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Machine tool peripheral equipment

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Toshifumi Nakai

Description of business

By using acumulated expertise through manufacturing of precision machine parts, MEIKO MACHINE produces conveninet products and privides them with a brand name of MAKO UNITECH. it is continuously developing various useful items that can be used on-site, such as machine tool peripheral equipment, the manual rotating tool "Sarae Maru," the Z-axis origin-setting instrument "M Mass," and small CNC index tables.

Products and Technologies

Low-tech and analog are not just things of the past!

Lots of people tell MEIKO, "I was looking for this," "This is interesting," or "This is what I wanted"!

MAKO UNITECH brand products: Manual rotating tool "Sarae Maru," Z-axis origin-segging instrument "M Mass,"small CNC index tables, and tool holders

Useful goods that can be used right away, irrespective of the place, such as at a manufacturing site, an assembly plant, an inspection room, or an office!
"Sarae Maru!!"
Peripheral instruments for machine tools that utilize skills and technology from processing sites.

* Can be attached at single-phase 100V --- Small CNC index tables
* Improved efficiency of hand-finishing work --- Manual rotating tool "Sarae Maru"
* Easy setting of Z-axis height --- Z-axis origin-setting instrument "M Mass"

Manual rotating tool "Sarae Maru"

Low-tech and analog!

Manual rotating tool "Sarae Maru"

"Sarae Maru"
The manual rotating tool “Sarae Maru” can be used at any places. It is convenient for chamfering, deburring, die tapping, reaming and inspection after machine processing. Because it is so easy to operate, allows the operator to feel things such as shaving and reaming work with his or her own hands. It does not require lubrication and is maintenance-free. Its trademark and utility model have been registered. The output shaft chuck changes to double speed or quadruple speed by one rotation of the handle.
Sarae Maru is a highly recommended manual operation product that can be used in many different situations.

Z-axis origin-segging instrument "M Mass"

Low-tech and analog!

Z-axis origin-segging instrument "M Mass"

"M Mass"
The Z-axis origin-setting instrument "M Mass" uses an analog dial gauge. It is an instrument for setting standard heights and tool lengths for the Z-axis direction for machining centers, millers and NC lathes. There are standard heights of 50mm and 100mm, and the 50mm-height also has a magnet. The Z100-5μ, which can also measure blades with a scale interval of 1mm or less, has also been made into a product.

CNC small index tables

MAKO prioritized versatility, and therefore it can be used if there are single-phase 100V.

Small CNC index table. IX-116M/NPC-1000.

The small CNC index table IX-116M is a rotating position-control indexing instrument for machine tools. It can be used with a power source of 100V to 240V. The clamp after indexing uses warm-gear self-locking and a pulse-motor excitation torque, and air provision is not necessary.
It can be used for machining centers, NC millers, general millers and drilling machines. It has a special controller NPC-1000 attached, and by retrofitting it to a machine tool it is possible to conduct indexing processing. Because it is a small index table, it is also useful for carrying. A collet indexer that can do one-chucking with a collet has also been made into a product.

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48-1, Sakamoto-cho, Izumi City, Osaka, 594-0052, Japan
Toshifumi Nakai
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25,000,000 yen
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Manufacturers of precision equipment and industrial equipment, design companies, sewing machine manufacturers, machine trading companies, and industrial tool trading companies, etc.
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