Is offensive odor unavoidable? Why does it produced? How can it be reduced?

 KANSAI TOKUSYU KOSAKU-YU, who is manufacturing made-to -order lubricant with KTK brand, explained its causes and countermeasures to the participants.

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Dilution method, concentration control,  supplementing undiluted solution, antiseptic measures and etc. are key factors to manage as “right-lubricant-in-the-right-timing”

Those proper management  help reduction of an undiluted solution, extension of tool life and reduction of failure rate. And as a result operators can reduce growth inhibition of a microbe that is a cause of offensive odor of water-soluble cutting fluid.

Following to the presentation,as lubricant users, participants asked a lot of questions:

* To handle water-soluble and water-immiscible cutting lubricant for the same machine

* Replacement schedule of machining lubricant

* To reduce  intensive malodors

Discussion continued even at the coffee session among participants.

Send questions to  KANSAI TOKUSYU KOSAKU-YU if there is any from here.


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