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Product line

Heat-resistant, acid-resistant, insulating coating

Polyimide electrodeposition coating

Spot coating


Osamu Shimizu

Description of business

Shimizu Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer established 70 years ago that produces and sells surface treatment chemicals. In recent years, it has developed the world’s first cationic polyimide electrodeposition coating, and started contract processing, in addition to coating agent sales. It is possible to uniformly coat on various shapes, including complicated shapes and the inner surfaces of pipes.

Products and Technologies

Heat-resistant and acid-resistant coating using polyimide electrodeposition

Possible to apply coating on the inside of pipes

EGR valve

It is also possible to apply coating on the inside of pipes that is impossible with other coating methods.
Provides heat resistance and acid resistance to automotive parts, such as aluminum, copper, and iron.

Photo of edge cover

It is also possible to take measures to prevent dust defects in clean rooms.
Can be used for automotive electronic parts and products used for insulation applications.

Heat-resistant insulating coating using polyimide electrodeposition

Stable coating is possible even for complex-shaped parts.

Example of coating on Φ2 L5 mm spring material

●Metal parts, ferrite & neodymium magnets can be electrodeposited!

1) Electrodeposition coating of metal parts
Coating on small parts
No touch-up marks
Uniform coating
Coating on all surfaces

2) Acid and corrosion resistant coatings on magnetic materials
Can provide insulation and corrosion protection without affecting the magnetic properties of magnetic materials. Uniform coating is possible even on small items.


Polyimide electrodeposition has excellent coverage at edges, which helps achieve stable electrical insulation.
Suitable for insulation for coils, bus bars, etc.
Spot coating can also be performed as necessary.

On SUS material for etching working

Can coat without clogging even in holes with a size of φ500μm.

Shumizu provides consultations on insulation inspections.

Pre-shipping inspections will be performed according to the product.

Insulation inspection 1

Pre-shipment inspections will be performed as necessary, including for product shape and application.
Inspection of completely coated product.

Insulation inspection 2

Inspection of spot-painted products.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
4-11-23, Kano, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, 578-0901, Japan
Osamu Shimizu
Founded / Established
1890 / 1949
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40,000,000 yen

Patent, ISO9001, ISO14001