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Control cables

Wire rope end processing

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Tomohiro Okuno

Description of business

OKUNO specializes in manufacturing control cables, coated winding wire, wire rope and terminal processed products. By providing services from a single to mass wire production, OKUNO aims to contribute to the global society.

Products and Technologies

Wire tip rounding technology

Add value to the tip of the wire!

R-shaped terminal processing of extra-fine wires

[R-shaped terminal processing]

・ R-shaped processing, equivalent to a wire diameter on the end of ultra-fine wire (0.3φ, 0.5φ, etc.)
・Since the terminal is welded, it prevents breaking apart.
・Since the guide can be easily inserted, it can be used for various purposes.
・Welding of SUS ultrafine pipe and wire is also possible.

Spherical terminal processing of extra-fine wires

[Spherical terminal processing]

・ Spherical processing up to about twice the wire diameter on the end of ultra-fine wire
・ It can be used in various fields such as wire stoppers.
・ Reference pull-out strength SUS304 1 × 19 1.0φ Actual ability value 50kg (490N), SUS304 1 × 7 0.6φ Actual ability value 17kg (166N)

Wire end processing and outer casing technology

Capable to deliver products meeting customers demand

End processing of extra-fine wire ropes

・ Crimping of metal fittings such as iron, brass, SUS, copper, aluminum, etc. according to the application
・ Shape processing of loops, rings, hooks, terminal crimp ends, etc. on terminals with a maximum of 6φ wire rope
・ By zinc die-cast molding, the terminal is processed to prevent ball type, tyco type, etc. from coming off.
・Can be used in various fields such as automobiles, industrial products, OA equipment, and building materials.

Long outer casing for coiling, etc.

・ Long winding (round wire / flat plate), resin extrusion molding, mesh braided outer casing
・ Continuous winding of up to 1500 m is possible with an automatic winding machine.
・ Winding wire is 0.8 to 3.0φ, outer diameter size is 2.5 to 12φ
・ Resin extrusion molding is from 2.0 to 20φ, coating and tubing processing
・ Braids are SUS, Kepler, plated wire, copper wire, etc.

Technologies and products to embody customer needs

Integrated production with abundant machinery and equipment

Example of terminal bracket for control cables

・ Manufactures control cables with various length, wire diameter, terminal shape, tensile strength, and inner / outer decoration.
・ Manufactures reproduction and made-to-order products such as wire breakage, strength improvement, and wire lengthening.
・ In-house integrated production is possible with exclusive machinery and equipment such as rolling mills, winding machines, resin extrusion molding machines, press machines, and die casting machines.

Winding machine line and own brand "Bullet"

・ Supplies high-quality wire cables with short delivery times with abundant mechanical equipment and strict quality control.
・ House brand "Bullet" communicates and contributes to machines and things [society] through OKUNO's corporate philosophy on cables.
・ Custom-made manufacturing involves designing and digitizing prototype cases ⇒ proposals and negotiations ⇒ manufacturing and delivery.

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