Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.
”Meet the President” No.53 is Mr. Shirooka of TAIYO PARTS CO., LTD. (Read on details)


- Metal parts, housing equipment and apparatus

One stop shop to offer design, manufacturing, processing and assembling

053_201  053_301

Major machinery companies and housing equipment companies consider Taiyo as the indispensable partner, who provides aluminum die cast parts, rubber parts and plastic parts. At aluminum parts business, it is capable to design mold, cast, press, machine, trim, assembly for various sizes. Especially its “UNIT DIE SYSTEM” (called eco-die cast system) is patented and saves mold cost and operation cost drastically. Shirooka clearly said his business strategy, “We are the late comer in manufacturing market. Therefore from the corporate establishment I challenged to cultivate exclusiveness as a factory, considering conditions to set the company to be selected by customers. It ends up with present five business principles and those uniqueness and differentiation from others enable customer to leave business to us. They believe that Taiyo can do it!”

1) Process any materials by any manufacturing technology

2) Production expertise from unit production, unit combination to assembly

3) Unit die system to save manufacturing cost and to run extremely small lot

4) Off shore facility to supply to global market

5) Engineering department to propose unit from the scratch

A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.


▲UNIT DIE SYSTEM – Saves mold cost by half, allows extremely small lot run from 50 pcs

Taiyo’s unit die system (Eco-die-casting) is widely known in the industries as the very unique technology, that is considered to be ideal for small lot production run such as medical equipment components and its demand is increasing. Companies notice its advantage that the exclusive mold is made from the scratch at much less cost than machined mold cost.

“Twenty years ago when I proposed to kick off this development, I received negative response from all members. I knew it was quite natural because we had no such a request, had to invest huge amount of money and to assign dedicated members. However, if my proposal was turned down, we could have never accomplished today’s business,” Shirooka said. He had been firmly convinced that there should be needs for “extremely small lot run” between prototyping and small lot run. He persuaded continuously that if Taiyo could offer such an assistance to companies, they would request Taiyo for prototyping and small lot production run, and started the project. He came up with the idea to apply mass production technology to small lot run by creating the mold base unit that is commonly used and to insert the custom-made small mold, that saves customer’s mold cost tremendously and installed equipment  step by step.

Shirooka said, “Starting the project, we had noticed that making mold would be made by everybody but die casting process was obstacle, requiring advanced engineering. That’s why nobody had every tried. And I thought we would do it! 15 years ago we had assigned the unit die system section to run exclusively small lot only with dedicated engineers.” Noticeably this organization change was quite successful to have developed further technology for customer’s benefit, to reduce mold material consumption by 50%, mold processing hour by 50% and mold replacement time by 80%. Interestingly, Taiyo’s positive attitude to tackle difficulties has been well known to customers and worked as a good promotional activity to other engineering.

Keep on evolving and entering ODM business

053_501 053_502

▲Dedicated ten engineers are designing mechatronics to match to customer’s requirement

There is another strategy at Taiyo. “It must be seldom case to maintain ten engineers at the company of our size. So we are capable to design units, manufacturing equipment, jigs by our selves to respond to customer’s  demand and are ready to take order from upper process. It helps us to keep away from price only competition.,” Shirooka said.

Today, Taiyo is receiving more than 100 OEM project from product designing to manufacturing. Shirooka’s next goal is to enter ODM business. He understands it takes some time to establish more reliance with customers. In that case their corporate strength will assist to establish harder relationship with ODM customers.

Lastly Shirooka said, “Our goal is to make Taiyo to be selected and appointed by the society. Accomplishing this target we have challenged continuously and resulted in corporate growth. I sincerely hope as a team Taiyo, we will improve the extremely small lot production run system and develop new technologies in order to be chosen by customers.”

Interviewed on January 19, 2016

It was another good session to listen and ask about new technology in the evening of December 22 at the MOBIO Tech. Hall.

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The first MOBIO Cafe Meeting in 2016 will be held on January 8 by thirteen companies.

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MOBIO Café Meeting is an interactive session. It offers opportunity to participants asking any questions freely. On December 22 following to exhibitor’s explanation, participants asked questions and exchanged ideas in the MOBIO Tech Hall and in the canteen.

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SATOSEN CO., LTD. (Read on for details)

DSCF0394  DSCF0417  P1050144

Applying its core technology of plating, Satosen is capable to handle pure gold (99.9%) to bond chips to printed circuit boards (PCBs). Manufactured at the only one company to provide in-house MADE IN JAPAN PCBs from the scratch, Satosen’s products are installed in mobile phones, LED, noise reduction module of high frequency units, heat dissipating modules. and etc. It takes any request from prototyping to mass production of  PCBs.


SHINKO KOGYO INC. (Read on for details)

DSCF0434  P1050154

Now the MADE IN JAPAN shaftless screw conveyor is available from Shinko. Shinko is the ONLY ONE manufacturer in Japan, who has succeeded in bending harder and thicker metal plate for screw flights, whose plates were impossible to be bended outside Japan. Its shaftless screw conveyors are designed by the latest patented technology to transport goods (sludge and powder) three times faster then shaft conveyors (20 tons per an hour), even vertically.



DSCF0462  P1050158

Friction pressure welding of different metals is the new technology to reduce material costs and improve productivity, by producing heat and to plastically displace material under compressive force contact of work pieces rotating to one another. Kawakami proposes methods to eliminate waste and improve the strength of components by reworking your processing technologies and processes from scratch on the basis of drawings.

The next MOBIO Cafe Meeting will be hosted on January 8 by thirteen companies from “Kinki Osaka Bank Exhibition”.

Special Exhibition

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Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors have started “INNOVATION and CHALLENGE” through the special interview.

No.49 is Mr. Iwatuki of *** JOUNAN CO., LTD. (Read on to find out details) ***

- Plastic form construction materials, gaskets for gas meters and home appliances

● Open up value-added market

040 各種緩衝材

Material cutting for construction market

Jounan is in charge of processing plastic forms (Polystyrene and Urethane)  to various shapes for construction market, gas meter gaskets and commodities. In its core market, construction business, it has the exclusive products as the back-up materials to avoid break or separation of wall joint and “J Sealer” for tight sealing of sashes and doors.

“We used to monopolize water-proof wall joint market in Western Japan, however, after the bubble economy bursts we have come to face market competitors and price competition.” Iwatuki said, “Throughout two years’ business and corporate review since my CEO assignment, I decided the new corporate target for future.”  It was his start to convert corporate structure by developing value added product market.

● Leaving marketing activity to young staffs and resulting in new business development

DSC_8640 003

Leaning against the construction market heavily means corporate operation would be affected directly by price competition and  industrial depression. “My goal is to change our business model by expanding to versatile business market, that is value added sector in the form market,” Iwatuki said.

To accomplish that goal he hired younger marketing staff and allowed them to run independent activities. He mentioned, “Each plastic form has special characteristics and can be arranged for the best fit of the purpose. It must be our value to select appropriate materials and to process correctly based on form technology. And I am happy for my staff to be able to propose their ideas whenever they are asked by customers if there is any solution for this problem.”

Thanks to effort by the younger marketing staffs market mix has totally changed to 30% of construction materials, 25% of gas meter gasket and 50% of new market segment. Its new market for Jounan includes packaging market, medical market, stationary market,  cosmetics market and etc. And its new account opening at new market is still increasing.

Iswatuki pays his special attention to protective holding form for packaging industry. Interesting enough he receives variety of orders to hold expensive cameras, micro phones, religious objects and etc.

● “Short Lot Production Run” and “Short Delivery Planing” are driving factor for new Jounan


The cutting plotter operated by CAD system produces complex prototype models

Through marketing team self-regulatory meeting after five, Iwatuki was requested and has decided to install the cutting plotter machine for lively presentation by use of full size samples. Its operation assists customers to decide on the spot at the meeting with Jounan’s younger staff.

Additionally he has set up immediate delivery system. “When the marketing staff takes a call from a customer, the factory staff effectively manufacture products under well organized operation control by the office staff. Team Jounan works as an one functional team to decrease any inconveniences at customers’ site,” Iwatuki said. That is why it can respond to customer’s order in the morning and to deliver products in the afternoon.

In order to establish the new corporate culture, he continuously emphasizes importance of business basics. Finally Iwatuki said, “Our corporate has acquired customer’s confidence through right processing and on time delivery services. I sincerely expect my staff to consider everything seriously and to do what’s expected as expected.”

Interviewed on May 20, 2015
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