Posted : Oct 15, 13

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Changed a Mind-Set/Mr. Ueda of SHUEI CO., LTD.


Display at SME Fair in Kaisai 2013

●The World First - 90% Recyclable Paper Container

The one of the most eye catching phrases at SME show was created by SHUEI CO., LTD. At their booth they have featured the paper container designed for sustainable society, called "Hokkaru", exclusively developed by SHUEI as "the world first removable layer container" for take-out foods.

It consists of an inner film layer and an outer paper container. After eating an inner layer is easily removed for classified disposal. Because its layer protect an outer container from oil perfectly, an outer paper does not require cleaning process and polyethylene terephthalate does not cause any dioxins at all at the time of incineration.

Product line-ups of "Hokkaru" Easy to sort garbage (simply remove the film after eating)

90 percent and more of its materials are to be used as a recycled paper. Its film layer is made of "SHUEI is known as a Hokkaru manufacturer. At SME show we have designed our booth to let Hokkaru know as many visitors as possible." says Ueda.

●Learned to convey massage in a easy-to-understand way through MOBIO seminar

Ueda says "We had attended speciality show relating to environment, however it was the first time for us to participate in the general trade show like SME Fair. So it was very informative for me". To the MOBIO seminar preparing to the trade show, he has participated in all classes and considered contents of the display panel seriously.

"MOBIO seminar provided me with totally new approach and removed all of previous views. Because "Hokkaru" is the strongly attached product for Shuei, I used to phrase as many as possible in a panel. However it was much easier to understand for the show visitors by phrasing simply. I really learned how important it is to convey easy-to-understand message. And I appreciate MOBIO a lot who provided me with such an opportunity" says Ueda. During the trade show he himself participated all days and promoted Hokkaru by using the eye-catching panel.

"There are two meanings in the trade show participation. The one is to inform produtc and the company to search for new business match making and improve marketing skills. Another is to inform the company management is healthy. Specially the participation to an administrative organization booth such as MOBIO might strengthen credibility fo the company. Credibility is the most important product by the company" says Ueda.

●Wishing to be the turning point to change mind-set

The "Hokkaru" container exclusive for university coops
"Comparing to general containers, it costs more. However once it was proved to have saved disposal cost by half. So it might not be an expensive container." says Ueda. It might be an economical container! Time to think differently.
His views have been accepted by university coops, food restaurants and event organizers nationwide. And it is his policy to place a recycle bin whenever Hokkaru is used. Ueda goes further to ship collected containers to recyclers by themselves.
He wishes to educate people through the product and to be assisted by them throughout manufacturing. Its message has been created by the experienced business person.

Interviewed on July 3, 2013