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Product line

Fully threaded bars, flush cut rod

Single-end threaded bars, double-end threaded bars

Other processed bolts


Yoshifumi Taniguchi

Description of business

Nakaumi Industries has had authentic encounters with its customers for 60 years since the company was founded as a manufacturer for fully threadded bolts.
With 60 years of experience and knowledge, Nakaumi Industries has been able to offer quality with short delivery times. Equipped with processing machines, it is responding to requests from a wide variety of customers, including the delivery of high-mix, small-lot orders, in recent years.
In March 2017, Nakaumi Industries established a 100%-owned subsidiary in south Vietnam which can handle large-lot products that cannot be manufactured in Japan.

Products and Technologies

Capable of handling special bolts using its 60 years of experience with bolts to its advantage! Nakaumi Japan

Long dog point/truncated cone point processing

Able to handle high mix, small lots and short delivery times, Nakaumi Industries is meeting the diverse demands of customers with its fully-enhanced equipment and secure production lines.
It strives to provide accurate proposals and a speedy response.

Potential sizes: M3-M64 Total length: 8mm to 4,000mm

Nakaumi also offers special processing, such as machining/punching (tapping)/2- and 4-sided splits/slits.

Processing examples using special materials

In addition to SS/SUS304, it also handles special materials such as SNB7/SCM435H, which allows us to manufacture bolts using a wide variety of materials.

Materials handled:
SUS304/316/310S/329J4L/304N2, etc.

Achieving stable quality with permanent Japanese staff! Nakaumi Vietnam

Standard bars and large lot bars are manufactured in Nakaumi Vietnam with stock managed in Japan.

Established in March 2017, Nakaumi Vietnam manufactures and sells threaded bars with Japanese quality at low prices using technologies and experience developed in Japan.Standard, mass-produced bars are shipped to Japan for inventory management where Nakaumi Japan quickly delivers them to locations throughout Japan.

In addition, general-purpose sizes are manufactured in dimensions to meet customers’ needs. These bars can also be exported from Vietnam to other Asian countries, Europe and other places.

Nakaumi Industries was certified as a “Health and Productivity Enterprise 2019”.

The company’s operations department employs female staff. Vietnamese staff will also be placed at Nakaumi Japan.
Nakaumi will provide support its customers in this age of diversification with its 60 years of experience and a spirit to take on new challenges.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
1-5-49, Sakaigawa, Nishiku, Osaka city, 550-0024, Japan
Yoshifumi Taniguchi
Founded / Established
1961 / 1961
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34,500,000 yen