MOBIO Cafe Meeting on March 23 was a memorable gathering, celebrating its 100th session. All participating exhibitors (twelve) joined to explain technologies. It was another step forward to develop new business among participating parties. MOBIO Café Meeting is a cross-industry gathering, held twice a month. It offers opportunity to participants asking any questions freely.

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<Presentation and Discussion>

●Extinguishing fire earlier with water saving function

ECTechno Inc. ⇒Click for more info.

DSCF1726  P1060327

A portable fire extinguishing unit with a water saving nozzle is connectable to the nearest water faucet to the origin to a fire.

●Aiming at the Japan’s leading plastic hook manufacturer

KAWASHIMA INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. ⇒ Click for more info.

DSCF1735  P1060333

It offers rapid integrated support for planning, injection molding, ultrasonic welding, paining, coating and assembly of plastic products.

●Fabricating prototypes for a new product development

TAISEI MONAC CO., LTD. ⇒ Click for more info.

DSCF1743  P1060336

Whether plastic or metal, it provides a wide range of cutting, machining and other work techniques to produce realistic models.

●A vanishing scrub agent in a hand-wash detergent

SUZUKI YUSHI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. ⇒ Click for more info.

DSCF1750  DSCF1751

Adding to an inorganic spherical porous particle for use in chemistry, it introduced a new industrial hand-wash detergent that include a vanishing scrub agent.

●Metal machining from made-to-order parts to mass production parts

KINKI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. ⇒ Click for more info.

P1060354  P1060392

Applying its expertise fabricating hydraulic cylinder parts for hair dressing chairs, it offers a high-mix low-volume machining production.

●Its pre-coating process makes the difference!

FUTABA-TOSO CO., LTD. ⇒ Click for more info.

DSCF1806  DSCF1805

Its original putty protects metal castings from oil for more than 30 years and bake coating of rich colors provides functionality and beauty of a machinery.

●Helping stamping processes reduction up to 1/6 by a mold


DSCF1780  P1060356

Its “new hybrid mold” is an entirely new mold technology to simultaneously conduct processing and machine processing.

●Thin plate welding by laser: The world leading operation for lithium batteries

 SANGO INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. ⇒ Click for more info.

DSCF1760  DSCF1761

Its ultra thin plate welding technology has developed another step forward realizing “alloying” by different metal welding, such as combinations of aluminum and phosphor bronze, and nickel and iron.

●An information operations through “creating stories’ about “assets’

Osaka Chaos CO., LTD. ⇒ Click for more info.

DSCF1815  P1060370

It aims at strategic collaboration to enhance companies’ values through multifaceted creation of services and markets.

●The Last Stronghold for Weatherability (light resistance) Testing

KANSAI LABORATORY CO., LTD. ⇒Click for more info.

DSCF1827  DSCF1830

One year’s outdoor exposure can be reproduced in two to three days by super-accelerated testing equipment for discoloration and degradation of plastics, films and metallic paints.

●An ultra thin rubber sheet


DSCF1851  DSCF1841

With its unique technology the ultra thin like 0.1 mm rubber sheets are available.

●Multilayer bellows for vacuum and high pressure applications

MITSUMOTO RASENKAN KOGYO CO., LTD. ⇒ Click for more info.

DSCF1788  P1060363

Using an original deep drawing technology, it reduces thin plate ( 0.1 mm) to fabricate thin and equally thin wall, offering great flexibility and a large contraction ratio.

●Metalworking will be improved by made-to-order lubricants!

KANSAI TOKUSYU KOSAKU-YU CO., LTD. ⇒ Click for more info.

DSCF1771  P1060352

It uses a trial and error approach to develop metalworking fluids that meet customers’ needs, and manufactures them in small lots.

 <Off the Tech Hall>

P1060400  P1060410

Frank discussion continued overtime and participants were relaxed and enjoyed their free time as much as possible. We, at MOBIO, really look forward to collaborate with participants all the year round.


The next MOBIO Cafe Meeting will be hosted on April 12 by three exhibitors.


The MOBIO Cafe Meeting on March 23 was the 100th anniversary session.

All the participating exhibitors explained their technology with their products in hand.

MOBIO Cafe Meeting on March 16 was Technology presentation by exhibitors at a March special display on “Prepare for emergency by new products”. It was another step forward to develop new business among participating parties. MOBIO Café Meeting is a cross-industry gathering, held twice a month. It offers opportunity to participants asking any questions freely.

<Presentation and Discussion>

●Chain stairs for evacuation to higher elevation

MATSUMORA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (Read corp. details)

DSCF1679  P1060292

Due to the special structure, safe and stable stairs can be easily installed at low cost on steep slopes not by specialists during a short period. The stairs are ideal for forest conservation work sites because they can be easily installed and removed.

● A pinpoint earthquake warning system


P1060244  DSCF1573

A device automatically transmit warning signals before an earthquake hit the specific site, by receiving data from Japan Meteorological Agency to calculate the expected arrival time and the seismic intensity based on registered latitude, longitude and soil hardness.

●A knock-down type storage box with a palette


DSCF1579  DSCF1576

An aluminium frame storage box can be easily assembled, stacked up to four high and is accessible to a cargo in a bottom box due to a detachable front cover. It meets the sanitation control standard code such as HACCP.

●Solar cell powered LED guidance sign


DSCF1583  DSCF1599

An unit has three advantages to be used in the night. They are 1)Solar cells covered an entire inner surface 2)Using popular rechargeable batteries for easier maintenance 3) No power wiring required.

●A rescue stretcher to be handled by three citizens


DSCF1604  担架

A portable stretcher is light weight (2 kgs) and equipped with a shoulder strap for easier handling by senior citizens. Its structure helps maneuvering the stretcher even at stairs, that was hard to handle by bar stretchers.

●Luminous type evacuation guidance sign


DSCF1629  P1060257

Even when there were no electricity, a luminous type evacuation guidance sign is visible in the dark. Because it is composed of ceramics and luminous materials, it brightens longer, is durable and heat resistant without any maintenance work.

●Portable water purification system


DSCF1645  DSCF1635

At  homes or shelters, its device purifies river water or lake water to provide with a colorless, odorless and transparent water abundantly. The company helps recycle its carbon content to reactivate by super heated steam

●Emergency LED panel guide


P1060269  DSCF1656

It is a guidance panel made of corrugated card board building materials and LED, lasting three hours at a power failure. Normally it is a normal sign board and will be switched to show evacuating guidance sign. It is economical at a self standing structure and can be used at shelters.

●A two-in-one life vest


DSCF1648  P1060268

It is a convenient life-saving product, combined a bag pack and a life vest. Detecting water its shoulder strap automatically expands to be used as a float and items stored in the back pack is easily taken out.

●A waterstop CFRP board


DSCF1666  P1060275

Because a board is made of CFRP, its weight (13 kgs) is 1/3 comparing to prevailing aluminum type, to be handled by one person.  It is stronger, more rigid and possible to install immediately at an underground space entrance with a one-touch connection.

●A clear body fire extinguisher


P1060284  P1060286

A stored pressure type fire extinguisher with transparent plastic body is the first in the world. It has a soft touch, is light weight (4 kgs vs. 5 kgs./conventional type)  and easy for senior citizens and children.

<Off the Tech Hall>

DSCF1692  ブース前交流  DSCF1705 P1060304

Frank discussion continued overtime and participants were relaxed and enjoyed their free time as much as possible. We, at MOBIO, really look forward to collaborate with participants all the year round.


The next MOBIO Cafe Meeting will be hosted on March 23 by exhibitors and is the 100th anniversary session. Read on for details and register participation in advance from here!


Hot news from March 16, MOBIO Cafe Meeting

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Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.
”Meet the President” No.53 is Mr. Shirooka of TAIYO PARTS CO., LTD. (Read on details)


- Metal parts, housing equipment and apparatus

One stop shop to offer design, manufacturing, processing and assembling

053_201  053_301

Major machinery companies and housing equipment companies consider Taiyo as the indispensable partner, who provides aluminum die cast parts, rubber parts and plastic parts. At aluminum parts business, it is capable to design mold, cast, press, machine, trim, assembly for various sizes. Especially its “UNIT DIE SYSTEM” (called eco-die cast system) is patented and saves mold cost and operation cost drastically. Shirooka clearly said his business strategy, “We are the late comer in manufacturing market. Therefore from the corporate establishment I challenged to cultivate exclusiveness as a factory, considering conditions to set the company to be selected by customers. It ends up with present five business principles and those uniqueness and differentiation from others enable customer to leave business to us. They believe that Taiyo can do it!”

1) Process any materials by any manufacturing technology

2) Production expertise from unit production, unit combination to assembly

3) Unit die system to save manufacturing cost and to run extremely small lot

4) Off shore facility to supply to global market

5) Engineering department to propose unit from the scratch

A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.


▲UNIT DIE SYSTEM – Saves mold cost by half, allows extremely small lot run from 50 pcs

Taiyo’s unit die system (Eco-die-casting) is widely known in the industries as the very unique technology, that is considered to be ideal for small lot production run such as medical equipment components and its demand is increasing. Companies notice its advantage that the exclusive mold is made from the scratch at much less cost than machined mold cost.

“Twenty years ago when I proposed to kick off this development, I received negative response from all members. I knew it was quite natural because we had no such a request, had to invest huge amount of money and to assign dedicated members. However, if my proposal was turned down, we could have never accomplished today’s business,” Shirooka said. He had been firmly convinced that there should be needs for “extremely small lot run” between prototyping and small lot run. He persuaded continuously that if Taiyo could offer such an assistance to companies, they would request Taiyo for prototyping and small lot production run, and started the project. He came up with the idea to apply mass production technology to small lot run by creating the mold base unit that is commonly used and to insert the custom-made small mold, that saves customer’s mold cost tremendously and installed equipment  step by step.

Shirooka said, “Starting the project, we had noticed that making mold would be made by everybody but die casting process was obstacle, requiring advanced engineering. That’s why nobody had every tried. And I thought we would do it! 15 years ago we had assigned the unit die system section to run exclusively small lot only with dedicated engineers.” Noticeably this organization change was quite successful to have developed further technology for customer’s benefit, to reduce mold material consumption by 50%, mold processing hour by 50% and mold replacement time by 80%. Interestingly, Taiyo’s positive attitude to tackle difficulties has been well known to customers and worked as a good promotional activity to other engineering.

Keep on evolving and entering ODM business

053_501 053_502

▲Dedicated ten engineers are designing mechatronics to match to customer’s requirement

There is another strategy at Taiyo. “It must be seldom case to maintain ten engineers at the company of our size. So we are capable to design units, manufacturing equipment, jigs by our selves to respond to customer’s  demand and are ready to take order from upper process. It helps us to keep away from price only competition.,” Shirooka said.

Today, Taiyo is receiving more than 100 OEM project from product designing to manufacturing. Shirooka’s next goal is to enter ODM business. He understands it takes some time to establish more reliance with customers. In that case their corporate strength will assist to establish harder relationship with ODM customers.

Lastly Shirooka said, “Our goal is to make Taiyo to be selected and appointed by the society. Accomplishing this target we have challenged continuously and resulted in corporate growth. I sincerely hope as a team Taiyo, we will improve the extremely small lot production run system and develop new technologies in order to be chosen by customers.”

Interviewed on January 19, 2016

MOBIO Cafe Meeting on February 17 was Technology presentation on by three exhibitors. It was another step forward to develop new business among participating parties.

MOBIO Café Meeting is a cross-industry gathering, held twice a month. It offers opportunity to participants asking any questions freely.

DSCF1386 P1060116

<Presentation and Discussion>

Well-Assorted & Selectable Doorstops

SKB CO., LTD. (Read corp. details)

DSCF1313 DSCF1296

Supplying parts to industry customers, SKB has expanded its operation to B to C business with brand name “kuuki” and introduced the initial product, door stop series. “TOATOA” is new series of door stops and is designed to cover various shells to universal base.
Metallized Products and Water-Cooling Heat Sinks

KAWASO TEXCEL CO., LTD. (Read corp. details)

DSCF1338 DSCF1333

Kawaso’s selling point is the technology to metallize (bonding of ceramics and metal) the surface of ceramics , which is indispensable in the process of creating an airtight seal between ceramics and metal. Its water-cooling heat sink provides uniform cooling using ingenuity in the design of the flow channel, sealed by uses of metalling technology.

Laser processing of pipes and irregularly shaped materials

SUGI QUALITY INDUSTRY CO. LTD. (Read corp. details)

DSCF1375 DSCF1368

With the latest laser processing machines, SUGI is possible to carry out precision shaping and drill holes in round (up to 100 mm diameter) and square pipes (up to 150 mm width) and irregularly shaped materials. It also fabricate jigs and baskets to be used in the industrial cleaning machines.

<Off the Tech Hall>

Frank discussion continued overtime and the meeting finished with smiles of the participants.

DSCF1389 DSCF1390

The next MOBIO Cafe Meeting will be hosted on March 16 by companies from “The latest technologies to prepare for emergency” exhibition.
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Hot news from Feb. 17 MOBIO Cafe Meeting


Topics were metallized products, doorstops and laser processing.

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MOBIO Cafe Meeting on February 2 was Technology presentation on by 12 companies from  ”Kansai New Selection 2016″ exhibition.

It was another step forward to develop new business among participating parties. February special exhibition runs till February 29 displayed by 20 companies.

MOBIO Café Meeting is a cross-industry gathering. It offers opportunity to participants asking any questions freely. If you have any request or questions to presenters, please send it to MOBIO (Click here).


<Presentation and Discussion>

1) Welding burnt removal agent for SUS / SASAKI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. (Read more)
“S-PURE SJ-Gel” is the Oxide Film Remover on stainless steel. It comes by soft or hard gel form without fluorine contents and reduces waste liquid treatment cost.

DSCF1002 P1050827

2) Tapping screw for thin plate / YAMASHINA CO., LTD.

Its screw, Thinca, binds thin steel plates very tightly without any burring or nuts, and assist product miniaturization at reduced cost.

DSCF1013 P1050941

3) Air-heat transfer system / NAVITAS CO., LTD.

NATS, Navitas Air – heat Transfer System, only transfers design printed on the film to products instead of hydraulic transfer system and decorative area drastically.

DSCF1017 P1050942

4) Hybrid low-temperature surface treatment / ASAHI HEAT TREATMENT CO., LTD.

By hybrid and low temperature carburizing processing technology, it prolongs the product life of stainless steel part and achieves energy savings.

DSCF1026 P1050943

5) Water saving nozzles / DG TAKANO CO., LTD.

Its water saving nozzle, Bubble 90, is the only nozzle that creates pulsating flow without using electricity and saves water consumption up to 90% of washing away.

DSCF1030 P1050944

6) Sunshine reflection sheet / KOIZUMI JUTE MILLS LTD.

Its “Shiro Pika” reflects and insulates sunshine with high efficiency, that attracts high attention from farming industry.

DSCF1044 P1050945

7) Thin wall injection molding / ASKA COMPANY LTD.

ASKA is the specialist to produce thin wall injected products by using exclusive measuring devices, starting from planning to mass production.

DSCF1051 P1050956

8) Electrically powered bed / SEAHONENCE INC.

Its electrically powered bed for  in‐home care, Sai, has been designed to position for preventing patients from aspiration and for allowing nurses oral care easily.

DSCF1110 P1050931

9) Nano metal particle ink jet printer and ink / KISHU GIKEN KOGYO CO.,LTD.

Utilizing technology of ink jet printer head and nano particle metal ink, KISHU has developed ink jet printer device and exclusive ink to provide stable ejection and excellent depiction.

DSCF1059 P1050954

10) Chamfer dimension inspection machine / MARUNOUCHI MACHINERY CO., LTD.

Its high speed and highly accurate measuring equipment measures radial chamfer dimension (inside or outside) without any contact to products easily and stores image data with figures.

DSCF1070 P1050951

11) Food transfer pump unit / HEISHIN LTD.

The first in the industry! Its exclusive screw pump detects magnetized rubber debris during food transportation if there is any from the rubber pump unit.

DSCF1090 P1050948

12) Vacuum fryer / ATLAS TECHNO SERVICE CO., LTD.

The compact vacuum fryer is good for food processing factory to preserve food for a long time, installed patented oil filtering system.

DSCF1126 P1050958

<Off the Tech Hall>

Frank discussion continued overtime and the meeting finished with smiles of the participants.

DSCF1142 DSCF1145


The next MOBIO Cafe Meeting will be hosted on February 17 by three exhibitors.
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Ceramic-Metalized technology

2) SKB CO., LTD.

Well-Assorted & Selectable Doorstops


Laser processing of pipes and irregularly shaped materials

Exhibitors from “Kansai New Selection” event introduced their state-of-the-art technology certified by Japan governmental organization, MITI Kansai.

Feburuary 2 MOBIO Cafe Meeting was a full of fun!


Join the next meeting on February 17 MOBIO Cafe Meeting by three presenters:

1) KAWASO TEXCEL CO., LTD. —Ceramic-Metalized technology

2) SKB CO., LTD. — Well-Assorted & Selectable Doorstops

3) SUGI QUALITY INDUSTRY CO. LTD. — Laser processing of pipes and irregularly shaped materials

Osaka keeps on meeting Iwate to assist its re-start up from Tsunami disaster. On January 21, ten Osaka companies visited Iwate and had business discussion with local companies, seriously and joyfully.

P1050574 P1050436

Presentation by Osaka visitors:


Osaka Local Government: New assisting program on marketing and industrialization SMEs

P1050444 P1050454

2)Corporate Presentation

Click the corporate name to know details.
SAKAGUCHI BUNKADOU CO., LTD.:No fogging, even in extreme temperatures ! Multi-layered glass with a heater attached.

P1050505  P1050406
KAWAI CORPORATION:Pipes with cartridge heater for road snow-melt system

P1050491 P1050392

MATSUMORA SANGYO CO., LTD.:Tsunami evacuation stairway

P1050569 P1050390
KAWASO TEXCEL CO., LTD.:Metallized products (bonding of ceramics and metal) for airtight joint

P1050499 P1050394
PRD CO., LTD.:Mildew-proofing products containing allyimustard oil AITC

P1050524 P1050388

P1050514 P1050404
MATSUDA CO., LTD.:Cold headed parts, crushed simply and effectively than machine cutting!

P1050560 P1050398

FUKUCHI METAL CO., LTD.:Cold forged parts, manufactured while metals are still cold

P1050543 P1050396

Futaba-Toso CO., LTD.:Bake coating through multistage pre-paint processing

P1050549 P1050402

HIRAOKA HYPER TOOLS,INC:Document management system

P1050535  P1050539

*** Off the booth meeting ***

An individual session continues …

P1050592  P1050593

3)Factory tour


P1050610 P1050606
EIWA CORPORATION: Fiber Reinforced Plastics by hand lay up method

P1050617 P1050625