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Product line

Spring for automobile

Spring for medical equipment

Spring for household appliance


Atsushi Yoshimura

Description of business

Fusehatsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in spring production. As an integrated manufacturer of springs, it manufactures various types of springs, from the production of one protype to mass production. Fusehatsu can also consider and propose total cost reductions with springs, as the company can also carry out surface treatment and parts assembly work. It aims to become a powerful partner for the manufacturing and development of products in the automobile industry and medical and environmental fields, all cutting-edge fields of our times.

Products and Technologies

Constant development of high-durability springs

Consistency from design to reliability tests

Modern craftsmanship that utilizes the characteristics of materials and enhances product precision originates from a mixture of the latest technology and collective expertise.

Fusehatsu focus on product development from VA/VE and can develop and propose products that meet the latest needs of industries, such as high-temperature resistance, high durability, high-corrosion resistance, reduced size, and reduced weight.

Responding to a wide-range of production volumes

Flexible production from one protype to mass production

The life of Fusehatsu Kogyo is its hybrid production method that combines the latest and most versatile equipment with conventional handcrafted technology. It can flexibly respond to delivery schedules and costs through this original method.

Even in the production of one prototype, it uses a system where dedicated staff are assigned in design support to thoroughly understand design and manufacturing needs.

In-house checks of performance and functions

Fusehatsu checks products required for each process of development and production

Example of the installation of various measurement instruments
(Image projector (Image dimension measurement machine)

Measurement data is checked and used in all processes from the design stage to the production line and quality control.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
1-3-43, Hondori Nishi, Nishitsutsumi, Higashi Osaka City, 577-0046, Japan
Atsushi Yoshimura
Founded / Established
1946 / 1950
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12,500,000 yen
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