The cross-industry meeting in the MOBIO Tech Hall is filled with topics. Three exhibitors explained their state-of-the-art technologies on April 12.

Participants asked many questions to speakers, such as “Does it mean …?”, “So do you think …”.

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●New products for construction market

_SCF1951 P1060536


1)The first launch in the industry! The metallic color sealant is suitable for aluminum plate sealing, Denatured metallic M, and is usable to overcoat sheet metal repairing.
2)Peel off  when the paste thickened!  The new gel type paste is good to post papers on the concrete wall where rivets are improper, that is distributed through online sale channel.
3)Luminous in the darkness: A selant is formed of a resin material containing luminous phosphor in a synthetic resin.

●Shave metals, cut operation hour, reduce production cost

_SCF1968 P1060540

SOLID TOOL CO., LTD. (More info.)

1)One carbide tool works as five tools

Formed (stepped) carbide tools can precisely finish holes in 2 to 10 steps. One formed tool can perform H7 (JIS standard) finishing, replacing combined works using several different tools, and reducing the number of processing steps and production lead time, exclusively by each users.

2)Finishing multi-stage holes

Using an integrated, multi-step burnishing reamer designed to match the shape of the work piece can serveseveral functions at the same time, solving the problem of concentricity or coaxiality and reducing total work time.

●Speed reduction to transmit increased power

_SCF1995 MALB63
MAKISHINKO CO.,LTD. (More info.)

1)The warm reduction gear market leader in Japan! It offers a wide product line including 1M tall size, applicable models for multistage parking system, moving a stage curtain and  a lighting apparatus at a stage setting and etc.

The latest introduction is a aluminum body series, whose weight is lighter by 45 percent for easier installation to machinery. Moreover its surface area is increased by 200 percent to increase heat radiation drastically.

2)Its jack line is well-known to offer variation of product range in the industry. The large type lift the vessel at the ship yard and some models are equipped in the stage setting. The displayed jack in the Tech Hall is capable to lift 500 kgs.

<Off the Tech Hall>

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Frank discussion continued overtime and participants were relaxed and enjoyed their free time as much as possible. We, at MOBIO, really look forward to collaborate with participants all the year round.


MOBIO Café Meeting is a cross-industry gathering, held twice a month. It offers opportunity to participants asking any questions freely. In May MOBIO goes out the Tech. Hall and holds the Meeting in the town hall at Settsu city in Osaka. Hand-on communication among companies is to be delivered by speakers from Settsu city and MOBIO.

Date: May 12 (Thu)  PM 6:30 – PM 8:30

Location: Settsu city, Osaka

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It was another fun time to know attractive technology informed by exhibitors: Aluminum body warm reduction gear, metallic color sealant, high-efficiency cutting tool, etc. Watch and listen exhibitors’ presentation. Read company details from here:






The MOBIO Cafe Meeting on March 23 was the 100th anniversary session.

All the participating exhibitors explained their technology with their products in hand.

Hot news from March 16, MOBIO Cafe Meeting

Join the Cafe Meeting in the Tech Hall and learn the full story from next time.


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MOBIO Cafe Meeting on February 2 was Technology presentation on by 12 companies from  ”Kansai New Selection 2016″ exhibition.

It was another step forward to develop new business among participating parties. February special exhibition runs till February 29 displayed by 20 companies.

MOBIO Café Meeting is a cross-industry gathering. It offers opportunity to participants asking any questions freely. If you have any request or questions to presenters, please send it to MOBIO (Click here).


<Presentation and Discussion>

1) Welding burnt removal agent for SUS / SASAKI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. (Read more)
“S-PURE SJ-Gel” is the Oxide Film Remover on stainless steel. It comes by soft or hard gel form without fluorine contents and reduces waste liquid treatment cost.

DSCF1002 P1050827

2) Tapping screw for thin plate / YAMASHINA CO., LTD.

Its screw, Thinca, binds thin steel plates very tightly without any burring or nuts, and assist product miniaturization at reduced cost.

DSCF1013 P1050941

3) Air-heat transfer system / NAVITAS CO., LTD.

NATS, Navitas Air – heat Transfer System, only transfers design printed on the film to products instead of hydraulic transfer system and decorative area drastically.

DSCF1017 P1050942

4) Hybrid low-temperature surface treatment / ASAHI HEAT TREATMENT CO., LTD.

By hybrid and low temperature carburizing processing technology, it prolongs the product life of stainless steel part and achieves energy savings.

DSCF1026 P1050943

5) Water saving nozzles / DG TAKANO CO., LTD.

Its water saving nozzle, Bubble 90, is the only nozzle that creates pulsating flow without using electricity and saves water consumption up to 90% of washing away.

DSCF1030 P1050944

6) Sunshine reflection sheet / KOIZUMI JUTE MILLS LTD.

Its “Shiro Pika” reflects and insulates sunshine with high efficiency, that attracts high attention from farming industry.

DSCF1044 P1050945

7) Thin wall injection molding / ASKA COMPANY LTD.

ASKA is the specialist to produce thin wall injected products by using exclusive measuring devices, starting from planning to mass production.

DSCF1051 P1050956

8) Electrically powered bed / SEAHONENCE INC.

Its electrically powered bed for  in‐home care, Sai, has been designed to position for preventing patients from aspiration and for allowing nurses oral care easily.

DSCF1110 P1050931

9) Nano metal particle ink jet printer and ink / KISHU GIKEN KOGYO CO.,LTD.

Utilizing technology of ink jet printer head and nano particle metal ink, KISHU has developed ink jet printer device and exclusive ink to provide stable ejection and excellent depiction.

DSCF1059 P1050954

10) Chamfer dimension inspection machine / MARUNOUCHI MACHINERY CO., LTD.

Its high speed and highly accurate measuring equipment measures radial chamfer dimension (inside or outside) without any contact to products easily and stores image data with figures.

DSCF1070 P1050951

11) Food transfer pump unit / HEISHIN LTD.

The first in the industry! Its exclusive screw pump detects magnetized rubber debris during food transportation if there is any from the rubber pump unit.

DSCF1090 P1050948

12) Vacuum fryer / ATLAS TECHNO SERVICE CO., LTD.

The compact vacuum fryer is good for food processing factory to preserve food for a long time, installed patented oil filtering system.

DSCF1126 P1050958

<Off the Tech Hall>

Frank discussion continued overtime and the meeting finished with smiles of the participants.

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The next MOBIO Cafe Meeting will be hosted on February 17 by three exhibitors.
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Ceramic-Metalized technology

2) SKB CO., LTD.

Well-Assorted & Selectable Doorstops


Laser processing of pipes and irregularly shaped materials

MOBIO Cafe Meeting on January 26 was Technology presentation on by 10 companies from Ehime Pref. Exhibition. It was another step forward to develop new business among participating parties.

MOBIO Café Meeting is a cross-industry gathering. It offers opportunity to participants asking any questions freely. If you have any request or questions to presenters, please send it to MOBIO (Click here).

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<Presentation and Discussion>


Its “Bamboo screen” is the crimped wire cloth bamboo screen and is used at Tokyo International airport.

DSCF0832  P1050738

Cosmetic paper product / HATTORI PAPER MFG.CO., LTD.

Its wet tissues containing strongly acidic electrolyte assist to maintain healthy skin.

DSCF0845  P1050741

Interior finishing material / FUJIWARA CHEMICAL CO., LTD.

Fujiwara’s interior finishing material add more values to the interiors to meet customer’s demand.

DSCF0857  P1050744

Antibacterial processed wet towel by platinum particle /  NISHI SENKOH CO.

NISHI’s wet towels in hand bags remain clean and bacteriostatic by use of antibacterial technology.

P1050698  P1050749

Made-to-order cotton non-woven fabric / MARUSAN INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.

Its cotton sheet will be changed to carbonate sheet mask simply by putting it into water.

DSCF0877  P1050751

Microbial materials / TOYO SHOKUSAN INC.

Its Ehime AI-1, microbial materials work for water improving and cleaning.

DSCF0895  P1050757

Vacuum and thin-film forming compact devices / YOUTH ENGINEEERING CO., LTD.

Its roll-to-roll type, an experimental device forms metal thin-film rapidly.

DSCF0908  P1050760

DC brushless motor / HOKUTO INC.

Its “Fish Scale Remover” is durable and water proof, installed and exclusive DC brushless motor.

DSCF0915  P1050763

Large woodwork / AISHIN CRAFTS CO., LTD.

Using NC machine it is capable to create large products made of plastic and composite wood on top of wooden name plates.

DSCF0935  P1050766


Its “Light Wit” is the Body trunk supporting inner wear for athletes to keep a correct posture.

DSCF0941  P1050771

<Off the Tech Hall>

Frank discussion continued overtime and the meeting finished with smiles of the participants.

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The next MOBIO Cafe Meeting will be hosted on February 2 by companies from “Kansai New Selection 2016″ Exhibition.
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Technology presentation on Jan. 26 MOBIO Cafe Meeting, by 10 companies from Ehime Pref. Exhibition was another step forward to develop new business among participating parties.

See the up coming MOBIO Cafe Meeting schedule


And any request to companies to MOBIO

MOBIO Café Meeting is a cross-industry gathering. It offers opportunity to participants asking any questions freely.

On January 8 following to exhibitor’s explanation from “Kinki Osaka Bank Exhibition”, more than 60 participants asked questions and exchanged ideas in the MOBIO Tech Hall and in the canteen.

DSCF0659  P1050312

<Presentation and Discussion>

1) Compact visitor counter

Its visitor counter, MC-A101, is applicable to libraries, museums, show rooms, amusement parks to count number of passing visitors by use of scanning range finder. Its system helps to consider better service for visitors.

DSCF0503  DSCF0507

2) Products created through industry-academia collaboration


KINKI has already marketed various products in the market. They are the first in the world and patented – the aroma blended image solution, the fish collagen blended moisturizing cosmetic mist, the cup noodles containing tuba bone extract and so on.

DSCF0518  DSCF0524

3) Thermosetting plastic parts


It is known as an one-stop manufacturing station of thermosetting plastics. By machining and grinding, ASAHI is possible to create new parts with heat-resistance, voltage endurance and other characteristics.

DSCF0536  DSCF0534

4) Metal surface modification


AMC has succeeded in grain refinement of cemented carbide to fabricate a wear resistant cutting tools. By laser processing and special forging, it is capable to harden SKD11 material up to HRC67.

DSCF0543  DSCF0548


5) Oral tube (for small animal experiments) and golf tees


MISHIMA displays an oral tube for small animal experiments with round tube end and patented golf tees for  longest drive contest. Its tee has been approved by long drive contest associations and will be available from this March for public golfers.

DSCF0552  DSCF0561

6) Machined parts


NISHIO offers integrated fabrication (such as four-jaw chucking, contact free processing and etc.) based on traditional and craftsman’s skill by use of a general purpose lathe and a shaping machine. It also assist SMEs to transmit manufacturing skills.

DSCF0570  DSCF0582

7) Nondestructive inspection system “Kizumi-1″


“Kizumi-1″ is an inspection system of road pillar bottom in the ground without excavation. Using ultrasonic waves, it inspects damage or corrosion of street light poles, sign board poles to prevent any side buckling in advance.

DSCF0585  DSCF0590

8) Bellows

MITSUMOTO is capable to draw tubes (up to 850 mm width) deeply by 1 mm without any additional tooling charges. Because its bellows feature a low spring constant and outstanding pressure resistance, they are used even at the R & D center where the 2015 Nobel prize winner is working.

DSCF0596  DSCF0611

9) Cassette mold


The cassette mold system is consisted of the mother frame mold and the unique mold to be arranged by customer’s demand; and assists to reduce operation loss time and production cost. Its Vietnam factory works further for cost savings.

DSCF0623  DSCF0624

10) Polishing Machine


In order to meet growing demand to polish deformed components, SHIKEN has developed polishing software to be installed in industrial robotics. To feed polishing material at a stable pressure it has created the special polishing head as well.

DSCF0636  DSCF0640

11) Intercom, Telearc


Its surveillance system, Telearc, is the next-generation technology to be mounted in the entrance door and to offer auto-lock function and safety information.  Authentication by facial recognition works a key to release lock.

DSCF0652  DSCF0647

<Off the Tech Hall>

Frank discussion continued overtime and the meeting finished with smiles of the participants.

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The next MOBIO Cafe Meeting will be hosted on January 26 by ten companies from Ehime pref. Special Exhibition.
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The 1st MOBIO Cafe Meeting in 2016 started on Jan. 8. 13 exhibitors explained their products and technologies in front of the crowds.

Again this year MOBIO keeps on going and going!


See you at the next meeting on Jan. 26. Read more

It was another good session to listen and ask about new technology in the evening of December 22 at the MOBIO Tech. Hall.

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The first MOBIO Cafe Meeting in 2016 will be held on January 8 by thirteen companies.

Read more and send request in advance to participate by this form.