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Product line

Rubber sheet blanked parts

Resin parts drawn without edges on both sides

Double-faced tape manufactured by continuous half-cut


Shumei Hirai

Description of business

SEIKO Gasket Manufacturing Company produces sheet blanked products using Victoria punches. Based on the principle of ‘Making things according to social needs', SEIKO offers products tailored to customers' requirements as much as possible.

Products and Technologies

Combined machining technology

Combining full, half and slit cuts

Continuous blanking using blades of different height

Final shape is obtained in a single run by using three types of blanking – full-cut, half-cut and slit-cut with a continuous blanking press.
SEIKO implemented this technology through fine adjustment of the backing plate and the overhanging sponge.

Machining without edges on both sides

Reasonable method when the lot is too small for molding

This method can be applied at a low cost when resin products are difficult to manufacture with a forming die.

With conventional blanking, a part is rounded in tool feed-in direction, while edges occur in tool withdrawal direction.
However, in SEIKO's method, rounding is provided on both feed-in and withdrawal surfaces.
1) Material: polycarbonate (PC) (relatively hard material)
2) Dimensions: 100mm (length) x 15mm (width) x 2mm (thickness)
3) Others:
・No sharp edges on section plane periphery
・Small lot
Machining without edges on both sides by SEIKO is a reasonable solution for small lot not qualified for molding.

Two-faced tape with partial adhesion

This product is for those who want to adhere only a part of two-faced tape.

In so doing, more operations are required, but adhered parts have not any minor deviations.

Blanking of tiny parts

Small-size blanking
1. Material: transparent urethane, PP
2. Hardness: 90 Deg.
3. Dimensions: 1t x 2 x 2 corner R
4. Lot size: small
5. Others:
・Center hole: 0.7 Dia.
・Section plane: skew
・Smooth section plane
In this case, required quality cannot be achieved at a reasonable cost using conventional Victoria punch. The SEIKO technology is particularly efficient for small lots.

Corporate Profile

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3-28-18, Takasago, Katushika-ku,Tokyo, 125-0054, Japan
Shumei Hirai
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1961 / 1971
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