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Product line

Precision metal stamping and secondary processing

Parts of mobile phones, cameras, small electrical equipment

Parts for medical instruments, housing materials, in-vehicle devices


Kiyoshi Komatsu

Description of business

In the manufacture of various pressed parts, KOMATSU is experienced in producing a wide range of stamped items, including thin, small components installed in telecoms equipment, based on stamping technology cultivated over many years since its foundation.
It provides customer satisfaction by supporting the materialization of requested part ideas, product supply, and proposing materials and pressing processes to optimize capacity.

Products and Technologies

Strengths – quality control capability and on-time delivery

Expertise built up over many years to satisfy customers

Example: Precision stamped products

●Specializes in manufacturing precision stamped products with complex shapes

This is the result of more than 30 years' experience in meeting the quality and delivery requirements of major consumer electronics manufacturers, and is the result of long-standing expertise.

Sheets of SUS, brass, aluminum, phosphor bronze, plated steel, and other materials with thickness of 0.1 to about 3 millimeters can be stamped.

Stamped products with a mixture of various stamping processes

●Diverse press operations supported with ease

Punching, bending, and burring are naturally possible, and even pressing process prone to cracking and folding is realized fault-free. Multi-process machining is streamlined by assembling single-shot presses into production lines.

KOMATSU is particularly good at multi-process stamping and manufacturing high-precision components.

Proposal-oriented company providing joy and trust to its customers

Proposal of adequate materials, processes, and costs

Example: Proposed press products

●Good products emerge from tuning in to customers’ needs, presenting, and negotiating.

KOMATSU listens carefully to customers’ valuable ideas and opinions, and then suggests adequate materials, methods and processes, costs.
It proposes dies to reduce multi-processes, thus contributing to cost saving and delivery time shortening to provide trust and satisfaction to customers.

Perforated metal composite stamped parts

●Fully supportive of unit ordering.

KOMATSU provides post-processes like tapping and swaging as well as welding, surface treatment (plating, coating, printing) and decoration, either in house or in collaboration with neighboring partner factories.
To meet prototype requests from customers who have no drawings or are in a hurry, KOMATSU has sufficient technological and creative power supplemented by collaboration with partner factories as necessary.

Strict inspection system possible because KOMATSU is a suggestion-based company

A rated quality to pride in

3D measuring instrument

●Presses from 45 to 150 tons are available as well as a strict inspection system

・Thorough implementation of 5S (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain)
・Stress-free work environment for staff due to sufficiently wide and comfortable factory space
・Zero-reject production due to stern eyes and latest measuring equipment

Stamping line

●Leave it to KOMATSU when it comes to presswork, from prototyping to mass production!

・On-time delivery, quality, cost – surely, but KOMATSU adds something extra!
・Do not hesitate to contact KOMATSU that guides customers from ? (questions) to ! (solutions).

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
4-13-3, Kano, Higashi Osaka city, 578-0901, Japan
Kiyoshi Komatsu
Founded / Established
1969 / 1972
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10,000,000 yen