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Product line

Printing on plastic cards

Printing on IC cards

Printing on ID cards


Itsuo Nakata

Description of business

KENBISHA provides comprehensive services of printing and processing of various plastic cards, IC cards and ID cards.
With its strength in online sales, it has a trading performance with more than 8,000 dealers nationwide in Japan. Making full use of various printing technologies, KENBISHA proposes the optimum solution to customers through cards.

Products and Technologies

Variable printing technology

Achieves cost reduction

UV inkjet printing machine

・Quick and careful printing: ID cards, IC cards, employee ID cards, certificates, facility use cards, etc.
・Handling personal information based on privacy mark certification in Japan to provide safety and security.
・Responding to demand of mass or small lot plastic card printing at a reasonable cost by use of core technology at "variable printing"

Certificate by variable printing

◎ Easy to order from the dedicated website

① Select application: employee ID, facility use, certificate, etc.
② Select card type: PVC, PET, stainless steel, wood / bamboo, etc.
③ Select printing methods: Inkjet, offset, hot stamp, etc.
④ Select post: processing-numbering, QR code, magnetic card, etc.

IC card / RFID tag (encoding)

Convenient management of attendance, entry and exit record with an IC card

・ Print on Felica and Mifare or the provided IC card: name, numbering, IC encoding
・ Proposes easy to review content in response to requirement, informed by inquiry form or telephone
・ Refer to website

Entry / exit management IC card

・Expanding use of IC cards: entry / exit management, attendance management by employee ID cards and ID cards; one card operation of electronic money payment and personal authentication
・ Providing IC wristbands and IC key chains for management of office / condominium security and multifunctional copiers

Corporate Profile

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1-5-13, Katamachi, MIyakojima-ku, Osaka city, 534-0025, Japan
Itsuo Nakata
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15,000,000 yen