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Product line

Life Science Division: Glass for Clinical and Physical Chemistry Inspection

Life Science Division: Support Systems for Pathology and Cell Diagnosis

Optical and Electronic Materials Division: Precision Glass for Optics and Electronics


Akira Matsunami

Description of business

A general manufacturer of fine glass, Matsunami Glass constantly challenges itself to succeed in new endeavors, in both the make-to-stock business of its Life Sciences Division and the make-to-order business of its Optical and Electronic Materials Division.

Products and Technologies

Ultra-Thin Plate Cutting and Micromachining Technology

Developing Business with Flexibility in Anticipation of Market Needs

Ultra-thin plate cutting and
micromachining technology

Matsunami Glass has more than 160 years of history, dating back to its founding in 1844. Using the technology available at the time, it has developed techniques for melting and processing specialty thin plate glass.

Its Life Sciences Division manufactures and sells microscope covers and glass slides, and additionally creates new products to meet user needs, while their Optical and Electronic Materials Division provides a diverse variety of materials and products used in high tech fields.

Matsunami Glass’s strengths as a technology-oriented company include:

●Ultra-thin plate cutting technology
●Glass composition design technology
●Micromachining technology
●Thin film technology
●Surface treatment technology

Life Sciences Division

●Microscope covers, slides and other glass for clinical testing
●Glass for genetic testing
●Glass for glass-bottom tissue cultures
●Support system products for pathological and cytological diagnosis

Rapid developments in the field of medical biology in recent years have lead to greater and more widespread user demand for cover glass and slides.

The Life Sciences Division of Matsunami Glass has therefore committed itself to internally develop suitable printing inks and coatings for products that meet such demand, and has been successful in their many efforts.

Furthermore, in its continuous pursuit to reduce the impact of products on the environment, the Life Science Division has recently moved beyond glass in their products. Keeping in mind the three Rs of environmentalism — recycle, reuse, reduce — it now uses plastic cases instead of glass covers for automatic filling devices, incorporating collection and reuse of empty cases as a part of their production process. In addition, Matsunami has stepped up the development of devices that reuse plankton counting slides made from biodegradable plastic and waste alcohol.

Optical And Electronic Materials Division

●Cover Glass for Laser Diodes
●Cover glass for image sensors
●Infrared cut filter glass, sealing glass
●Substrate glass for displays, evaporation coatings
●Liquid crystal projector parts

The Optical and Electronic Materials Division has a complete production system for filter glass and other specialty products.

It can incorporate customer specifications into operations ranging from designing glass compositions and procuring raw materials to melting glass and manufacturing products.

Using cutting techniques it has been perfecting since the company’s founding, it has also established the technology to process ultra-thin plate glass 30 micrometers thick, and now are even capable of micromachining using microblasting and etching.

Recently, the Optical and Electronics Materials Division has been working to perfect the pressing of glass, and is establishing a complete internal process for lens arrays and aspheric lenses, including the manufacture of molds and deposition on the lens surface.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
2-1-10 Yasaka-cho, Kishiwada City, Osaka, 596-0049, Japan
Akira Matsunami
Founded / Established
1844 / 1948
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90,000,000 yen

Patent, Design Right, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485

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Developed a distinguishing precision machining technology of ultra-thin glass of microscope cover glass.