Application is versatile for vibration-proofing, filter of inflator and etc.

best   best 1

12) Precise Positioning at Medical Equipment - MAKISHINKO CO., LTD.

Low noise and low vibration movement for precise point. Jack is used to locate magnetic head of MRI.

maki   makishinko

13)Japan’s Microscope Glass Cover Leader - MATSUNAMI GLASS IND., LTD.

A globally reputed fine glass versatile company provides superior cleanliness of glass surface and crack-free glass for automatic insertion machines.

matsunami 1   matsunami

14)Orthodontic Wire for Shorter Treatment Period - MARUEMU WORKS CO., LTD.

Exclusive wire forming technology and new methods of bending developed a new beta-titanium wire.

maruemu 2   maruemu

15)Washer Needle for Periodontal Disease - MORITA SEISHINSHO CO.

Advanced pipe swaging technology developed four pinhole needle for root canal irrigation.

morita 1   morita

16)Make Surgical Training More Practical - YUVIZOUKEI CO., LTD.

An anatomical model providing the sense of touch reproduced by medical data, good for surgical training.

yubi 1   yubi

Check out practical samples for the feasibility study how you can enter the medical market.

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