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Product line

Proofreading, video production, design, anniversary book

WEB production, antibacterial printing, leaflets, DM

Corporate profile, school brochure, logo production


Hiroshi Tomono

Description of business

TOMONO PRINTING proposes "what does not exist yet" and work together to create it from the scratch, rather than offering "what is already available".
In addition to printing, designing, and website production, TOMONO focuses its two exclusive technologies, "proofreading" and "video production" at this site.

Products and Technologies


Reduce the burden and anxiety of the person in charge !!

Have you found typographical errors after completion of printing?

TOMONO PRINTING checks whether the characters and chapters are as per the manuscript, but also find incorrect input and incorrect conversion, as well as incorrect date and day, and differences in content. It thoroughly checks the shield points, the consistency between the order and the content, the wording and appearance throughout.

-------------------- TOMORO will proofread the characters so far! --------------------

Five level service is available according to customer's budget.

① As per the manuscript: Character typesetting only
② Change what TOMONO noticed: Typographical errors, misuse of case particles (phrases in phrases), serial numbers (sequential numbers of items), etc.
③ Confirmation of consistency: Confirmation of date (day of the week, match between Western calendar and Japanese calendar, etc.), official name
④ Unification of wording (notation fluctuation)
⑤ Proofreading by plain reading: Confirmation of differences and inconsistencies in content, unification of writing style

VIDEO production

Move people with the power of the video (Make customer's thoughts into shape)

Shape customer's thoughts

●Live-action video

Through hearings, TOMONO will produce the only one video that meets customer's needs.
It is also possible to provide the video by combining it with the WEB and printing.

Please see the video collection linked in the company profile list.

Animation video

●Animation video

It is a video technique called motion graphics (figures, letters, logos and illustrations with movement and sound). TONOMO will call it an animation video for easy understanding.

Since the content is easy to convey with illustrations, it is ideal for PR and video advertisements centered on explanations. TOMONO is preparing for the introduction in 2021.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
Nakajima bldg. 4th Fl., 2-8-14, Higashinoda-cho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka, Osaka, 534-0024, Japan
Hiroshi Tomono
Founded / Established
1961 / 1961
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30,000,000 yen