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Product line

Deep drawn metal stamping

Fire extinguisher cylinder

Hydraulic press forming


Koji Matsunaga

Description of business

Matsunaga is an expert at deep drawing press work particularly with long strokes. They welcome all inquiries on deep drawing.

Products and Technologies

Deep-drawn Products

Innovating with Deep Drawing Technologies Including Hydroforming

Deep-drawn products from Matsunaga

Since being founded in 1948, Matsunaga has worked for perfection with the deep drawing process. They provide services even drawing exceeding 500 millimeters.

They skillfully combine technologies that improve the deep drawing process to make shapes that could not be made with conventional methods. Those technologies include multi-stage draw forming, hydroforming, warm forming and reverse draw forming.

With hydraulic press forming, their draw ratio exceeds 2.8. A water tank is used as the female mold, and pressurized water is applied to the material to press against the form of the punch, molding the material. Because the pressurized water is applied perpendicularly to the material, the material is pressed against the punch, increasing the friction. This makes it possible to use a force stronger than the material can normally tolerate.
The compression force can also be applied from the side of the punch, an exceptionally effective way to form products with complex shapes.

Matsunaga is dedicated to finding new and better drawing technologies.
They welcome inquiries on producing quality products with minimal welding.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
9-14 Matsugamoto-Cho, Ibaraki City, Osaka, 567-0033, Japan
Koji Matsunaga
Founded / Established
1948 / 1958
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10,000,000 yen