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Product line

Fluororesin coating

Ceramic coating

Insulating coating and thermal spray coating


Katsunori Ishiko

Description of business

BEST COATING offers versatile coating services from fluororesin coating, ceramic coating, thermal spraying and other functional coating processes.
By processing metals and non-ferrous metals, BESY can provide parts for food processing equipment and industrial equipment from a single unit to mass production.
BEST provides products fitting to demand of customers.

Products and Technologies

Providing the best in coating technology

Determine and recommend the most appropriate coating for the customer

Skilled coating technology

State of the art coating requires painting techniques and expertise of craftsmen. In other words, coating technology is not easy to learn.
With extensive experience and mastery at the company, BEST can instantly determine the best coating method and type for the customer and make a suitable proposal.

●Fluororesin coating

- Improves heat resistance, chemical resistance, insulation, non-adhesiveness and sliding properties.
- Ideal for equipment and components used in harsh environments and special fields.

Ceramic, insulation, thermal spray, functional coating

Adding new possibilities with surface reforming technology

●Ceramic coating
-Improvement of heat resistance, abrasion resistance, high hardness, and non-adhesiveness
-Approved by U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for safety testing.
-Environmentally friendly and safe coating material without contain any substances prohibited by RoHs regulations.

●Insulation coating
-Improvement of insulation, non-destructive at high voltage

●Thermal spray coating
-Improvement of adhesion, wear resistance, high hardness, corrosion resistance

●Functional Coatings
-Improvement of water repellency, sliding property and stain resistance
-As an adhesion agent for polyolefin materials, it can be used in primers, paints, inks, and adhesives.

Thorough quality control and an unrelenting spirit of challenge for the best

BEST uses the best possible technology to solve problems

Head office and factory

BEST COATING provides products to satisfy customers by carefully discussing their requests and proposing the best coating method.

Thorough quality control is carried out for each part, from optimal surface preparation, multi-stage coating, baking process and inspection.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
17-415-1, Katayama Cho, Kashiwara City, 582-0020, Japan
Katsunori Ishiko
Founded / Established
2016 / 2016
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