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KOTEC CORPORATION, Silicone Rubber Sheet Division

Product line

Transparent antibacterial sheets (KS series)

Heat-resistant foam sheets (SF series)

Conductive sheets (0D-1 series)


Hideo Tsujino

Description of business

KOTEC CORPORATION, Silicone Rubber Sheet Division manufactures a special silicone rubber sheet, "Unicon" with various functions by uniformly dispersing the filling with its original molding and stirring technology.
There are various types of "Unicon" such as transparent antibacterial sheets, heat-resistant foam sheets, and conductive sheets, which can meet a wide range of demand.

Products and Technologies

Insulator static electricity removal silicone rubber sheet

Unicon 0D-1 series

Pat. pending:Application No.2018-91432

An electrostatic removal sheet that "integrates" the flexibility, adsorption, and insulation of a silicone rubber sheet and the static electricity elimination function of a conductive sheet.

● Features
-The front and back of the sheet are insulators
-No "dropping of conductive material" during use
-Flexible and adhesive function, "no adhesive processing required".
Can be attached to flat surfaces and surfaces of metal and plastic products

Precision electronic equipment storage

● Applications
-Removes static electricity generated from triboelectric charging during transportation of electronic devices, etc.
-Protect electronic precision equipment from electrostatic damage

● Specifications
Thickness: 0.5 mm ± 0.1 mm
Size: 300mm x 300mm

Highly transparent / independent foam antibacterial silicone rubber sheet

Highly transparent antibacterial silicone rubber sheet / KS series

A highly safe silicone rubber sheet that exhibits long-term stability and antibacterial properties with "highly transparent silicone" that has high heat resistance, weather resistance, and inertness.

● Specifications
Hue transparent (colorable)
Hardness (Shore A) 30-70
Thickness (thinnest) 0.25 mm ~
Supply size up to 480mm square

● Antibacterial activity value
Test method JIS Z2801: 2010
Staphylococcus aureus> 4.1
E. coli> 5.9
* JIS antibacterial effect: Antibacterial activity value (R) ≧ 2.0

Elevator button example

● Application example

- Home appliances / electrical appliances: mobile device protection, air purifiers, humidifiers, food dryers
- Building materials / interior materials: handrail materials, switch protection materials, toilet materials, elevator buttons, etc.
- Food hygiene: tableware protection material, tableware protection film
- Office supplies: desk mats, toothbrush cases, health equipment protective materials

Independent foam antibacterial silicone rubber sheet / KSF series

A highly safe silicone rubber sheet that exhibits a long-term stable antibacterial function with a closed-cell structure silicone that has excellent heat insulation and shock absorption.

● Specifications
Hue white
Thickness (thinnest thickness) 0.5 mm ~
Supply size up to 400 mm square

● Antibacterial activity value
Antibacterial activity value (R) ≥ 2.0
Staphylococcus aureus> 3.7
E. coli> 5.5
* In-house measured values

● Application example

Humidifier parts
Drainage outlets
Electric pot
Rice cooker parts
Refrigerator parts

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
KOTEC CORPORATION, Silicone Rubber Sheet Division
1-6-7, Kinohikari dai, Hashimoto city, Wakayama, 647-0007, Japan
Hideo Tsujino
Founded / Established
1970 / 1982
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