Osaka keeps on meeting Iwate to assist its re-start up from Tsunami disaster. On January 21, ten Osaka companies visited Iwate and had business discussion with local companies, seriously and joyfully.

P1050574 P1050436

Presentation by Osaka visitors:


Osaka Local Government: New assisting program on marketing and industrialization SMEs

P1050444 P1050454

2)Corporate Presentation

Click the corporate name to know details.
SAKAGUCHI BUNKADOU CO., LTD.:No fogging, even in extreme temperatures ! Multi-layered glass with a heater attached.

P1050505  P1050406
KAWAI CORPORATION:Pipes with cartridge heater for road snow-melt system

P1050491 P1050392

MATSUMORA SANGYO CO., LTD.:Tsunami evacuation stairway

P1050569 P1050390
KAWASO TEXCEL CO., LTD.:Metallized products (bonding of ceramics and metal) for airtight joint

P1050499 P1050394
PRD CO., LTD.:Mildew-proofing products containing allyimustard oil AITC

P1050524 P1050388

P1050514 P1050404
MATSUDA CO., LTD.:Cold headed parts, crushed simply and effectively than machine cutting!

P1050560 P1050398

FUKUCHI METAL CO., LTD.:Cold forged parts, manufactured while metals are still cold

P1050543 P1050396

Futaba-Toso CO., LTD.:Bake coating through multistage pre-paint processing

P1050549 P1050402

HIRAOKA HYPER TOOLS,INC:Document management system

P1050535  P1050539

*** Off the booth meeting ***

An individual session continues …

P1050592  P1050593

3)Factory tour


P1050610 P1050606
EIWA CORPORATION: Fiber Reinforced Plastics by hand lay up method

P1050617 P1050625

It was another good session to listen and ask about new technology in the evening of December 22 at the MOBIO Tech. Hall.

DSCF0460   DSCF0414

The first MOBIO Cafe Meeting in 2016 will be held on January 8 by thirteen companies.

Read more and send request in advance to participate by this form.

MOBIO Café Meeting is an interactive session. It offers opportunity to participants asking any questions freely. On December 22 following to exhibitor’s explanation, participants asked questions and exchanged ideas in the MOBIO Tech Hall and in the canteen.

DSCF0493  DSCF0409


SATOSEN CO., LTD. (Read on for details)

DSCF0394  DSCF0417  P1050144

Applying its core technology of plating, Satosen is capable to handle pure gold (99.9%) to bond chips to printed circuit boards (PCBs). Manufactured at the only one company to provide in-house MADE IN JAPAN PCBs from the scratch, Satosen’s products are installed in mobile phones, LED, noise reduction module of high frequency units, heat dissipating modules. and etc. It takes any request from prototyping to mass production of  PCBs.


SHINKO KOGYO INC. (Read on for details)

DSCF0434  P1050154

Now the MADE IN JAPAN shaftless screw conveyor is available from Shinko. Shinko is the ONLY ONE manufacturer in Japan, who has succeeded in bending harder and thicker metal plate for screw flights, whose plates were impossible to be bended outside Japan. Its shaftless screw conveyors are designed by the latest patented technology to transport goods (sludge and powder) three times faster then shaft conveyors (20 tons per an hour), even vertically.



DSCF0462  P1050158

Friction pressure welding of different metals is the new technology to reduce material costs and improve productivity, by producing heat and to plastically displace material under compressive force contact of work pieces rotating to one another. Kawakami proposes methods to eliminate waste and improve the strength of components by reworking your processing technologies and processes from scratch on the basis of drawings.

The next MOBIO Cafe Meeting will be hosted on January 8 by thirteen companies from “Kinki Osaka Bank Exhibition”.

Special Exhibition

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MOBIO Café Meeting is an interactive session. It offers opportunities to participants asking any questions freely. On August 20 following to exhibitor’s explanation, participants  started questions and provided suggestions in the MOBIO Tech Hall and in the canteen.


* Because it is operated manually…

MEIKO MACHINE CO., LTD. (Read on for details)

The manual rotating tool ”Sarae Maru” was developed for in-house usage at MEIKO MACHINE for finish touching after MC machining and other mechanical operation. Just install it to the table next to the machine, an operator is capable to make the finish while waiting for machine operation. Because an user feels things such as shaving and reaming work with his or her own hands, it is so convenient and is now on sale for the public customers

DSCF9064  DSCF9052

* “Un-PANDA” means…

Nihon DSP Limited Company (Read on for details)

By the principle of lever, switching between adjusters and casters takes no effort even for heavy equipment. The integrated unit is essential wherever relocation of equipment is unavoidable, providing safety and reliability at cellular manufacturing system or high-mix low-volume production system. It is named “UNPANda” taking after Japanese UNPAN (transportation).
DSCF8997  P1000492

* Pirates work in Japan …

JAPAN ENGINE VALVE MFG.CO.,LTD. (Read on for details)
Engine valves with DOKURO brand are used at more than 70 countries. They assist Japanese cars to run continuously at the desert in Saudi Arabia and at the mountains in Guatemala as transportation life line. DOKURO means a skull in Japanese and had been used by pirates. Now for Japanese market DOKURO is responding to needs of racing cars to tune- up and classic cars to reactivate.
DSCF9017  P1030186

* Foresee future in a craftsman’s bones and …


Power companies needed compact rubber covers at joints of high voltage underground power cable. The world leading rubber companies had tried to develop it for three years and failed, however SUGINO could have developed it just in a year. The difference came from usage of the sixth sense of Japanese craftsman to create future plan and action from market voices.
DSCF9086  P1030164


The next MOBIO Cafe Meeting will be hosted on Sep. 4 by companies from Toyota city and Fukushima pref.

exhibition in Sep.

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MOBIO Café Meeting was held outside of MOBIO Tech Hall, in Osaka city and Izumi city,  at the corporation (MATSUDA) and the R&D Institute (TRI).



The next MOBIO Cafe Meeting is coming up on July 24 to meet corporate delegates from Tohoku region, Japan.

Read on details

MOBIO Café Meeting is an interactive session. It offers opportunities to participants asking any questions freely. On June 17 one of the exhibitors used the TV monitor at the Tech. Hall entrance for technology explanation. Whenever it was explained, a lot of suggestion and question were mentioned by participants. And its discussion continued in a canteen session.

DSCF8440  DSCF8483

<Part One – Technology Presentation>

1) Stainless Steel Screws for Seawater and Acid

MARUEMU WORKS CO., LTD. (Read on to find details)

DSCF8437  DSCF8504

Following to corporate presentation by VIDEO, MS type screw has been explained. MS (Marine Stainless)-270 is an austenitic stainless steel superior in preventing chloride corrosion and stress corrosion cracking compared to SUS 316 and dual-phase stainless steel, which are used for pools or seawater facilities. “S” logo type at the head of screws is indicating they are ultra-corrosion resistant against “Salt”.

2) Precision Parts Machining

TENKING CO., LTD. (Read on to find details)

s_DSCF8447  DSCF8452

High technical capabilities of machining and quality control cultivated by imaging parts production over five decades allows TENKING CO., LTD. to respond to market demand correctly and timely and to expand business in an automobile industry and a single-lens reflex camera. Recently they are devoting to develop the new category product.

3) Ion Nitriding & Vacuum Heat Treatment

HATTA KOGYO CO., LTD. (Read on to find details)

DSCF8471  DSCF8482

Because their heat treatment method is unique in Kansai (Osaka area) they provide immediate and short lot run services.

With vacuum heat treatment there is no opportunity for corrosion to set in extending component life and distortion is significantly reduced due to the precise control of the temperature in the furnace, and the heating and cooling speeds. Particularly when applied to higher alloyed steels, plasma nitriding imparts a high surface hardness which promotes high resistance to wear, scuffing, galling and seizure.


<Part Two-Free Discussion>

DSCF8495   DSCF8499

Following to business card exchange, participants started individual communication, “Can you elaborate that technology?”, “Can you process in this way?”, “Oh, you have such a technology!” or ”Is your technology applicable to this products?” At MOBIO Cafe Meeting participants talk each other quite frankly as the initial step for future business.

Coming up the next MOBIO Cafe Meeting – Bus Tour type
Date: July 13
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13:00             Bus departure from MOBIO

13:30-15:00 Factory tour at MATSUDA

16:00-17:30 Lab tour at TRI

17:45-19:15  Canteen session

19:30              Bus departure for MOBIO